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  1. I like what I see. This will help with things. Still trying it out, but these new pants seem to fit quite well. Small steps corrupt, small changes make Saryn a happy frame.
  2. So you're nerfing it? I was just in the Simulacrum. Unmodded, 10 damage start and each second the three spores add three damage so 10, 13, 16, 19, etc. I'm going to be generous and assume that currently, even though I can infect 30 enemies at once if they're clustered, let's say only 10 to balance against the future limit of only ten enemies effecting damage growth. The damage increase currently is also effected by ability strength. Just tested it in the Simulacrum. With 210%, it's roughly doubled with a slight +1 on top. So we're going from 30 plus whatever ability strength you have, to 20 plus whatever ability strength you have. Again, assuming you currently only ever grab 10 enemies. Why?... It's not from 1 to 2, it's from 3 to 2. You're bringing it down... What for? You've done your job with the changes prior to this section, imo. Saryn will no longer be an auto-pilot frame. Now why you taking away 33% of spore damage? But it gets worse, because between that and the maximum 10 enemies contribution, the spore damage decrease can reach almost a 60% drop, since in the new conditions infecting 20~ targets will actually be possibly outside onslaught. Some excel calculations show that a minute into spore spreading, spores that scale with infinite targets and gain 3 per target compared spores that only do 2 damage and are capped at 10 enemies will do 2.7 times the damage. This ratio is maintained even at the five minute mark. I assumed on average 18 infected based on personal experiences, change that and the ratio changes, but any number above 7 infected for old spores will give an advantage to the old spores over the new spores effecting 10 targets So, let's do it like this. Lets raise the new proposed spore damage to 3 per infected, and if you insist on capping the number of targets contributing, let's raise it to a more reasonable 20 or at least 15. How about that? Don't confuse "Let's make a frame less Auto-Piloty" with "Let's make a frame weaker".
  3. I'd consider it a massive buff list if not for the damage changes, which are enough to make me consider this an overall omni-nerf. Corrosive is vastly inferior to Viral. It's weaker if not outright useless against corpus and infested, and even against grineer slashing their HP by half may possibly be better than armor stripping.(I'm not sure between their health and armor which one scales harder with their levels) But even if it's not, we have four factions in the game.(sentients not counting) We move from an element that's useful against at least three of them, to an element that's only useful against two of them, maybe. Add in the fact that Corrosive Projection is a thing, and the value of corrosive goes even further into the dirt. If the entire idea is to make her 4 seem more useful or something, it's extremely misguided. You want her 4 to be used more, make it better. Don't make us be forced to use it to replace something we lost. (Which some would argue is what happened with the previous rework, but I'd say free viral procs are better than just a plain nuke. They are also better than free corrosive procs.) Now if the idea really is to nerf her because you consider viraling half the map too OP, that's a different thing. Some would argue that it is too broken, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I won't argue whether she should be nerfed, I'll just say that in my opinion that's what she'll be getting from you so if you're not trying to nerf her, don't touch the damage type. Just keep spores viral. You don't have to do anything, quite the opposite, you have to not do things. It's really easy to not do something, it's harder to do something.
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