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    There is health regeneration, the Vazarin waybounds give you a heal and so do the operator arcanes like magus husk and the other one. Also, I believe operators can benefit from rejuvenation too.
  2. Back in the day (and looking to the left of your build), ability strength increases your power strength. Also, they used to be called power strength for a long time so that's the term that still sticks today.
  3. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    I would like shields. No not those shields.

    So you want a riot shield then. It has a name.
  4. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Slowed/Speeded voices playing Nova

    And Vor's and Vay Hek's
  5. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Rewards for pyrus project?

    Zylok..? Uh, let me wiki that information for a moment. After search edit: Looks like a fun weapon to toy around with. Questionable design though, but that's just me.
  6. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Your peculiar mod ideas?

    Peculiar Specter: Enemies killed intact have a chance to ""ascend to Grineer Heaven". (say that heavy gunner you killed without slicing her into pieces has a translucent model without a weapon and floats in the air with a faint light as the model fades) Peculiar Rubble: Enemies petrify on death then slowly crumble to a pile of dust and marble. (does not affect "corpses" for Nekros' desecrate) Peculiar Truth: On "death", enemies shed their armor and run away. (say you kill a prodman or lancer or ballista, their armor corrodes and leave behind a default "tenno operative" model that runs off screen and vanishes) Why does it bother you so much? It's not "forced" on you to use in your career.
  7. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    How many operators are there?

    Doubt that'll happen. The Operators are far too attached to Lotus/Margulis to even think about cutting away from her guidance, despite the circumstances, short of killing her I'm sure. Just look at how they acted when Lotus left with creepy uncle long-arm (space dad is the MITW I believe), and the only time we have the option to directly disobey her orders is during war within to proceed ahead of schedule. But who knows, maybe the "stern talking to" she gives them is too much for them to disobey otherwise (and them still having the mentality of like 14 year olds with child soldier indoctrination).
  8. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Fix Trinity Plz

    So her functional status immunity and 75% dr from Link (along with armor stripping with the augment which scales with PS) is useless for her right? Blessing is fine. If someone's out of affinity range (especially if you use Vazarin with the maxed out affinity range passive), then that's on them for contributing literally nothing to the team, including assist affinity. Not something Trinity should be worrying herself with, we call them Hallway Heroes. Don't be surprised if they ever screw with EV just because that's what 90% of the playerbase feels she can be used for. We make more than enough energy plates and Zenurik can take place of her EV at a slightly slower pace, including your access to rage for them to take it away from her. Only WoL has no real use aside from maybe taking 1 heavy unit out of the equation for a few seconds, but even then that offers nothing cause killing them outright is a better option than that single target cc and Blessing > WoL anyways. And your question about using Blessing at higher levels: Yes. I do it all the time when I have Link activated so I'm not sitting there taking all the damage, bleed, and puncture procs like a newbie. And like I said, if this is a serious problem for you, might I suggest throwing on Natural Talent. Shortens the animation to just about .7s instead of a maybe 1.5s cast + end lag. And finally, back to Blessing, sounds like you have no PS cause I don't have much on mine and her dr is about 80% for the duration, so it sounds like your build is just trash. Ask for help if you need it instead of claiming the Support Warframe is useless in her job of healing not-hallway heroes.
  9. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Fix Trinity Plz

  10. Who were all the launch warframes again? Trinity, Excaliboy, Nyx, Loki, Frost, (Rhino?), Banshee, Volt, and Mag? Cause I'm kinda hoping for a Valk Umbra >.>
  11. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Anyone starting anew on Nintendo switch?

    Would still love to hear games that aren't meta-trash being used for experiments like cross play.
  12. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    What's your 3 favorite Auras, and why?

    Rejuvenation cause why not? Steel Charge cause of mod points Energy Siphon to defy CP howlers - I use corrosive or radiation for Grineer, Oxium Ospreys are minor issue, and Infested die anyways. Why should I "need" to throw on CP when things die fast anyways?
  13. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    So we will be getting Moa companions....

    Sounds busted. Should be fun, but will it run the risk of being hackable by the Corpus?
  14. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    So we will be getting Moa companions....

    They literally only made that change so people would stop using a single sentinel and treat the others as mastery fodder (and therefore wasting their time on toys few were using). Innate vacuum belongs to Mag if it's so important to you and Chesa plays Fetch. They're not going to add a Vacuum to pets to settle the lazy masses who can't live without that millionth nano spore, detonite ampule, plastid, or alloy plate and can't slide, roll, or bullet jump to get what they actually need. And if resources you already have countless of is more important to you than completing the mission objective, there's something severely wrong with you and your priorities, even if it includes failing for a dumb reason, right? You sound very silly to me, and that's speaking volumes coming from me.