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  1. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Stalker and syndicates

    Neutral space and it technically belongs to the Ostrons. Endangering the Ostrons means going against the Lotus and endangering a neutral party that isn't just the operatives, so those stakes (for the syndicates) are higher than just "go send a message to her operatives on this grineer/corpus ship/base that literally none of us give a rat about". For stalker, probably sees them as you serving the orokin again or something and therefor doesn't care.
  2. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Console players opinion on Umbra situation

    When they first made mention that only certain frames would get the Umbra treatment, I quietly got my hopes up for a Valkyr Umbra to be a part of the treatment. But I'm not sure what Umbras have that makes them super different aside from seeing this post. Can I ask what the non-spoilery difference is between ecaliboy/prime/umbra? But the thing is, it isn't all that difficult to get 1k kills with any warframe, especially if you use a crowd weapon. Now unless you mean "1000 ability kills", then I could see it, but dps frames would need a higher kill count if that were the case since say Ash, Excaliboy, Valkyr, Titania, and say Hydroid can get 1000 easy.
  3. https://warframe.com/lotus-packs/
  4. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Can I have a list please?

    That was actually the first place I went to on the wiki, but it didn't really specify everything. Just that some beam changes happened and that's it.
  5. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Can I have a list please?

    I'm kinda behind on certain information so I just want to ask for a quick list of weapons that were affected/changed during the beam weapon change. I only just read about the Flux Rifle behaving like the Cycron for example and was curious to know what else was changed in that aspect.
  6. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Coaction drift: Why aren't you using this?

    The fact that handspring stacks on Valkyr's passive is great. A real close second to Atlas' passive when fighting stomps, harpoons, and heavy units.
  7. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    What Led To The Username You Have Now?

    SSB64, Star Fox 64, original was taken, went through a number until it stuck, lost that account, +1. Also, I was a kid so it made sense.
  8. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    The Tenno Are Not Invincible

    As for the resource issue, mutual trades and the collection drones we build can scavenge whatever is needed or if it can be reprogrammed to identify different resources on another planet to see what can be used against them. Also Simaris like was mentioned earlier, and since most of who we would more than likely be fighting would just be enhanced humans or just smart people with a super suit, they're still human however.
  9. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    So....this again..?

    Do those of us who opt to NOT be spoiled by cinematic lore bombs on console need to leave the forums for an undetermined length of time again to avoid those on PC who are little too "excitable" about their findings? Personal feelings: It'd be nice to not treat the next update like Second Dream 2.0 and still want to lurk around otherwise.
  10. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    So... the sentient are executed Orokin?!

    They should have the forum admins look over titles and force change them for those of us who AREN'T on PC. e_e Also Tenno, its called "subtlety", you should consider learning it for future reference.
  11. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Nerf Trin but why not Equinox

    Oy vey.
  12. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Nerf Trin but why not Equinox

    Hello Kettle, name's Pot, have we met? Half of the matter is every time Trinity was "nerfed", its because something about her was being exploited/abused, never from "legitimate gameplay", such as Blessing being nerfed because of people running self-damage glaives for 99% DR for the entire team across the map which resulted in "out of affinity range, out of blessing range" and a capped DR that you can only reach the highest when healing 4 players, their companions, specters, and maybe a defense objective at once. There's no way that anyone couldn't have seen the nerf coming (including others who redirect the damage as was shown with Nidus' link now) as soon as it got to the scale it did. That's 100% on you and others using it to essentially play with timed toys that you know would've been lost after a fairly short while. Also, as Taishin said, all you really have to do is search in "recently killed" areas to find reactants, as long as that fissure spawns and they die, a reactant is going to drop. On top of it since they removed the passive spreading of Saryn's spores, you shouldn't have *that* hard a time to kill either yourself since as soon as all infected die her spore damage drops like a brick, especially considering nullifiers spawning in with the fissures. I'm not sure if what you're running into is a bug or not, but it's not possible to "kill so fast they don't drop reactants" because they spawn in with the requirements of being "corrupted" which is all that's needed to get the drop. Maybe they just aren't dropping them since it's not 100% on each kill.
  13. Grateful for every new update received. How wonderful!
  14. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Can we trust the Lotus?

    Let's put it like this, shall we? Natah/Second Dream Spoiler: D. Any of the starting missions she's guiding you including getting rid of Vor's parasite where she could've just handed you over to him and called it a day. E. Any of the times you get captured by Zanuka she could just as easily leave your shackles intact and no one else knows where you are, but that aids the Corpus. A long con going decades to off the Tenno when she could just as easily cut contact with them in the middle of a mission, override/overload Ordis to leave you stranded and no one would be wiser to it until everyone was gone is a highly inefficient plan for someone as calculating as the sentients.
  15. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    (Spoilers!!!) Theory on Natah

    Margulis was bisected multiple times akin to the laser wall in Resident Evil. She was literally a steaming meat pile when she was executed, incineration would be too slow a death even at plasma-causing temperatures. Also burning someone to death is more inhumane than what essentially is a quick and *mostly* painless death depending on where the execution tools began.