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  1. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Nerf Saryn

    Uh, that's what Saryn does though. She spreads infection. As mentioned above, Mag, Volt, and adding in Equinox, Rhino, Mesa, Limbo, (one long arduous list later) can do what she does, and some will actually be worse to deal with than Saryn or increasingly beneficial to you as a side effect when they're busy destroying the map.
  2. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    In warframe, what makes the least sense in your opinion?

    Comes down to how the origins of the world dictate it to be pronounced. That's why -ch can be used as a hard K/C or a soft -ch/tch like archangel (-tch) and archangel (-k or Archenemy (-tch) and Archenemy (-k, and yeah, people actually do pronounce it like you said for it). Isn't Phonics wonderful? Possibly since we're no longer in stasis. Possibly, you know, if the Void didn't mess up our bidness like it did Lotus. But then again, don't think the current (or near future/they're coming of 1800+) era of strife, war, and war is exactly a place to settle down and start a family, especially one that 3 factions despise and would be extremely vulnerable (including a preg op on the field or in transference when they can still feel what's happening to their suit). Cause kids/preteens are plentiful and can't fight back. Cause Stalker went crazy. Cause the Void is like the Catholic Church (it loves little boys and girls) Because it puts a harsher tone against the Orokin for being complete $&*^s to turn to destructive terraforming, sending the Manhunters (sentients) out into the universe to do whatever they wanted them to, "human" trafficking, "human" experimentation, manufacturing a UNIVERSAL BIO-WEAPON, slavery (grineer original purpose), and to push it on home with *child soldiers for a war they of course put in motion*. If they did they would stop making warframes. Because the sentient hydra and Hunhow hate us for being "void demons". Because they don't have genetic locks like the terraforming towers on Venus. Was Chroma Sentient controlled? Umbras of course. Cause Uncle Hunhow hates us and Void Dad has a restraining order that he's technically in breach of currently. Cause easter eggs, and our Ops are severely attached to Lotus after ~2000 years and her not killing us when she was ordered to. Cause there's A LOT of weapons to go through/Cause too many people leave their obnoxiously bright balls sitting in the air and never blow it up./Cause they kinda are fun at times. Cause it does dumb damage in a L A R G E radius, gotta have a risk-reward. Cause its still tons o' bugs, additions, and constant reworks like a BETA phase product./Not everyone understands what "beta" truly means (said things can be good or bad depending on how its implemented)/Cause they be snowflakes.
  3. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    About Lotus... (The Sacrifice Spoilers)

    It's not so much of "good vs evil", more of "wrath of the sun vs calm of the moon and waves". The most I could see though is if the morality system affects your operator it would mostly just change temperament and maybe some lines of dialogue, not much more or less.
  4. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Made a Glowy Spirit Garden in Dojo

  5. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    why do people use bladed rounds in eidelon hunting?

    Speed Trigger, Shred, (other mod that increases fire rate without downsides that I can't think of right now).
  6. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    What if we had fall damage for the enemies.

    Well, it would be nice to see, especially when they take those AI leaps to and from high ground with no repercussions while our operators do suffer the impact of the fall. However, they do "die instantly" as soon as they're sent flying off the map and into the abyss, you just don't get the affinity or drops for it I believe due to how long the drop is and how de-spawning works.
  7. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    The legendary Grineer weapon.

    Just wanted to know what it gave is what I meant.
  8. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Question for clarification

    Just wanted to be sure that zone 8 was rotation C is all, but thanks otherwise, sometimes I notice getting rewards for completing zone 7 which felt "off".
  9. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Question for clarification

    Just to be sure, Khora's blueprint and systems drop from completing Zone 8 in SO, right?
  10. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    The legendary Grineer weapon.

    Er, Sacrificial Steel? What's that? Otherwise, I'd have to agree to taking off killing blow and reflex coil for elemental mods or slash mods instead.
  11. So...I'm guessing the OP is mentioning sacrifice spoilers with the "she tried to kill us and chose Ballas instead and is back to her sentient mind instead of Lotus/Margulis" statement? Otherwise, I don't mind having static Lotus, maybe have her break down sometimes and Ordis' voice slips through until he mentions that the hologram is "repaired".
  12. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    What happened to the humans?

    Well, Corpus Techs look more like they stand around 7-8' honestly, but otherwise the game *does* take after Asian and Buddhist cultures, where admittedly many of them stand average of ~4', 9" - 5'. At least for the Tenno it works out cause ninjas were pretty short/small to be efficient at their jobs (not like media ninjas), you know, not counting Rhino, Atlas, Chroma, Frost, Limbo, Harrow, or Mesa.
  13. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Their dying screams haunt my dreams

    Ah who gives a rat, they should've thought about that when they joined the Corpus/were cloned into the grineer army.
  14. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Umbra Ex and Founder Ex Prime custom

    Keep your Umbra Ex and sentient mods to yourself, I'd rather see Valkyr Umbra be a thing if those were the options. (I wonder if Trinity or Nyx Umbra could ever be a thing, interesting thought, including Mesa and Chroma Umbra)
  15. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Sorties Archwing

    You can get nuked out of nowhere by lv 30 enemies in normal AW, it'll just be more prominent at 60 and above however.