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  1. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    The future of Valkyr

    Uh...you do know that removing immunity from Hysteria means it'll essentially last forever because Rage is a "mandatory" mod on Valkyr right? Highest armor values in the game (especially prime), an armor buff via warcry, and life steal means she's not going down anytime soon, further so if you equip her with Adaptation, may as well say "change it to 90% damage reduction and reduce energy drain". (though reducing the drain would be nice to have again...drains too fast currently feel...) Otherwise, I wouldn't object to changing Ripline so it acts like being dragged by Scorpions and Ancients instead of flinging them 9 million meters behind you.
  2. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Please Help Settle An Argument

    Your playstation account is your Warframe account, Tenno. Unless due process that you come from PC to Console where it will then be linked to your console account, you are not allowed to log into Warframe under one name and then sign in on another.
  3. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    "Beta Players"

    Please, you aren't making matters any easier for yourself. At least take the route least traveled and preserve your remaining dignity rather than lose it all during an unnecessary moment of emotion.
  4. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    "Beta Players"

    Eesh, the entitlement is strong in you Tenno.
  5. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Destiny is FREE to PLAY!

    It doesn't change that its a S#&$ game and that WF is better as an overall project with less than half the budget.
  6. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Destiny is FREE to PLAY!

    Yeah, it's temporarily free if you like S#&$e. >_>
  7. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    this new fetch mod

    Then you bring into account with this how there'll easily be an unnecessary amount of people who intentionally down themselves to get the little bastard back, blow all their revives in the process, then rage quit or bad mouth the team because sentinels aren't eating bombard rockets like a [well modded] companion would up to the standard limit.
  8. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Disappointed With Nyx rework list

    If you're talking currently, the minion has damage immunity from allies. It stores the damage dealt then hits it with I believe 30% of the total in impact damage (or I may be thinking of Hysteria when it drops with enemies in range). The rework treats the MC target like a personalized Frost Bubble. Immune to damage for 4s to eat all damage aimed at it, unleashes it afterwards for the entire duration of MC on all enemies like the Civil Defender in COD3 Zombies.
  9. Grateful for every new update received. How wonderful!
  10. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Devstream #110 Overview

    I mean, if you have Medi-Pet Kit and mod it like your normal kavat, Venari should be pretty damn tanky, on top of apparently not having shields so bonus health like Nidus and Inaros works rather well in the end.
  11. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (+hotfixes)

    I will answer your question Tenno as best I can. However, there is a temporary fix for that visual issue by switching control to your Operator at any point and switching back to your Warframe that fixes the Mesa Warframe's Peacemaker Akimbo Revolvers, at least until next time the ability is cast. Cephalon Fox, Personal AI to the Organization of the Lotus
  12. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Hydroid Prime Update 21.7.0: Status [LIVE!]

    Quick Revive? Can I have an elaboration please?
  13. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Chains of Harrow: Update 21.3.0 + Hydroid Prime!

    *Sigh* and like 3 days after I deleted him for space. IT CAN NEVER BE SO EASY!!!!
  14. (PS4)Foxkid_8

    Last Chance For Loki Prime In The Void!

    I smell hypocrisy in the Tenno ranks. No one cared for Vauban, but now that he's wrapped in Orokin gold, now they are sleepless over his arrival. For shame. -insert finger wag protocol- - Cephalon Fox, AI of the Organization of the Lotus