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  1. - Back to taste the Arcana updates. - Seen the Mallet and Stropha can't be used to cheese those corn-mechs (fighting them is unfun and now this) - The will to play depleted. - Thanks DE, very cool. Wish I could take back all of my money spent here and put it inside stock market instead.
  2. My dudes, are there any nice tips fighting (or cheese) Necramech after the updates? I just wanted to get those mechs and weapons parts, and back to play other games ASAP. I found that after the latest updates, Stropha is unreliable and Mallet is useless to fight against those unfun bots.
  3. I recommend you to finish the Glassmaker quest, create that sword, level it up to the max and back to play other games.
  4. Is Vitrica going to be nerfed? I don't want to forma it and be dissapointed later. You know, DE?
  5. Just want to voice out my opinion. Haven't played a few days (because some games already caught my attention with the playability), seen the Naberus event and thought I might come back to grind the event. But instead, what I see it's just Kaelli's new event shop. Where's the event mission? I kinda dissapointed. The only thing that is good from the shop is the Ephmera and that mobile doll thingy. Where's the fun event? Is this going be the type of future event? Just event shop? I think I'll just grind when event nears the end date. Thanks tho, DE. 2020 Warframe content is kind o
  6. Dayum, good job for this, DE. Listened to the MOST complained thing and actually un-nerf it. Now, please check other MINOR bugs that needed to be fix (and QoL suggestions) that only a tiny of group complained/suggested and do nothing about it.
  7. *facepalm* DE, please reduce the timer for Bounties and other missions on Deimos. It's really time wasting and consuming. * Meh, I'll just stop complaining and see how this game ends then.
  8. Reduce the time needed for the missions/bounty, please, especially the Isolation Vault mission. It's already good from the beginning and you guys decided to add some more time. Please, just reduce it. No one ever asked to make timed-missions to be longer.
  9. They really don't want us to do mission faster eh? No reduction for timer in timed-missions/bounty. Dear DE devs, please play the game without using dev console and savour how players' time wasted doing missions that supposed to able done faster. Wasted frickin few days just to bring these kind of hotfix. [DE]Glen posted great news about reducing the game size and it really welcomed. Can you guys makes fixes that gives happiness to the gameplay, just like the size reduction? Cambion Drift and the Entrati are awesome, but the timed-missions aren't.
  10. Tis a great news! Now I have more space for games and porn!
  11. @JjackalExcuse me? Healing Otak with Amp? Wow, I didn't know this!
  12. Putting bronze/silver common mods and tiny amount of money on +30-50 level missions and endless runs (should be scaled according to run duration, no?). I swear if I could slap the person that in charge of the reward system, I'll do it forever until that person cleared his mind and re-discuss it with other devs.
  13. So they're not going to revert back the bait defense timer? Dayum, keep on the good work, devs. Please, create more mission/bounty type that doesn't have anything related with timer, please. Excav - timer, defense - timer, mob def - timer, interception - timer. Innovate or if you can't, maybe copy other games' mission type, will you?
  14. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Void Dashing through the Necracmech to remove its invulnerabilty sometimes work and sometimes doesn't. It's occured really random. I always did it on the same timing: seconds when Necramech invulnerable, I always reflex do the Void Dash unto it. But different effects occured. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: It's totally random. Random runs always produce different effect. EXPECTED RESULT: Invulnerability gone and the Necramech kinda flinched. OBSERVED RESULT: Sometimes the invulnerability it's still there and keep on attacking player. REPRODUCT
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