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  1. @(NSW)BenDex @-CdG-Zilchywow, I didn't know that you can shoot it! Thanks for the answers
  2. Are there any way to negate Void Storm (or tears) damage that appears on mission? (Except keep moving) Tried Void Storm on Pluto and I failed my mission because of the crazy damage that depleted my revive chances, it even one-hit my Mesa with 3rd skill active.
  3. My dudes, I need help on building Railjack mods and its weaponry for fight and survivability in Veil solo. Any builds are welcome. If I don't have the parts/mods, I'll try to farm it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Saw that Gara Prime being released, and I haven't even farmed for Inaros, Nezha and Octavia Prime sets because I'm burnt out real bad. Trying to force myself to farm their relics on Sedna's Disruption and Void, it feels really good because of the relics rain. Tried to go Eris's Xini and Oestrus, it dropped Vitality and other bronze/silver mods. I just realized this is one of the reasons that I'm tired of grinding on this game, early game rewards on late planets. (I really fond of Infested Salvage mode, fast and just running around, injecting those vapourizers) Please just
  5. I want to play, but it's almost midnight and I've meetings tomorrow. DE, pls. T-T
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