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  1. Same old event content with the most wanted rewards, Forma and Ghoulsaw. Dude, DE, decrease the range between the drone and the Plague Star boiler please. it's always 900-ish metres. From all 4 parts, this is the most time-wasting.
  2. The Hound's skill, Synergized Prospectus. is it intended to hurt the Hound itself and its owner? Whenever it casts that skill, it always damages me and itself, heck sometimes it died because of it. If it's intended then I'm sure this is one of dumbest skill for the Hound. It's pretty bad on narrow areas, such as Kuva Fortress, I'm using Loki with full Invisibility, no one shooting me or even the Hound. But when the Hound using that skill, it damages my Loki until I reached 2 Health and kills itself, haven't tried it on other areas.
  3. Agree, I'm here inside the Tennocon Relay but it's empty, just like the common Relay
  4. I can't take it anymore, I need my sleep, it's already midnight here in Asia. Just please let anyone get the armour yeah?
  5. Any hard-hitting weapons recommendations (regardless of elements) to kill the Kuva Lich, especially at rank 5? For now I'm using Kuva Kohm or Tigris Prime and it's still taking a lot of time to bring one down, my dudes. Gonna farm for Kuva Hek and Grattler, and then continuing my life. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey devs, you've forced players to play this DEAD Granum Void to get a single Sister, can you give back the Zenith Granum coin if we failed? Time is not enough to kill 25 spectres using frame that we wanted, especially the non-nuke or squishy frames. I'm not a hardcore or pro player that could built any frames armed to teeth and grind the Zenith Granum coin for days.
  7. Hello, please rethink the decision to put the SISTER behind the already DEAD Granum Void Fight (after you get all the loots from the drop table). How many ZENTIH GRANUM coins we need to farm to get the weapon that we wanted. You devs remember that the weapon they have is RNG right? Is it because the murmur farming decreased so you guys found the way to make it longer by ADDING Granum fight? Please reconsider. My feedback? Put Parvos spectre running inside the Corpus Ship tileset, we kill it and let the Sister spawn. I rarely online these days because I'm extremely burnt out from the grinding after so many years of playing this game. I thought I could back and diligently farm the new Sister weapon, but no. I'm just really tired and can't keep the love I have for this game anymore.
  8. I'm sorry, maybe I read it wrong. So whenever I wanted to grab a new Sister's butt, I should play Granum Void first? This is like forcing player to play Granum Void, no? Please just put Parvos ghost somewhere roaming as a kill target and let the Sister spawn after we kill him. Why do we need to waste time and a Granum Void just to get a Sister? Can't you guys make it easier? After we get the Sister, we need to do tedious requiem/murmur tasks just get the weapon.
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