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  1. Hold up. So, the 2nd season of Nightwave will be released together in this update, too, or nah?
  2. It's better to release it next week, in my opinion. So you dudes, the devs, could focus on fixing and make sure there are less/minimum bugs/glitches when it's done. I don't want to see hotfixes everyday. And please don't give the 'we'll release it at this certain week or month'/ETA, you're giving false hopes for players. Just give 'Work in Progress' and keep updating us what you guys been adding/fixing the new updates without, of course, spoilers.
  3. - from the beginning of Nightwave, spamming random missions with hope that the Wolf will spawn - wasted so many precious time trying to get that hammer - buffed his spawn rate a little, because people were complaining - dude still refusing to spawn - become a tactical alert boss - HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA - I can hear small party on DE's HQ, celebrating the time player wasted
  4. This is the only ephemera that I have, please don't take it away, please?
  5. Please randomize Arbitrations missions, don't let it repeat with the same mission type (eg.Defense, Defense and freaking Defense again). It's really a pain in the butt to check each hour for preferable mission type and it gives same mission again and again.
  6. Please buff the goddamn spawn rate for Wolf! I've only seen him TWICE from the beginning of Nightwave and TWICE since the b u l l s h i t 6% spawn chances on level 20+ thingy. And after that even Stalker won't spawn anymore for me even thought, I killed plenty of bosses and got his warning messages.
  7. 6% ? On level 20+? Why not increase it more? 8% - level 30+, 10% - level 40+ and more. Are you guys afraid that the players will acquire Wolf Sledge parts easily? Even though that weapon is ok-ish?
  8. And where's the Wolf spawn rate buff? "The spawn rate will increase" You keep using that word, I don't think you know what it means. BUFF IT
  9. Where's the K-Drive's race symbol on Orb Vallis map?????
  10. Eat a Snickers, DE, you're not DE if you're not removing the fun in it. Destroying vents easily on Phase 1 is wrong and now this. Cheesus Fries, And please remember solo player with potato PC and internet speed, please? And no Wolf of Saturn Six's spawn buff? Niiiice.
  11. Go on, please kill the word 'fun' and 'fast' in this game, especially for busy people that got plenty of works in real life. Profit-Taker is already one of the worst boss that you've already created especially for solo players, laggy (for low-end pc + slow internet folks), with plenty of outta nowhere mobs, bad shield resistance system and crazy damage. And now this, removing a slight fun for speed runners. Well, Exploiter Orb is fun to fight even solo (it'll be a lot cooler if you guys rethink about solo players, too, let the raknoids spawn less for them), it takes 15-20 mins to fight it, but now, you guys make it increases the time to fight it. My love for Warframe always fluctuating after each hotfixes. Thank you, DE. Solo player is nowhere inside you guys mind, isn't it?
  12. Please talk about the field bosses spawn rate and their bad drop rate. Look at the Wolf. I'm just hoping that he'll drop all of his weapon parts before the season ends.
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