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  1. Even if that would happen. It would be unneccessary to reduce an ability's effectivity because you can't put any mods on operator right? Correct me if I am wrong but lore wise warframes was created to contain and channel the Tenno's power. So going with that logic pure operator power should be an even more powerful version of what a warframe can do. I think it would be more appropriate if we could only select 1 or 2 empowered "warframe" ability that we could cast... OR operators would gain their own "powers" which they could learn, they would be like warframe powers but uncateg
  2. Its easier to just sell prime junks for 2p each (because there are a lot of people who always buying prime junks to have enough ducats for baro) 5 prime junk = 10p 12p for 2x Weapon slot 20p for 1x Warframe slot And we are talking about 'junk primes' which worth 15ducats each. So all in all... 2 plat worth 15 ducats 12p worth 90ducats 20p worth 150ducats PS: in the worst case scenario where you can sell 5 prime junks for 5 platinum, 20p worth 300ducats and 12p worth 180ducats
  3. Well this problem has been solved but I still write down another easy method which I use everytime I get this. Equip Rhino built for Iron Skin and a weapon with decent slam attack to knockdown the target (my personal favorit is Orthos Prime) Use Iron Skin at the beginning of the mission (you are allowed to use abilites before any enemy notice you) When synthesis target appears slam attack near him then scan him while he is on the ground standing up. If the target stands up before all the scans then just slam attack again. Profit
  4. As much as I do want to see this ingame, I don't see this coming soon. More polarities on every single slots means more data to store in DE's servers. As they already mentioned in one of their recent Devstreams about the database issues they have. They were asked if they would do add a 4th "D build" for each weapon (because of the 'Bane of Corrupted' mod family). They said that would require additional database storage for the equipped weapon mods & polarities for each weapon for all the players. They can't make it happen. Not yet. And sadly it is the same problem with multiple p
  5. Yeah, I would still stick to my Tigris Prime, best shotgun-sniper in-game :D I like the idea tho. What if I have brought by Akbronco Prime and Ignis Wraith but I want to kill a bunch of grineer i just spotted in an excavation area stealthy? Then it would be cool if I could switch on the fly to my Dread/Paris Prime and Spira Prime.
  6. Yeah, with the Void Keys I could do this:
  7. Today I went to a Meso Survival, we stayed for 45min, all intact relics except 2 which were Exceptional. We got 4 rares, 4 uncommons and 1 common. (all the rares were from intacts) And when I run 4 radiant we get 4 commons... What a joke
  8. Yes you can. I did it once. It caused a bit of complications like I couldn't start the game for half hour after it finished but it worked out. I downloaded it via steam at that time, but the updating was done by the launcher.
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