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  1. What about Europe players? PoE launched after midnight in EU when most of us were asleep for different reasons (work,school, etc...). When we woke up nearly all the Warframe Twitch Partner streamers got their "By the Dawn's Early Light" achievment, making EU players unable to get "The Exclusive Teralyst Sigil" only because the launch happened waaay too late. This is very unfair to EU players. Any thoughts?
  2. Still no fix for... The Grate Prime is currently unavailable for purchase in the market, causing game enjoyment to drop by 60%. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Grate_Prime
  3. I am neither a math expert but I if something has 100 accuracy then if I target a still enemy and attack him I should be able to hit it with all my attacks. For some reason Spria Prime 100 accuracy is so accurate, out of 12 throws I only hit the enemy 3-4 times (who is standing still!) I have a feeling warframe has it's own law of physics :D
  4. (Electro) Swing... a lost genre waiting to be rediscovered
  5. 322k replies for this thread. Holy Lotus...
  6. Rakta Dark Dagger is missing from the Profile->Equipment tab if the inspected player never had it (not sure about the Codex itself) He has/had it: He didn't had it:
  7. Banned for banning someone who banned somebody.
  8. Seriously, what the Hek is this? Congratz Niti & Eli :) Great job DE :)
  9. Carrier would say sometimes: Loot ahead! You don't need all of these, do you? or Collecting resources, ammo, energy orb and anoter Oberon piece, how lucky are we. (In Claptrap voice from Borderlands ) :D When it shots someone: Protecting personal space...
  10. 650191 New Uranus underwater tileset, you can fly outside of a sunken ship into the open sea
  11. 1) Can we have a Bigger scapeship? 2) Will we ever get a different ship interior layout per spaceship? 3) Syndicate pickups will get a custom icons on the minimap (loot detector)? It is very confusion because regular pickups and trash cans(containers) shares the same icon. 4) Will Earth get a Dawk & Dusk cycle next to Day & Night?
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