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  1. Looking for Sacrifice and Aviator Mods. PSN Message me at HyperInfestation Please and Thank You for your time.
  2. I like archwing. I spend a lot of time helping friends and clan mates rank up their Wings - I don't mind it at all.
  3. I've always thought of it as a Community - The Tenno - Referring to ALL of us that she was caring after.
  4. I run Capture and or exterminates on Uranus to find them. If you alert them they will fly away - but typically you will have plenty of time to scan them if your the one that they have spawned close too. Run Solo to avoid them spawning near other players.
  5. I've never seen this Icon....This only on PC?
  6. s13.zetaboards.com/officialdam Recruiting is currently closed during the Pacifism Defect Event - We will open up recruiting after the event is over. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Need to fix being able to put Noggles above Incubator again. I made the mistake of taking mine down to redecorate - (Just wanted to move them around a little) Now its all Red - RIP - My Beautiful Incubator - My puppies will miss their toys !!!!!!!!
  8. All of this looks Awesome!!!!!!!! But I am going to miss my 0 Skill Number. I'm pretty sure it was working just fine - LOL
  9. Wtb

    I disagree with that logic. Scam himself? WTF does that mean...... Get ya price's together......Rhino ain't 300 no moe!!!!!! The man wants to pay 600 and he wants it now...... You can't put a price tag on Impatience. That is why they have the Rush Option (Which I USE A LOT) in the foundry. What something is worth don't mean nothing when you want it NOW. He probably tried paying the LOW END @ 300 and gave up and upped his purchase offer to have a Realistic chance of actually getting a seller to sell it to him instead Wasting Prescious time trying to save a dolla! Spell check ain't working - Forgive me - LOL
  10. Wtb

    Captain Save a Plat to the Rescue
  11. Bruh - I felt so special after this roll. I almost went and bought a Lotto ticket. But then I remembered my 15 roll Tigris riven that still sucks - XD - LMFAO!!!!!!!
  12. I only have 2 Rules I follow when Trading. "Never Sell anything I only have 1 of" and "Don't Nerf myself for Platinum"
  13. 1 in 1852 chance to get this roll. XD