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  1. Hyper's Adrenaline Shot Shoppe

    Welcome to "Hyper's Adrenaline Shot Shoppe" Here is a list of things I have collected while Destroying All Monsters. I will be checking for replies here and on psn. Trader Mods and Primed Mods: YOU MUST HAVE 1 MIL IN CREDITS FOR THE WARFRAME TRADE TAX ON ANY PRIMED MOD UNRANKED AND/OR MAXED. ************************************************************************************* Primed Continuity x 10 Primed Flow Primed Fast Hands x 3 High Voltage x 5 Jolt x 9 Primed Heated Charge x 9 Primed Pistol Gambit x 6 Primed Pistol Mutation x 3 Primed Slip Magazine x 4 Primed Target Cracker x 7 Primed Point Blank x 6 Primed Ravage x 11 Shell Shock x 9 Primed Heavy Trauma x 6 Primed Pressure Point x 5 Primed Reach x 5 Voltaic Strike x Primed Morphic Transformer x 8 _____________________________________________________________________________________ ARCANE ENHANCEMENTS: ****JORDAS VERDICT RAID**** * Aegis - 8 * Arachne X 20 * Consequence X 17 * Energize X 2 * Fury X 10 * Momentum X 32 * Precision X 12 * Tempo X 9 * Ultimatum X 1 * Velocity X 13 ****LOR NM and REG**** * Acceleration X 4 *Agility X 3 *Avenger X 0 * Awakening X 7 * Barrier X 2 * Deflection X 5 * Grace x 1 * Guardian X 13 *Healing x 19 * Ice X 2 * Nullifier X 11 * Pulse X 7 * Rage X 8 * Resistance X 8 * Strike X 13 * Trickery X 3 * Victory X 12 * Warmth x 4 PRIME SETS: SET ONLY SALES! * ANKYROS PRIME X 3 * ASH PRIME X 2 * BOAR PRIME X 5 * BOLTOR PRIME X 2 * DAKRA PRIME X 5 * DUAL KAMAS PRIME X 2 * EMBER PRIME X 1 * FROST PRIME X 8 * GLAIVE PRIME X 2 * HIKOU PRIME X 8 * LATRON PRIME X 4 * MAG PRIME X 5 * NOVA PRIME X 1 * NYX PRIME X 1 * RHINO PRIME X 14 * SCINDO PRIME X 4 * TRINITY PRIME X 2 * VALKYR PRIME X 1 * VOLT PRIME X 3 _____________________________________________________________________________________ RIVENS: weapon name only – pm on Ps4 only for Screenshots PRIMARY: AMPREX BOAR BRATON BUZLOK DRAKGOON FLUX RIFLE GLAXION X 2 GORGON GRAKATA GRINLOK HARPAK HIND KOHM OGRIS X 2 PENTA X 2 VEILED RIFLE X 2 RUBICO SIMULOR SWEEPER TENORA TIBERON TONKOR X 2 TORID VULKAR VULKLOK ZARR ZENITH SECONDARY: AFURIS AKJAGARA AKZANI ANGSTRUM BRAKK CASTANAS KOHMAK KRAKEN KUNAI X 2 LATO SEER X 2 SONICOR SPECTRA TYSIS MELEE: GALATINE MACHETE OKINA Please send me a PS4 or in game messages. Thanks for your time. HyperInfestation
  2. Forma Crafting Time is too long

    Build a Forma a day. Soon your struggles will go away.
  3. (PS4) Destroy All Monsters #1 MC (Among the oldest clans still active)

    s13.zetaboards.com/officialdam Recruiting is currently closed during the Pacifism Defect Event - We will open up recruiting after the event is over. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    Need to fix being able to put Noggles above Incubator again. I made the mistake of taking mine down to redecorate - (Just wanted to move them around a little) Now its all Red - RIP - My Beautiful Incubator - My puppies will miss their toys !!!!!!!!
  5. PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    All of this looks Awesome!!!!!!!! But I am going to miss my 0 Skill Number. I'm pretty sure it was working just fine - LOL
  6. Banshee Prime Arrives February 28!

    Date circled on Calender.
  7. (PS4) Destroy All Monsters #1 MC (Among the oldest clans still active)

    Still Recruiting - Still DESTROYING ALL MONSTERS. Still #1 - HOLLA!!!!!!!
  8. Valkyr Prime Access Ends Soon!

    If you are not making mistakes. You are not trying hard enough.
  9. (PS4) Destroy All Monsters #1 MC (Among the oldest clans still active)

    PSN message sent, and invite in game. PSN message sent, and invite in game.
  10. Prime Gaming Giveaway Winners Have Been Contacted!

    The Purple Guys must have blocked that e-mail. Ugh.
  11. (PS4) Destroy All Monsters #1 MC (Among the oldest clans still active)

    PSN Message Sent - I'll follow up with you tonight.
  12. (PS4) Destroy All Monsters #1 MC (Among the oldest clans still active)

    Says you both are already in a clan.......If you'd like to join, you will need to leave your current clan in order to receive an invite. Let me know.
  13. (PS4) Destroy All Monsters #1 MC (Among the oldest clans still active)

    Hello, PSN Message sent Hi, I sent you a PSN Message.
  14. State of the TennoNet 2017

    Looking good boss. We appreciate all the hard work.
  15. (PS4) Destroy All Monsters #1 MC (Among the oldest clans still active)

    Still Recruiting, Still Destroying All Monsters - Still #1 HOLLER