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  1. Honestly i would like to see the codex actually add and show all possible mastery items in the game as well. With an option to hide them for those that dont want to see them. I mean everything because alot of items are hidden or not updated on it and has been forever.
  2. Ok no idea why exactly but our clan hss issues of thermia no longer working no matter how many we farm to start exploiter orb. This seems to have occured when you lads broke invies and patched it.
  3. The game hasn't ever really changed op atleast not in the way your talking about. Warframe is constantly chasing the next thing the devs cook up. I love them to bits heck even got ink supporting Warframe. But they cook up new ideas then support it a little then let it die while making more then rinse and repeat.
  4. I do understand what you mean because increased rewards for endurance should be a thing. But we have been trying this for years with zero luck. They really don't like endurance runs at all. As the game continues to go it moves towarsa a more casual approach in that regards.
  5. The best advice i can give them from someone who adores Warframe is simply to stop pushing new systems on top of new systems and focus on whats currently in the game. Have you ever tried helping new lads?, it's insanity and DE really need to settle down on it because gamers these days have less patience than ever lol.
  6. Just jumping in here to let you know they are removing archwing missions from the planets as per the 2nd last dev stream. Also should know that K-drives are not very popular and would only end up been removed as well. Just remember that k-drive races and the fact they give mastery are a thing.
  7. First huge props to the art team what an amazing looking mech she is. Secondly this mech is utterly useless in every single way. Honestly none of it works together and you have zero reason to use it over our current one. ☆ Issues : 1. Meat Hook it has zero sense of use at all. I can think of a million ways to make it viable among the current game. But honestly it needs synergy and purpose together. So it comes down to how you lads intend to fix the other abilities. 2. Shield Maiden um lads did anyone even look at what the other mech does?, do you understand why and how useless
  8. Np my man we were all there at one point or another. But do not mind anyone who is simply tired of repeating themselves trying to help others it happens and sometimes we forget how it can come off.
  9. They have said 100s of times buddy they want to, it's not something easily done but it's something they want to do. Alot of issues with Tennogen, Platinum build up across different platforms and a multitude of issues that must be figured out. Also don't forget the way patching works with Pc verse console that would cause all kinds of issues.
  10. Others already pointed out how it was tried already and it failed badly. But i will add something here. Back then we provided a different idea. Sorties reward tokens to be redeemed at a sortie vendor for a plethora of rewards. 3 tokens per day with most items ranging from 3-9 tokens allowing you to choose what rewards your working for. 3 for bronze 6 for sliver 9 for gold With the addition now they could add a sortie Emphera , sortie emblem, glyph etc etc.
  11. Yeah definitely agree, i always thought it was odd.
  12. When the sounds of war start to drum, we must all be ready!. Act now and also get the new fast acting Sheev broom. Now you can be ready for action at anytime. Brought to by Dom Dom's Cleaning Supplies, the makers of Clone yum yum cream for when those stretch marks from the vats become too much to look at.
  13. Definitely my issue with it is just not been able to find a game. Several years ago i was able to get to rank 3. But that was it, now here in Australia you just can't get games and haven't been able to for a very long time. We almost had a solution but one twitter conclave tryhard that DE listened to kinda stopped that with universal medallions working on conclave. Now alot of us are just stuck waiting for DE to delcare it dead and allow another way to earn the rewards. My hope is Steel Path via Teshin. Let me pay with Steel Essences and riven silvers atleast then i have some way to
  14. It would be intresting but it wouldn't work. How would you handle a roar sayrn clearing every mob off the map as it spawns?. Plus man it's a legit struggle to find people as is in just regular missions here in Australia, how long would it take to find a full 8 people?. Plus while Destiny isn't the best at balancing they do have some semblance of it. Here in Warframe we have a legit tonne of weapons, frames, 100s of systems that would need balancing to make it even abit fun. Rivens would probably need to be straight up disabled along with alot of other things.
  15. I do agree as you will find most will but settle down grettle lol.
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