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  1. Slower efficiency drain would be really nice. I've only made it to wave 8 4 times. MANY fails at 6 or 7 even with all the builds that are suggested which led to to just quit the whole mode. Only have one weapon piece of one of the guns after all this time.
  2. That's your fault. Never assume things will not be useless forever and just sell.
  3. I agree i was hoping for more. It's motivation to do everything i normally wouldn't (all k drive races, enter all caves , 1000000 metres kdrive distance). I don't know if there's a point limit but neverwinter adds a few every few months and currently has almost double the achievements but at a lower score.
  4. Was there an issue with the grandmother token? Hopefully it's just taking a while to show up.
  5. is the stream that's about to start the one we have to be in the game relay? Or is that on Tuesday?
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