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  1. Increased drop rate of Toroids from 1.1% to 2% , cool now I might get more than 1 drop (with chance booster and Nekros) in 45 minutes before rage quitting. Nothing I hate more than toroids.
  2. Sorry if it's wrong to ask here but the main post has hundreds of replies already. With the riven cap increase if someone had 90 slots purchased before getting the milestone that gives 3 slots but still capped at 90 will they receive the 3 slots for free? Wanting to know for when it comes to console.
  3. I would love to get to 30 and et all rewards, how many elite weekly quests can we possibly miss and still get to 30?
  4. Just to be sure, the new challenges are they just achievements or actual challenges (timed achievements) like we used to get for tactical alerts years ago?
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