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  1. Anyone out there keep having this weapon spawn? I have been trying to get one for months and it's getting ridiculous. I would prefer heat. I currently have an active lich with 50% heat ayanga which i will save for a trade if someone needs one as bad as i need a seer.
  2. I started at 2:01am and it ended right on 3am for me. And got my part delivered at 2:24am according to the inbox.
  3. I have 5000+ hours played and still don't have things that drop from basic enemies, let alone these 2% pieces that take a while to get to the certain wave if I get that far even, it just NEVER hits that 2%!
  4. Hoping lato vandal is soon after. Not getting any parts after so long i just quit playing the mode all together.
  5. I just did 3 hours trying to get thaumica. Every cave and pylon in the game and not a single one out of it all. I have never hated this game as much as i do at this moment.
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