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  1. No. I've killed hundreds because nothing happens for me up to the point of its death! I can be hitting it until it's 90% dead and simaris then tells me "there it is". No icon or warning of any type even if i am stamding in front of it for 20 seconds until i bring out the scanner. I am not one that has it out the whole mission just to be told it is right in front of me.
  2. I really don't like change. In games , tv and life. Some of my favourite games changed a lot and are now uninstalled forever.
  3. stream ended 3 hours ago, on twitch it says to claim and always comes up with an error and it has not been claimed, is this a common error? Is it likely something wrong with my account link (it does say game account linked). First stream i have done since the update. EDIT It arrived after the first mission on the day.
  4. Anyone out there keep having this weapon spawn? I have been trying to get one for months and it's getting ridiculous. I would prefer heat. I currently have an active lich with 50% heat ayanga which i will save for a trade if someone needs one as bad as i need a seer.
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