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  1. If you read the comic that goes with the Octavia’s Anthem it gives you more of an appreciation for the name. Gives history of the Ayatan statues
  2. The last entry from the necraloid is a clue. It’s the reqrium modes poem to n a particular order. If you watch in the new sequence the story changes.
  3. With the recent change to the forums I can’t help but wonder where is the notifications section? It’s gone now and the whole slider too. Anyone else know were it’s been moved too?
  4. I have it and never noticed till now that you told me thanks
  5. I started off with Arbiters, Suda, and marijuana’s. Now I’ve gotten red vile. How would I go about getting new Loka and Perrin?
  6. Initially I was ver aggravated to have to do conservation To rank up to 3. My eyes are on the weapons.?I basically have never done it as there was no pourpose. So I did it, and found I didn’t hate it. There’s just no reason for me to do it. It below fishing and mining. Then you made it so you get the new pets that way. I’m actually into that. Hopes up to get bird companions this way one day. I’m actually enjoying it a bit. Now here’s my problem, conservation for the flying creature is bugged. It won’t spawn once you go through the steps. It’s happen 3 times. And btw the oppo
  7. The MR thing is the worst part potentially. If the idea was for experienced players. And the fact that Helminth is a resource dump. Unless the new player experience is really done well this could go bad. but then again I wonder how far in quest progression this is as well. That could be the big difference.
  8. Look I can make something up about it be a mutation of the infestation that can mutate the infection at will. Truth is we will all hopeful have a better understanding after the update, lol
  9. It’s not lore breaking if you don’t know story wise how it works yet. None of us do till the heart of Deimos is out. You seem to have your mind set on the idea that it does break while quite a few people including myself disagree. After the update give us answers we can make informed guesses. They’re are a lot of things in the game that seem to contradict other but with further information actually different dont. Like Excalibur being the first, but you have prime, umbra and Nidus for that matter. These things are all factually true, contradict, but don’t break lore.
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