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  1. Ever sense the equinox prime update I’ve been expiring this frustrating bug. At the end of the mission I select another squad members drop as usual. But at the end mission screen it’s not there. When I get back to the shop I’m in boxed the part that dropped for me not the the one I selected.
  2. I’ve never had it as a bug it’s supposed to to be if you disconnect at the end or during a mission. But it’s happening like 40% of the time sense this up equinox Prime update. And apparently it’s happening more to other people too. A random player in my squad experience it recently too.
  3. Are DE aware of some kind of glitch were at the end of a mission you don’t get the prime part you selected from teammates? At the mission results it has all your pick ups, resources and mods but no prime part. And as soon as you get back in the ship you get a message from ordis giving you the part you got but not the one you selected. It’s happened to me a lot. Makes me not want to go for the parts till I hear from support. It’s like I have to triple farm parts at this point.
  4. So… what’s going on with the vomulyst spawns during the eidolon fights? It’s maybe a 4th of what it use to be. I end up spending more time trying to charge lures then anything
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