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  1. I’m telling that’s “your” experience. Not everyone’s. Not mine, I don’t pilot mine because I hated it at first, gravitated to over time, stoped again to join pubs because it’s quicker to join groups in progress then to wait for only one person to join a four way through the mission. when I use mine I haven’t had the issue you have, but if I did I know some people just don’t know what they’re doing or even what to do. match making is rng’s final form
  2. I read that, I’m saying the groups you’re in suck. Experiences very, and most of the time people who are not pilots handle repairs in my experience. At times they don’t. your solution isn’t one because it can easily cause more problems.
  3. Sounds like you’re being a bit unrealistic, space magic LoJack is what you’re talking about. And as buggy as the game mode is right now equals more problems. Pilot leaves the ship, mean while it’s getting lit up as a sitting duck. the pub groups you’re in just suck. Everyone there should do what ever is needed at the moment. Half the time I try to put out a fire/ect somebody beats me to it. its co op, if it’s not with people you know… you’re probly going to have a bad time. or a good one, it’s a coin toss
  4. I skip most of that, the worst parts are thralls, litch spawns, and getting relics when you start. I don’t radiant them I just run them to save time.
  5. I just run them with out traces, and those missions seem to give a lot of traces themselves. I use those on regular relics
  6. Thanks for letting me know
  7. It’s only meant as away to let you get use to the feel of flight. It was said in dev streams but not in game. Just a mistake on your part or expectation.
  8. Damage needs an increase and or enemies need need a speed reduction. With all the flight speed on projectiles Plus the heat mechanic you spend more time missing then hitting while being gunner. Top that with kill 90 fighters? Time to kill is crazy for what that objective ask for. At this current time there’s not a point where you feel powerful. You just feel “tolerable”. and economy of wreckage build. The time it takes to get resources, build a gun for instance and do just ok isn’t ok. please take a serious look into this.
  9. The simple answer is development. That was a presentation. This phase 2 of 3. Even after they will continue to updated. Remember the first time they showed rail jack it was corpus. On the dev streams they shown more planets. It’s not finished.
  10. It turns into dirac so as long as you keep an eye on it it’s not an issue I think. Can be a inconvenience.
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