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  1. Please move "invite" function/text between "profile" and "add friend" in quicklist, because there is a high chance that we click on "close all" when we want to invite someone to trade!
  2. My question is : "How is it going for everyone at Digital Extremes studios?" Can we see some "behind the scenes" videos?
  3. I want play warframe as a "retro event", when we can travel back in time with some grineer/corpus experiment and we can play the "old version" of the game, with old features! (like that Diablo 3 event when you can play Diablo 1 with new graphics) Flashback is ON
  4. I was also working on this Saturday and can feel the pain! We pain together! PS.: Where is the solaris emoji?
  5. I really like the "why" anwers! Why? Because every can read why are these chages are made!
  6. "Y" key also a hotkey for [chiper] when you hack a console
  7. "Wukong - Enveloping Cloud (Cloud Walker Augment): Allies within 4 meters of the cloud become invisible to enemies for 14s." Does not work properly (for me) squadmember get a buff with invisibility (sometimes 30+ sec) but if they attack it will remove the buff from them. Sometimes does not apply for them. And do not affect npcs like deflectors (deflection rescue targets) what is very bad
  8. Vauban abilities need more duartaion (in my opinion)! It is (mostly) a CC frame, right?!
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