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  1. Give back some power to the Cryophon, you destroyed it! Also cut titanium prices... we are drowning in Pustrels and the likes while starving for titanium and asterite, balance them!
  2. Ah, the good ol' days 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdAm_1GKOrg&fbclid=IwAR3Zt_BSCGq0jvQv10Fh1E-_7XZjdyXrK27eVTZqtFDCLFkgLIzuafCHOk8
  3. I rotated it aswell, it's weird that default positioning is on one side (at first i thought i did a mistake), i had to destroy and rebuild it for the sake of simmetry, i was a bit pissed tbh
  4. ya for now i'm using Inner Might from zenurik at 50% efficiency, totally forgot about it, gonna max it maybe tomorrow, 60% save without sacrificing a mod slot is gonna accomodate my needs i guess...
  5. Nice ty, please also add a toggleable option to the "hold E to heavy attack" function... it's frustrating with fast spamming weapons, it registers as a hold while it is not and resets the combo counter! Some ppl like, some others not, plz make it an option to turn on/off!
  6. Hello everyone, long story short: with the new way melee heavy hits are registered it often happens that "fast spamming" the melee button to fully utilize high attack speed weapons/buffs often registers as "hold E" thus releasing a heavy thus losing all the combo counter. While waiting that this crap becomes a toggleable option i was wondering if Focus Energy (saves 40% of your combo counter) wouldnt be a better choice rather than Drifiting Contact for example (or any other mod for that matter)... i dont know you but i lose my combo 8 times out of 10 because of random heavies and only the remaining 2 because the combo timer expires
  7. i second this, it needs to be an option, too many combos screwed up by accident
  8. Must have Crit Chance along with any of: Crit Dmg, Base Dmg, Any elemental dmg An harmless negative would be appreciated Post w/price
  9. Operator! Are you enjoying the view?
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