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    PS4/XB1 Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    Well, I couldn't play after the update came out. After an update for Xbox Preview came out, I could finally play. I downloaded the update about an hour ago. ...No way I'm completing this event before it ends. I won't even be able to make it to the last mission. Not even sure if I'll get Ignis Wraith. :|
  2. (XB1)xz16

    Xb1: Achievement Contest!

    Mercantile Mastery (20G) Trade with other players 15 times OR Purchase 3 "Darvo Deal" Items. (You could change the numbers, I just feel like this would be a way to promote those Darvo Deals.')
  3. Many of us are just irritated with Microsoft, but I will agree with you that the people directly attacking [DE] aren't making much sense. There was a few things they should have done, but they aren't big problems.
  4. That's exactly how I'm feeling. Along with most of us on Xbox. I understand we're the smallest community, but still. Still shouldn't be ignoring most of us.
  5. Yeah, I feel like boosters would be nice. Considering this is already pretty ridiculous. Are console players even going to get those codes? Probably not... but one can hope.
  6. You know... I never really post on the forums. But seriously. I got of the Hype Train yesterday. It seems like Xbox One takes quite a long time to get these updates passed through cert. Most indie/3rd party games take a long time to get updates through cert. Not blaming DE, it's not on them. However, can someone explain (If anyone knows.) why this update is taking so long in cert? Any hunches? Because seriously, I'm about to buy a gaming computer for this game.
  7. (XB1)xz16

    Coming Soon: Devstream #55!

    I have a few questions, varying from BIG too SMALL, here they are: BIG QUESTIONS Would we be able to have more lore/non-lore quests for older frames? Is the Sergeant a place holder for a new boss? ETA on the Tenno Rapier, Teshin quest, and (hopefully) lore/quests for the Syndicates? Will Volt and Mag be getting a rework as well? SMALL QUESTIONS When will there be more lore on the Stalker? ETA on the Mios? Will there be more cutscenes in-game? Catbrows' name? Get this S&%T done! Good Luck With Life! - xz16