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  1. I really love this. I loved the concepts behind both these frames, but they always came up short in higher-end content. Now they look like top-tier fun.
  2. Oh my. Today, a fix has come to liberate us from 3+ years without our edgiest nikana animations. This is a good day.
  3. And it was today, the 14th of August, that Banshee received a terrible nerf.
  4. Are custom weapon stance animations going to make a return? Blind Justice lost its custom stance animations, which seems like an odd direction to go. If anything, stances having custom stance standing and idle animations just sounds right.
  5. Waking up to this is the best thing. I have been wanting this for so long, I can finally use my freezers to their full potential.
  6. This is hands down the best tactical alert in Warframe history. Nay, best event. it's amazing.
  7. Will we see stances with custom animation sets again like Blind Justice? And can we get Blind Justice's idle and standing animations back? They've been gone for years now.
  8. I hope one day we get a fix for Blind Justice's standing and idle animations not playing. But dang, I can't wait to bring Hildryn Specters around and have them be useful. Wonder what magic their Balefire will be.
  9. Well awesome. I have everything in the pack other than the color pack, but it's an interesting color pack. Nice.
  10. New Warframe, new melee class! Right on into it. Hope Blind Justice is fixed too.
  11. Honestly this looks awesome. I can't wait to dig in.
  12. Is the Paracesis going to be replaced into two-handed nikana? As it has a scabbard that is currently unused and as a single-edged heavy-weapon would be perfect for such a moveset. Also Blind Justice's animations for idle and standing are still broken, playing just the normal Nikana stance animations.
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