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  1. Well awesome. I have everything in the pack other than the color pack, but it's an interesting color pack. Nice.
  2. New Warframe, new melee class! Right on into it. Hope Blind Justice is fixed too.
  3. Honestly this looks awesome. I can't wait to dig in.
  4. Is the Paracesis going to be replaced into two-handed nikana? As it has a scabbard that is currently unused and as a single-edged heavy-weapon would be perfect for such a moveset. Also Blind Justice's animations for idle and standing are still broken, playing just the normal Nikana stance animations.
  5. Much better than the original proposal, keeps something for veteran swag, allows newbies choice on items, not bad.
  6. The quest appears to be broken for me. Nothing shows up at the lake, or on the island in the middle after entering operator mode in the circle and seeing the eidolon ghost, and there's no hints or dialogue either, it just kinda stops working. Tried it over again four times to the same result.
  7. Is Blind Justice going to have its pose and idle animation fixed? It's been broken for a while and it'd be a shame to have part of a cool stance's identity forgotten. Melee 3.0 looks great even with the small window into it we have seen, can't wait to dual-wield with any one-handed weapon.
  8. Finally. After four years, the Rift Sigil will be mine.
  9. Awesome, my wallet will soon be in pain. But, could we get a fix for Blind Justice's animations? It's been broken for a while.
  10. This is great stuff, but I would love a fix for the Blind Justice stance, it's been playing the standard Nikana stance and idle animation since the Sacrifice launched.
  11. You seem to have misheard me, I very plainly proclaimed the exclamation of happiness and merriment
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