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  1. normal version: day of dead version:
  2. This room in the void, which has that 'upper area' inside the path on the boundary, spawns fissures and the enemy gets stuck there, like this .
  3. Prisma Angstrum is not Tradable [Fixed]

    Cannot trade the new prisma weapon, angstrum. Tried restarting warframe and pc too, but still nothing. It doesn't show up on the screen for selecting special weapons
  4. The drones freeze in the spot where they spawned/cannot locate route to the obj. This happens with Crewmens too, but very rarely (only seen 1 case of crewman freezing in spawn area)
  5. I Can't Connect To Chat

    Bump, 21.4.1 didn't fix this issue.
  6. I Can't Connect To Chat

    I saw some fix stating that I need to fix some windows service's options, but it still doesn't work. Let's hope the next hotfix fixes it.
  7. I Can't Connect To Chat

    Since the last 3 days, I have been getting this infinite chat loading. I cannot talk to anyone, nor can I use any chat commands, including /invite. I am able to join public lobbies though. I completed deleted each and every warframe related file, and just redownloaded it again, but it didn't fix it and the chat still doesn't load.