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  1. So, I have just found the most frustrating glitch ever. I have just done an Orokin Derelict Survival with some friends, me and one of my friends extracted before the Key Host, and we both immediately failed the mission, while the key host and my fourth friend extracted successfully together. I am going to assume that the same would happen if the key host extracted first as, if the key host aborts the mission at any time, the mission fails for all as well. I should also mention that I was host of the instance, but not the key host. so it did attempt a Host Migration. No screenshot available. ~Duffy1
  2. Cool, it might stop me from taking lethal damage from the Ogris with Inaros at Full health. in other words, actually do something. Yet to test.
  3. I had this happen once, and decided I would break a re-enforced window and reset the lock down, worked a treat
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