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  1. stealth = sneaking. invisibility =/= stealth
  2. complete terminus on stealth with rhino melee only (no glaive), no sentinels and no hud and then upload it to youtube. i already did. if it's so easy i bet you to do it. come on.
  3. lag is not a problem - the spawn is EDIT: if you want i can give you link to old ex-official stealth gameplay & feedback thread to gather some ideas
  4. ah come on.. you could have kept my post.. it was witty just a bit
  5. pfff thats easy, done that as rhino. the only problem is when enemies stuck in each other. everything else is just patience
  6. the problem is not really about enemies not noticing mates killed infront of them, but when they do and enter semi-alerted state. i suppose DE removed this feature to avoid dealing with AI troubles. on other note - yeah could be great, but for that we also need indicators if we are seen by enemies or not or FOV on radar atleast
  7. ah also, on that very note, can you make bosses / hvt field of view significantly shorter, as they are able to spot you from insane distance. i will upload a video about hvt issue as well as vor boss in a moment edit: here it is, processing capture AI spot distance (also alert on capturing, wtf?) http://youtu.be/VJjwy0BOfsc http://youtu.be/VJjwy0BOfsc bosses AI spot distance (vor)
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