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  1. I'm not certain if any other avionics have not been granted correctly, but I no longer have ordnance cheap shot. Correction: I do have ordnance cheap shot, but it does not appear in the plexus and thus cannot be equipped. It also seems likely that with so many avionics converted to 10 rank mods that many people will need to spend far more endo getting their mods back to the same effective level they where at previously at than they got from dirac conversion.
  2. Presently you can equip two turrets, but one of them is used by the pilot while both of the two gunnery seats use a copy of the second. It would be really nice if you could choose a third turret, particularly if simply not equipping a third would allow both gunners to use the same gun as they do now. I've had a few crews where there's multiple people who would like to be on turret, but would prefer different weapons.
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