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  1. we are all a Kojima warframe, right here, in real life. i am Big Boss, and you are too.
  2. do you TRULY know what a void demon in urgent need of stasis is? here, check mine out.
  3. what do you think ive been doing? getting that descendant seal. check out the certified judge of opinions over here. anyway, back to waiting for that sweet sweet fourth pseudo-open-world.
  4. no man's sky adds actual new content. warframe just reskins the existing one and puts it behind moronic grind-walls.
  5. get lucky for it to buff you with exactly resource booster at the proper moment
  6. we found the only guy in the world who actually looks at the dualshock lightbar
  7. so exactly what the moa is going to use the bite stuff?
  8. i just want an actual god damn cinematic quest that actually changes things in the universe, like the second dream, like the war within, like all those good things. never needed fortuna, never needed deimos, never needed useless skates or mechs. it would be a "revert to a previous iteration" is SOME sense.
  9. "yes, i enjoy collecting soft, cutesy plushies and making my orbiter look pretty and comfy, how did you know?"
  10. encourages soyboys to downvote people for any kind of wrongthink, no matter how well-articulated and explained. one of the main reasons why reddit is absolute worst place on the internet for the absolute worst people.
  11. zephyr is trash, no matter how loud the fanboys will scream.
  12. sounds like a mode that i and hundreds of thousand of players would actively avoid. also, the author cannot handle people disagreeing, AT ALL.
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