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  1. a good start would be to go through the star chart, get to every planet and reach each boss, go through quests right when you get them (a personal suggestion, of course). there is no "endgame" in warframe, there's barely any "grand scheme of things" even - you'll get everything you want, someday. completing quests first though will unlock features and even whole abilities, so, you know.
  2. this kind of macro is fairly obviously ok since its just a simple multishot thing
  3. just play the newest tony hawk pro skater at this point
  4. so helminth resource costs are still out-of-your-mind-crazy so that one resource still costs 20 grandmother tokens so you still cant give your pets to son for tokens if your daily standing is maxed cool
  5. "there are not enough enemies" - just start the camp capture thing, obviously orbs and jackals wont do S#&$ to me, because why? because health / shield / armor mods + trinity ult
  6. trinity's ult is able to fully heal the mech which is what i did, on regular valis, just going from point to point. its a total chore but what can you do if DE are like that.
  7. after the hotfix when you're close to a mining spot, unscoped - faint grey brackets appear to help you find em, and yea, it was easy to find nodes on your screenshots, but thats cause my eye is trained already
  8. while they're at it - the resource that costs 20x1500 standing is OUTRAGEOUS
  9. find the animal through walls using the tranq scope - spam equi sleep on it, rush in and get the perfect save. ivara is worse.
  10. look man, the system does need a fix, but at the moment what you personally can do for yourself is put the animals to sleep using equinox, yo
  11. simply because using the same pre-built rooms, even in various orders or whatever is not what "procedurally generated" is
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