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  1. My suggestion and comments are referring to her for many mission types. I have used Saryn a ton recently for a variety of mission types before and after this rework. She was strong before and if nothing is further changed, I still believe she has been buffed significantly. She was melting multiple rooms, multiple waves, whatever mission type with a single cast of spores for like 5 energy doing tens, hundreds of thousands of damage per second. There was no way that spores were not going to be quickly scaled back after the initial rework. My main point is that she loses a ton of playstyle identity when her spores don't spread death to tick damage and there are other ways to make her damage balanced.
  2. I understand the reasoning behind why spore spread was removed when death on tick damage, as it led to a situation where a single spore cast could slaughter wave after wave without touching the keyboard/controller once the spores got going. Now, you have situation where it's a struggle to keep the spores popping as the counter rises, and saryn's gameplay becomes racing around recasting her 1 to maintain the damage counter. This adjustment was effective in creating a steady-state equilibrium for the damage counter--which is truly necessary to prevent her kit in overshadowing her teammates--but the gameplay becomes monotonous and generally ineffective (reminds me a lot of Ash's bladestorm rework, and sadly I have barely touched him since due to the frustrating and burdensome mark mechanic overshadowing him as a frame). It feels bad to see teammates slaughter enemies before you can infect them spores. I would hugely prefer to bring back the spread on tick damage, but add in a penalty to the damage counter for every time that this happens. That would incentive players to remain active, as the more enemies that they kill themselves will produce a higher spore damage counter over time, spending more time shooting, working with teammates, etc and less time spamming 1.
  3. I posted about this in the main patch thread too...spores do not seem to spread as reliably as before and I'm wondering if it is a bug or if I am missing something.
  4. Having trouble spreading spores...I am using 1st ability on an enemy, and killing them with either my weapon or melee while my 3 is active, and more often than not I will lose the spore counter. I did this while running Onslaught with another Saryn in group, who got like 85% of the team damage--can two saryn's spores not overlap with each other?
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