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  1. I used to run Void Cloak, Battle Forge, & Fire Suppression in my tactical mods layout. Now they are all in the same slot and I have to choose one of them. This significantly reduces my choices and loadout options.
  2. The key there was to get the away team into the objective early. Keep up the fight outside and swing back to the objective when they exposed the radiator, then away again so you're not constantly fending off boarding pods. I liked the mechanic of having to put your ship at more risk to assist the away team in being faster. Not that it had to be played that way, I just found it more fun. Anecdote time - many of the projectiles from the objectives can be shot. I had a friend on Phalanx duty (if the air is full of lead the missiles can't get through) for a while - he was on a Carcinox on the
  3. This is an amazing and comprehensive set of suggestions. I presume you mean Rank 10 gunnery here. Definitely more guns. On a ship built for it and with a compliant pilot side-gunning is a lot of fun. Indeed. Please don't use warframe energy for this. A separate pool of flux each is fine so people stop complaining about randoms using up all their flux energy so they can't insta-blast the level, but please don't force me to bring a particular frame in RJ just so that I can use my abilities efficiently. I love this idea. I had fun in GP when we didn't use Te
  4. Personally I grabbed Gunnery 10 a little while ago so I could get the MR from it but not have to be stuck with it after they refunded our points when Command came along. It removes game play as it is. Now it ALSO comes with a down side? No thank you. Glad I've got the MR already.
  5. Some of the best fun I've had in RailJack was as an engineer in the belly of a ship, struggling to survive for an entire mission. I could hear the shots coming in, watched out the window as fighters screamed by, rushed around building flux, Revolite & (eventually) dome charges as the crew upstairs slowly brought the battlefield under control. We won the fight with zero Revolite and close to zero hull remaining. It was a blast, but not literally. I love being down there, making sure everything else is running smoothly for "them upstairs". So your "everyone" is not as broad as you think
  6. Have you experimented with this? Do you actually know what he's talking about? Oh, that's right. You've played heaps of RailJack and know exactly what it can and can't do so you're perfectly aware that an un-modded FA will one-shot any crew ship up to at least Gian Point. Later in the veil the crew ships take 2 shots if you body-shot them. The fix for this in the latter part of the veil is either to aim (hit the engines - about 1/3 of the side hit-box of the ship - and any crew-ship will die in one shot) or to use the Avionic that says "My FA will one-shot anything, anywhere." So it's abs
  7. Work this week is going to be busy. With the new "you must interact to get your shiny" I guess I'm going to miss out on the Octavia Noggles. Friday, on the other hand means 6am Saturday. Do I want that Umbral badly enough to wake up early on my rest day??
  8. As others seem to be saying - The drops do not stick around. I had Twitch open today but had to work so I couldn't baby-sit it. When I got back to it a couple of hours after the stream I was watching the channel that the raid went to but there was no drop in my inventory. Either it didn't drop at all or it expired within 2 hours.
  9. Thank you. That is what I was missing. I'll test with today's drop.
  10. What Twitch client are you using? On my machine both stand-alone client and via the web only let me watch previous streams when I open Twitch early. If I leave it on the warframe start screen then it plays the stream but doesn't give me the drop.
  11. Just to add some another anecdote to this experience. Living in UTC+11 is an unfriendly time-zone for the streams. Two of us play from computers near enough to see each other's screens. Tuesday's drop was 8am Wednesday. I was awake and at my computer, the other user was not but had Twitch open on the Warframe channel. I clicked on something in the channel and received my Tuesday drop. His screen showed the channel running but I didn't pay attention to it after that. He did not receive the drop. Wednesday's stream was 2am Thursday. Twitch open on both machines but neither of
  12. The Grineer were cleverly retaking control of their camps by vanishing to the other end of the world! They could do this because they know Tenno have ridiculously short attention spans and just wander off if there's no one to kill.
  13. So, aside from the roads, public safety, sanitation, and fresh water, what HAVE the Romans done for us? When properly configured, the Railjack is faster at racing somewhere, it's faster over short distances, it outdoes the damage an AW can do by an order of magnitude, but why bother with it when you have an Archwing?
  14. So someone else doing the 20km run manages to do it in 22 seconds, you only did it in 27 seconds. That's 10-15 seconds faster than doing it in AW. "not by much" means not a significant percentage difference. By those numbers the RJ is somewhere between 37% and 81% faster than an AW with Hyperion Thrusters. That is blazingly fast by comparison.
  15. So where did I get my Grendel Glutt helmet from? I've had it for ages, and all the others named here ... except the Xaku Kintsu helmet. Then my collection will be complete.
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