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    Ember Rework

    First thing, forgive me for my english. English is not my first lenguage. I'm really impressed with Ember's rework i didn't touch her in almost a year because i was not happy with her playstayle. But now she is not that passive warframe anymore and i really think this rework is really good and almost perfect. So i decided to express my toughts about her and maybe this can make her even better. Off course i'm not thinking of my ideas be implemented just like i see but i like to share them. I really like the new mecanic of her 2, is really nice but in my eyes we are basicaly fighting with her fire mether and thats not fun... I would like to see some changings. I really hope her fire mether was just like the Gauss. Because with him we are rewarded to use his powers and that make us stronger. But with Ember when her gets hot she is in a really bad situation and for a Fire warframe thats doesent make a lot of sense for me. Can you imagine Frost beeing frozen because he uses 4 too much? Weird. My idea about this is to change the sense of the mether. We will not trying keeping Ember "warm" anymore we will trying to make her burn as much as possible. Right now is really anoying manage the mether because fills up really fast and you are wasting energy all the time and Ember can drink the energy like is nothing. Basicaly my idea is changing the mether to start in 50% like is right now but if you dont warm Ember can be bellow 50% and thats is when you starts to drain more energy (because you need more energy to get hot) and after this you fill the mether with her 1 and 3. This way you still need to use her other abilities but is because you want that. And using her 4 drains the mether. This way you are not recommended to spam her 4 or you will drain everything. In my eyes thats will make really more easily to manage her fire abilities and her mether and of course more fun. That's my ideas. Thanks for the space to share them!
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