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  1. Now I'm willing to admit that I'm likely remembering this wrong, but didn't Vex Armor's damage buff also have broken math that made it double dip and boost the base damage and elemental damage of your weapons? I seem to remember it having broken, way-more-than-intended math on the damage boost side, too. The problem isn't that he's bad. It's that his primary selling point is survivability, and even that isn't special anymore. Like not only are there warframes that are beefier than him, but survivability in this game in general is mostly a non-issue since the introduction of shield gating. Like when Vauban can effectively tank unlimited damage by abusing shield gating, while also having a ton of CC, armor strip, and scaling damage, then it doesn't make Chroma seem very attractive. Chroma will still do work even in Steel Path, of course, but he's pretty vastly eclipsed by a bunch of other Warframes. The power we have access to is outrageously overkill for everything, including Steel Path. So if they're not balancing around Steel Path, then what are they balancing around? Like if DE has any balance point in mind, they've given us entirely too much power to tackle that content. In fact, I'd honestly argue that Steel Path actually feels more balanced than most of the rest of the game, because those level ranges are the only content where it ever really feels like you have to be knowledgeable about how the game's mechanics work and use all of the tools you have at your disposal (weapons, parkour, and abilities; using multiple weapons together instead of just relying on one, etc) to overcome it.
  2. I love the idea of updating Ripline instead of just ditching it. That said, tap/holds can be a bit clunky. I'd prefer something more intuitive, like changing the way it works if you're airborne vs. on the ground, for example. Are you grounded? It pulls enemies to you. Are you in the air? It pulls you to enemies. Also something to keep the enemies from ragdolling wildly when you pull them to you would be great.
  3. I love these synergy ideas. They feel lightweight and make the abilities more useful, but not in a way where it's intrusive to think about how to best use the abilities together. I still don't think that Mind Control will be especially useful as a damage ability, even with a speed buff and armor strip and the damage buff, but a speed boost would at least make them use special abilities like knockdowns faster/more often. That's not necessarily a problem if you abuse shield gating. Use the Decaying Dragon Key, Rolling Guard, Brief Respite, and smart ability use, and you'll be pretty much unkillable, even as a Warframe made of paper mâché like Nyx. Yeah, it's a cheese strategy, but so is stacking DR to facetank everything.
  4. It's fine to want these abilities to be different from each other. The problem is that SotD is actually a somewhat functional minion master ability, and Enthrall isn't.
  5. I think it's difficult to argue that she's bad. Immortality + wicked damage is never a bad thing. Playing her just... Sucks, to put it bluntly? Like you're doing one of two things: Either you're playing for Hysteria, which absolutely removes any remaining vestige of difficulty left in the game, gives you no abilities to use besides Warcry (which already lasts forever), and you have to spend your entire build accounting for the really annoyingly (but justifiably) high energy drain, just to have a gameplay loop that consists of mostly slide attacking like it's the Maiming Strike days... ...Or you stubbornly avoid using Hysteria like I do, building for Warcry and Prolonged Paralysis, and end up with a Warframe that has some decent CC I guess? But not nearly as good as subsuming Ensnare, and then you have an alright (but far from unique) attack speed buff, no other real DPS boosts, and you don't really have the durability to stand toe to toe with Steel Path enemies. The Hysteria build is undeniably strong, but it's not particularly interesting, and the only real alternative in her kit is playing a really subpar Warframe. She doesn't really have anything interesting or unique, and doesn't even have especially strong synergy within her kit. So yeah her design is pretty sad.
  6. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually like Paralysis and think it should stay in her kit and be improved a bit. Prolonged Paralysis definitely has its fair share of gank, but I like having an ability that completely disables enemies and pulls them to you while basically costing 0 energy. Bloodlust is cool because it makes enemies ignore your allies, but Prolonged Paralysis makes them unable to attack anybody, and I think that's generally better. Pounce is an idea I can definitely get behind. I definitely want a gap closer, so I definitely like the idea there. I'm not quite sure why Hysteria needs that status buff, especially on the slide attacks. The slide attacks in particular already grind everything in sight into a paste.
  7. Y'know I was around when CC was king in this game and damage was overall pretty weak, and... that sucked, too. Standing around in Law of Retribution and not shooting at a bunch of enemies that were blinded, disarmed, and slowed at the same time wasn't any more fun than it is to be in a mission where a Saryn has killed everything before you even get to see it enter your screen. In fact, I think I prefer the extreme violence that we have today, because at least now enemies respond and I can therefore pretend that I have a chance of contributing to such a mission.
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