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  1. I know there's a huge bandwagon that says Paralysis is a completely worthless ability, but you can accomplish what Larva does with Prolonged Paralysis, and you'll be significantly more energy efficient while you're at it.
  2. So do a crapton of other abilities that are even more powerful than Magnetize and way less finnicky to use. If they nerf Magnetize before they nerf Saryn or Khora, then their priorities are massively out of wack.
  3. I agree with your point overall, but I don't think it really matters at all what the damage numbers say as long as there is a healthy relationship between the EHP of enemies and the damage that players can do relative to that. Players do literal billions of damage in Diablo 3 and it really doesn't matter because enemies have a somewhat reasonable amount of HP relative to that. It's all just air.
  4. I think the fact that they're adjusting Roar and Warcry and co is a sign that they never should have picked these abilities for the Helminth in the first place. The whole point of the system was to increase build variety. If all it accomplishes is making everyone run around with Roar or Eclipse, then that really defeats the purpose of even adding this system at all.
  5. I mean. Yes, but they also said that they'd tune up certain abilities so that they would be good enough to stick on other frames. What should have happened is that Rip Line or Paralysis got a much needed buff that it years overdue and then had that skill given to the Helminth. Well of Life got an excellent rework. Why couldn't we have gotten something like that for Rip Line or Paralysis? Why did we have to give up Valkyr's defining ability instead? And now you can take the best tool for her melee DPS and put it on any frame you want. That makes her viability problem significantl
  6. Meh. I don't necessarily think they need to. Part of me almost hopes that they would, because if she was as legitimately bad as people say then she might actually get a rework. I just get really tired of the janky, antiquated mechanics sometimes. That said, I really don't think it needs a nerf necessarily. Builds using Warcry and Prolonged Paralysis in tandem are her best builds anyway and I will die on that hill. True. She also really only cheeses the game for herself and not for the whole squad. She's a lot less disruptive in that regard.
  7. Ohhhh yes she is. Especially if you're advocating for Hysteria slide attack spam. In fact, the whole reason Hysteria has the increasing energy drain in the first place is because people were using it to cheese solo survival and other missions like that. Most games that let you be immortal forever the way Valkyr can just come right out and call it a cheat code.
  8. I've never liked mechanics like this. If our damage abilities just scale with enemy level, then why do we even have enemy level in the first place? Like the whole purpose of infinite enemy scaling is that eventually it's supposed to reach a point where our finite damage can't compete with it. The whole concept of that system simply does not work if our damage increases based on the EHP of enemies. I partially agree with this. I think it's a legitimate concern (especially because we saw this when Exalted Blade was first introduced) but I think the game is different enough in this day a
  9. It's been a lot longer than that. Back in the Law of Retribution days, we stacked CC abilities until we just turned off enemies forever. The game being broken is almost as old as the game itself.
  10. True, but there's not really an ability that you can add to Valkyr that will make her better than you could make a different frame by giving them Warcry. Yeah, you can give Valkyr an ability like Eclipse or Roar. Or you can put Warcry on Chroma instead. Then you'll have more armor than Valkyr while also having the Elemental Ward and getting an equally substantial damage boost (not that melee weapons really need a damage boost anyway). I think the point was more that being hard to kill is not special enough to distinguish Valkyr from other frames, and I think Inaros is kind of th
  11. You can already make Nova a really good tank while having almost no negative impact on what she's supposed to be able to do. All you have to do is like. Stack max duration (which already benefits her anyway) with one of two augments and Adaptation.
  12. Yes, you can grab Valkyr and do well in pretty much any content the game will throw at you. The problem isn't Valkyr being unusable. The problem is the very long list of Warframes that can do pretty much the same thing she does, only with some combination of more tankiness, more utility, more crowd control, and more damage. Warcry is good, yes. But what about the other three? Sure you can use Hysteria to be unkillable, and you can use a gimmicky build with Prolonged Paralysis to give her some decent CC, but why would you do that when you can just stick Warcry on a different frame that ha
  13. While I can't argue with the fact that Chroma needs attention... How is this the thing that's hampering him? Since Vex Armor is recastable now, you only ever need to charge it up once, and then you have the full bonuses for as long as you remember to keep pressing 3.
  14. To be fair, Ash and Valkyr mains have been expressing exactly the same complaint. Wisp mains would be, too if she could give up her Reservoirs.
  15. I mean yeah I get your point, but this isn't something new. It might be a bit faster than Zenurik, but with a pretty steep cost to get it, and you also have to give up one of your abilities (which on especially newer frames can be a steep price). Also very rarely do I ever run out of energy just on Zenurik, and I don't even own an Arcane Energize, and I also don't have any energy restores built. DPS frames already do considerably more damage than you really need for any content that most players will ever realistically play. Like yeah Roar on Mesa could get pretty silly, but she's jus
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