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  1. So they should be overhauled, too. That doesn't change Valkyr's problems or make them less relevant. Why not? If we're talking purely from a design standpoint, then Rhino and Saryn are where the bar should be for Warframe design. They have four abilities that are all distinctly useful on their own, but build off of each other in meaningful ways. That should be considered the bare minimum, a standard that every single Warframe in the game should be held to, not some kind of lofty, unattainable goal. In fact, pretty much all of the bad Warframes are that way because they lack the things that make Rhino or Saryn's design good.
  2. Sure, she's perfectly functional within the game, but that doesn't change that she has a poorly rounded kit, and her best abilities are boring infinite duration spam fests. She would be so much better and more fun if her entire kit was fully functional.
  3. I really don't like the idea of Exalted Armor. These kinds of abilities have been done to death, for one. It would also have a similar problem to Wukong's Defy, where it's just something that you leave on all the time for a completely passive benefit that doesn't change how the Warframe is played. I want to see fewer abilities that have nothing but boring passive effects, not more. In fact, the rubble mechanic is actually a perfect example of what I would like to see those kinds of abilities become--a passive effect that you gain from using active abilities, especially from comboing them. I also don't think it would be very useful in Atlas's kit. Not when he has really strong crowd control and an ability that makes him immortal as long as you spam it. Giving him another passive defense ability would be sorta like Garuda's augment; being unkillable is good and all, but on a Warframe that already has the means to be mostly impossible to kill, it's just redundant. That's not to say that I don't want any improvements to Atlas, but what I'd like to see is, say, adding Landslide damage to Rumblers and allowing one of Atlas's abilities to direct them, as well as expanding Tectonics in some way--like making the rolling boulder gather enemies to group them all in one place, or making the Bulwark petrify enemies that deal damage to it or something.
  4. Hence why they said autoblock aside, implying that autoblock is the one feature they don't like about the new melee mechanics. I'm in complete agreement about this. Of all the problems with the current system, the majority of them existed in melee 2.0. They just have more visibility/prominence now, thanks to it being more in the spotlight, as well as not having quick melee to circumvent the stances that really suck. Like aside from autoblock and aim glide, there aren't really any problems that were actually introduced by the changes to melee.
  5. Perhaps. It would be pretty broken with Blood Rush in the mix, though.
  6. The Nidus one is honestly my favorite, because it actually changes Nidus's playstyle in a meaningful and interesting way, which I thought was the whole point of having augments. It's also pretty good, because weapons definitely scale better than Virulence does. Even at 100 stacks, Virulence at base strength only does 20k. Primaries with a substantial crit boost will absolutely laugh at that number, and don't even get me started on how much melee weapons can absolutely embarrass the damage output of Virulence.
  7. I'm most disappointed about the Khora one. Just goes for show how boring and non-creative loot augments are; they didn't even come up with a new name for it, let alone an interesting new effect.
  8. The thing to consider with borrowing ideas from a game like Sekiro is that it's primarily built on melee duels. Basically every enemy in the game is a melee fighter, they can block your attacks, and, most importantly, each and every enemy is a massive threat to the player. Contrast this with Warframe, where most of our enemies are weak, use guns, and can't block. So while breaking an enemy's posture and performing a finisher attack on them is ludicrously satisfying and feels amazing in Sekiro, I don't think that Warframe has the groundwork to make that kind of mechanic work. It almost doesn't make sense for Warframe to have finisher attacks at all, let alone have them be a centerpiece of melee combat. Even with Covert Lethality in the game, there's just not many enemies in the game that it's necessary to use it on, and for the most part, if you can't kill anything without CL, then you can't keep up an adequate kill rate to survive a mission. What I wouldn't say no to is speeding up finishers significantly and letting all enemies below a specific health threshold be open to finisher attacks.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't we already convert Eidolon Shards into Focus?
  10. The fact that it was much worse in the MMOs of the previous decade is not justification for it being bad in Warframe. In fact, I'm pretty sure that one of the biggest, most important lessons learned in the last decade or so of MMOs is that it's a bad idea to be super stingy with drops and putting terrible RNG on them. RNG may have been more agonizing in MMOs past, but even if it's less agonizing in Warframe, I'd say that's not really good enough because agony is the #1 emotion that video games should generally avoid inflicting on their players.
  11. I don't have a problem with the challenges for the most part. My axe to grind with Nightwave is that the way it's set up with all of the time sensitivity makes it so demanding. You have all these challenges to do, and they're all only available for a limited time, and there's a ton of pressure to do as many of them as you can, because The Wolf of Saturn Six is only here for a limited time, and we don't know exactly how long that time is, and if you miss too many of the challenges, then you mathematically can't get all of the rewards. And that's really what leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Like if it was just something I could do completely at my leisure and eventually get all the rewards, even if it took a year, that would be totally fine by me. What really rubs me the wrong way is the whole screw you if you have a couple weeks where life gets in the way and you can't play thing.
  12. They're alright, but that's really the highest praise that can be assigned to them. They certainly don't mesh with Garuda's kit, because it's better to use her ult to power up crit weapons with guaranteed slash procs than it is to use status weapons with her, not to mention the fact that using melee on Garuda at all is really awkward. Like they wouldn't even be my first choice of claw weapons to use on Garuda, to say nothing of the rest of the melee class.
  13. Well that's kinda the thing. There's no safety net in place to prevent "bad luck" from happening to you forever. There's so many things in this game where the only way to get them (short of trading) is to beat your head against the RNG wall until you get that tiny stroke of good luck. And with numerous drop chances being in the 1-2% range, this can amount to a lot of beating your head against a wall. I've had a very good luck of the draw with Arbitration mods (I got Adaptation like 4 times), but that doesn't mean that the system is good overall and needs no changes. If, for example, you could purchase any of the Arbitration mods with Vitus Essence, that would be one thing, but this isn't the case.
  14. Fair enough. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on that. The seamless swapping is legitimately one of my favorite updates that this game has ever added. I'm in absolute agreement on that. Save for the interruptions, the autoblock isn't really a bad idea at all. I just kinda feel like the game would do well to have more active defense, because so many of the survival mechanisms we have are completely passive.
  15. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't your suggestion with the dedicated melee mode with quick fire be no better than just removing the impairments in the melee system we already have? The whole problem with melee 2.9 is that it's a fusion of a perfectly functional gunplay system and a woefully incomplete melee system. But the solution to that is making the melee system perfectly functional on its own within the fluid quick swap mechanic we have now. I feel like your proposition of a dedicated melee mode with quick shots just gives you a second mode where the problem is reversed instead of fixing the problem; you'd have one mode where guns are good and melee is hamstringed, and another where melee is good and guns are hamstringed. You'd have two modes where you only have 3/4 of a combat system instead of one fluid and complete combat system. I think adding RMB combo/aim glide/manual blocking to the current system we have now would accomplish the same thing you're trying to accomplish without the awkward halfway point. Manual blocking isn't what makes melee combat more advanced. It's blocking with depth that accomplishes this through establishing clear phases of attack and defense, and Warframe's blocking has no depth whatsoever. Since stamina got removed, blocking has just been a boring damage reduction effect that you can sustain forever with basically no drawbacks, and so between that and block combos, it kinda made RMB a Swiss army knife of a button that you could hold down all the time and benefit from it, regardless of whether you were attacking or defending. Obviously the presence of a manual block is a necessary element of reworking block into something that actually has depth, but I think the fact that DE even could look at blocking as something it would be feasible to automate is very telling of how shallow of a mechanic it is.
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