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  1. That's the complete opposite of how DE implements changes. They don't need permission, but they pride themselves on listening to feedback and sharing their development process. They asked for feedback on everything else. That's why people are surprised about this particular change. Is that so hard for you to understand?
  2. Maybe you're the one who should check out that link. The complaint isn't that it wasn't in the patch notes. It's that it wasn't on the test server and was never discussed or brought up previously, unlike most of the other relevant changes.
  3. I mean, seeing an MR20 player who has supposedly done 0 missions whatsoever would've made me go like... "wait a minute, this probably isn't right". Where would I have leveled up my frames or weapons if, according to your image, I haven't done a single mission in the game, ever? lmao. I completed the star chart a while ago and I've done many steel path missions, but not the entire thing. Most of the times I join other people who are on planets I haven't reached on the steel path yet, like for farming Endo, or doing survival and all of that.
  4. Do you really think that's accurate? How can I be MR20 if, according to your image, I've done 0 missions in the regular star chart? Don't you think that... maybe, just... maybe, there's something wrong with what is being displayed?
  5. That has nothing to do with what I wrote.
  6. No, nothing like that. People that play the game and pay their salaries have every right to criticize the developer. It works like that everywhere, not just for games. And if you had even a basic understanding of human psychology, you'd understand that people stay not because the content is good, but for a variety of different reasons. You'd also understand that if you play a game, and you enjoy it, then you want it to do well. You won't achieve that by licking the developer boots. You achieve that by providing feedback on what can be improved, you don't just bend over and take it
  7. Hello, So I recently made a thread about my experience as a new player in 2020. This is part 2, where I want to discuss 'endgame', if one could call it that. This is a game where grinding and investing time rewards you with more powerful mods, frames, or weapons. This is also a game where balance updates are a thing, because sometimes weapons, riven mods or abilities are deemed 'too powerful' or 'too underwhelming'. This is common in most games that deal with power upgrades. However, recently I've been asking myself... How does becoming more powerful benefit me as a player? Do
  8. Well, watch DE go bankrupt in a few years if they can't get their S#&$ together. Because people that spend money on the game pay their salaries, and thanks to those people you can play for free as well. If they don't make good content, people will stop spending money on the game. It's a very simple concept.
  9. I want an event. Those '7 available missions' have absolutely NOTHING to do with the 'event', they were here before, and they'll continue to be here when the 'event' is over. You're really something else. I hope DE gives you some kind of award for the lengths you are willing to go to defend their poor decisions and lazy approach to development quality.
  10. Are you for real???? All this event does is making you have to run bounties that you've already been running for weeks. It's like the opposite of variety. I honestly cannot comprehend how you can type those things without realizing how nonsensical they are. And to say that them being lazy is a WIN for the playerbase??? HELLO??? You know what would've been a WIN for the playerbase? FUN CONTENT.
  11. Naberus is not an event. It's just a shop. Have you never played an event in an online game before? They usually involve more than just "spend your left over tokens on a shop". There's always an activity you can do. I honestly cannot understand how you can defend something as lazy as this. What do you expect? You want personal thanks from DE or something?
  12. I'm sorry, but... do what exactly? What is this activity that I can do 'silently'? Does buying something from the shop qualify as playing the event? Or is there some other activity that I'm not aware of, besides spending your left over tokens for some cosmetics?
  13. This isn't an 'event'. If you think this is an event, you have very low standards. This is just a shop with some items.
  14. Dude, have you seen the size of a landing craft in relation to a Warframe size? How can you even consider that the orbiter is the landing craft? The landing craft is like twice as tall as 1 Warframe.
  15. I just with I could customize my railjack's interior and that railjack was relevant. That's all.
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