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  1. 2 minutes ago, PrVonTuckIII said:

    Just Zenurik. However, the Operators seem to be a lot better now. They can actually kill stuff (perks upgrade your abilities to have different effects), and they can even slide now!

    I guessed they'd be like that, and I suppose they'd only show off the Zenurik path as that seems to be the hot topic nowadays.


    I just hope Vazarin isn't like it currently is: a cheap heal mechanic for when you don't have a Trinity.

  2. Obviously Nyx, but my top played frames are Excalibur (for obvious reasons of him being my starter frame), Trinity (for obvious reasons of being the first Warframe I got besides Excalibur) and Volt for being my favorite frame and all of my friends ragging on me for bringing him into any mission that isn't Corpus related. :P

  3. Don't use certain mods if you want a challenge.

    PvP is always a side note in this game.

    If you're bored, take a break.


    I haven't played in... what? Two, three months? Somewhere longer than that? I've hopped on every now and then for probably 30 minutes and then hopped right back off again because PoE isn't out and there's nothing keeping me here.


    So I'm taking a break to play Destiny 2, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, Ye Olde Skyrim and a few other various games. Because there's nothing wrong with taking a break and playing other games.

  4. On 8/10/2017 at 4:43 AM, Ragingwasabi said:

    i know that very well. its what i just said. (sorry i keep editing, i probably edited it after u read it the first time)

    and no daikyu is a bad comparison because its a bad bow. its still the slowest bow in the game and still doesnt have enough base dmg to compete with the crit bows, and it procs puncture more than anything. if the daikyu was slash based on the other hand...

    That's more of a problem with the procs for Puncture and Impact being lackluster when compared to the bleed effect of Slash, I feel.

  5. Being a person who plays both (and pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of Destiny 2 alongside quite a bit of other merch that definitely wasn't needed (see: Iron Gjallarhorn Replica, six collectible figurines), I'd love to see more merch for Warframe.



    But I'd also like to see more merch for Destiny too. I play both because they're incredibly different games beyond "HEY, SPACE! HEY, ALIENS! HEY, GUNS!" and enjoy throwing copious amounts of cash at both of them despite my better judgement.


    I'd buy t-shirts if half of them weren't super stylized and looked... kind of silly. The recent Warframe head t-shirts are cool but I'd prefer more merch items that embraced the more serious side of Warframe (the Man in the Wall, child soldiers, the dark storyline, all that good stuff) rather than fashionframe and niche references to things within the game (or from the fandom, like potatoes).

  6. 9 hours ago, Ragingwasabi said:

    i give up. all these stubborn ppl arguing against me after all the explanation i gave. guess there will be no grinlok wraith after all.

    Now now, we're not saying "GRINLOK WRAITH ARE YOU INSANE, NO!"


    From what I gather, we're all very acceptive of the idea. I, for one, would very much love a Grinlok Wraith.

    But just slapping on more crit, status, and increasing the mag size is... boring. As @(Xbox One)Graysmog put it, it's expected. The Grinlok is, despite what you've presented, still very strong in the categories of crit, status, and accuracy.


    The only downside to the base Grinlok that I find is that its reload speed is slow for its mag size, and increasing either of those would (and does) result in a stellar weapon.


    I'd personally love to see a bit of a base damage buff, a faster base reload speed, and maybe give it a bit of an innate multishot (maybe not an entire extra bullet, but a decent % chance for that extra power) instead of boring ol' crit and status.

  7. >TFW someone calls one of the best guns in the game bad



    As a person with the Grinlok as one of their most used weapons, I find the Grinlok as one of the most reliable damage dealers in this game. It can use both status and crit effectively (at the same time) and has near pinpoint accuracy.


    Got a riven mod that adds crit %, lowers zoom, adds status chance, and speeds up the reload.

  8. If it's hobbled key and no abilities on a synthesis target, use Ivara. Drop down a few energy pads in a capture, prowl the whole way.

    KO the capture target, then just walk up next to the synthesis target and scan their points nice and easy. Drop prowl, extract. Boom.

  9. "Interestingly, data Fragments players can scan on Mars seem to suggest that most of the early Sentinels were perhaps an offshoot of the Sentients that were (fortunately) non-aggressive upon their discovery, and were subsequently used to assist the Tenno during missions. This is reflected in how most Sentinels, particularly those of Tenno origin, tend to be more organic in appearance compared to those built by other factions (such as the Grineer-built Diriga)." -WARFRAME Wiki

  10. I think the build time for a frame is currently justified, especially when you consider the fact that once you build a Warframe you can use it as much or as little as you want.

    In most F2P games you'll see new characters either cost lots of premium currency, be put behind a grind wall, or be put behind a timewall.


    Dare I say that for most Warframe players, provided the materials aren't like copious amounts of Oxium or Nitain, most Warframe parts can be built relatively quickly when compared to the main Warframe blueprint. EDIT: That includes farming times.

  11. 1 hour ago, Lanieu said:

    Better not. Can't stand that clunky mode.

    AFAIK, the Focus system and Operator things are getting beefed up quite a bit with the Plains of Eidolon. IIRC Operator Armor is a thing, so expect to not just be a piece of wet paper anymore (and hopefully the other focus schools will get buffed up to be on Zenurik levels of power.

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