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  1. I don't really understand why people bring up Rivens in a balance discussion when they are clearly not comparable to regular Mods with just how powerful they can be. They can be broken, they can suck, they can be mediocre, they constantly fluctuate. Unless you're lucky or saved up a lot of Platinum, you aren't getting the exact roll you want 99% of the time. Stability is necessary to determine balance, and that right there is anything but. No real point in stating the obvious, we all know Rivens are great, but they're only great when you get the roll you want. Regular Mods work right out of the box, but they don't have that extra layer of chance to get any better. Different strengths, different weaknesses, different tiers, different veteran and regular player experiences. Please stop acting as if Rivens are somehow the obvious choice when they're akin to two full sets of Arcane Energize.
  2. God I love that meme. Jokes aside, I am quite serious. Daikyu still doesn't feel as powerful as it should be in comparison to the other options available. To be fair, every other bow option minus crossbows has a special variant, but the point still stands when it comes to bows as a whole category. If you compare it to other basic bows, then yes, it's quite powerful by comparison.
  3. Attica really just needs more fire rate. I find it hits hard enough, just not fast enough. As you also stated, maybe a bigger magazine and faster reload would be better, though I can't recall any issues with it's reload time. Daikyu is a bit different. It of course needs to be faster, yet it just doesn't hit hard enough. I think that's more of an issue with its spread of IPS than its fire rate or Crit stats, which need far smaller buffs by comparison.
  4. That's probably because allies can't pick up Tribute buffs, only Titania can. Also, Thorns is even more worthless for Tankframes. It's 50% of the damage you take being sent back to enemies. Let's say you take 500 damage. The damage they take is immediately reduced by 50%, so now it's only 250. As someone like Nezha, the damage you take is only 10% of what it should actually be with Warding Halo. So now the enemy only takes 25 damage when they have over 35,000 HP ALONE. Let's not even go into EHP. The damage given back isn't upgraded with Titania's Power Strength, and it's not like it sends the procs either. Hell, it may actually be desirable if you only took 50% of the damage you should have (as long as it could be modded for). Yet it's not. So it's a completely worthless buff, just like literally every one of her buffs because they don't scale with Power Strength. An accuracy debuff in this game isn't helpful when there are so many bullets flying at you, Companion damage getting a buff doesn't matter when they all are single target based in a horde shooter (or, when they do have AoE, they just aren't strong enough to make that AoE worthwhile), a 25% slow is useless when there are far easier abilities to use that give a far higher slow and redirecting enemy damage only works when the damage you take is sent back with a 6000% multiplicative increase.
  5. • An actual airbrake. • An actually decent Vacuum on the Plains. • An actual Health Bar that is just reduced by anti-air attacks instantly of instantly being destroyed. • An actual reason to use the Melee (Titania included). • An actual reason to use Elyton after Amesha released.
  6. Okay, just realized Nezha still needs some changes. Firewalker's Speed Boost needs to increase with Power Strength, it's flat for some reason. The teleport on Chakram needs to serve some kind of purpose. I'd prefer it to create an AoE Fire Proc, but even making it so it causes a "Mark" AoE would be nice, as Chakram has been shown to still be a bit buggy. Warding Halo's fine, but I'd say the fact we can't replenish it in any way kind of blows. Maybe make it so running into enemies gives you some of it back, based on the damage it deals? Divine Spears still doesn't let Fire Walker affect enemies impaled, which is pretty counter-productive to Nezha's new schtick as a damage dealer, especially with Pyroclastic Flow. Speaking of Warding Halo, it'd be great if running into enemies on Spears healed a percentage of your Warding Halo. It'd also be nice to get an Augment or some kind of change that would allow Divine Spears to do some real damage, or maybe even support Nezha in some way (hence the Warding Halo suggestion). Right now they're kind of just used for Chakram blending. Thanks as always, DE.
  7. Firewalker sounds great so far. I'd only suggest a small synergy with his other abilities. I'd personally make it so enemies caught on fire are just knocked down by Chakram instead of ragdolled, for example. Also, it should still be able to damage enemies affected by Divine Spears, otherwise it and Chakram's synergy won't really exist. Divine Spears really shouldn't make one of his abilities ineffective, even if it is only in part. He needs Melee Mods to affect Chakram. Even after these buffs, I can't say it'll be worth using. Flat damage really doesn't get far, and as we've seen with Atlas' Landslide, slapping a 50% Damage Buff won't do much when the ability works off of a bad damage type, and he's obviously getting far higher base damage numbers than Nezha will. The charged throw should also heal for more, of course. On top of that, the teleport should cause it's own radial mark, affecting any enemies near Nezha, just in case Chakram missed a guy or two. I can't tell you how irritating it is to use when it doesn't serve any real tangible purpose. While I like the change to Warding Halo, I'd try to make it so he at least got a little more from it. A shield buff for him and allies would help a lot, as that 90% DR will apply to his Shield. Though, this would mainly be used to help Nezha's allies, who will only be receiving 90% of Wards protection now. Squishier characters won't really notice his Augment when their health pools are so much lower. Can't say I have any quarrels with Divine Spears, aside from the fact that it shouldn't hurt Firewalker. Oh, yeah, and as @DeMonkey said, where's Wukong's rework? It's kind of annoying when you guys skip over Warframes in the rework department.
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