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  1. Oh hell no. I'm not into the idea of forcing me to defend my Dojo every thirty minutes or more to keep my Dry Dock from exploding.
  2. I don't think that's a serious problem with Baruuk though? Got to remember the range and AoE of the waves are probably why that's a factor in the first place. Also add on the fact Baruuk is completely invulnerable pretty much all of the time with no energy cost for his 4 and he's pretty much a mix between Valkyr and Excal's styles. It is annoying it doesn't specify that anywhere, but it's really not an issue. If it is some kind of bug, I imagine it'll be fixed. Either way, it's no skin off my back. Maybe DE will finally buff Impact or something so we can justify having it as a damage type.
  3. You can't seriously think people are referring to Armor stripped, level 170 fodder when they mention high levels, right? Fodder are fodder, they're annoying, but compared to Nox or Napalms, they aren't supposed to take as many hits. Also, everything Grineer dies incredibly quickly without Armor and a Viral build, this applies to just about any weapon. This isn't really an argument. Unless you have four people with CO or are willing to screw around with a max Status Pox build or something, removing Armor totally is a very poor way of demonstrating damage potential. Yes, Serene Storm isn't awful, but it's an ability you need to build up (that takes an annoyingly long time) AND it deals pure Impact and Elemental, with Impact obviously being the worst IPS type considering your other Exalted options. If nothing else it should be putting in more work without an Augment than abilities you instantly activate can, and the fact is, it really doesn't.
  4. It's a little sad that's the only way to make the ability function at decently high levels, but I'll take what I can get with Baruuk.
  5. That would be a fantastic suggestion, especially with how many enemies Grendel eats at a time. Not sure DE would go for it though since he weirdly only has three buffs instead of four, but here's hoping.
  6. That's usually the reasoning, but things still have to make some sense in the context of the game as a whole. Amalgam Companions don't make any sense, and aren't necessary. Got to remember we still have half the Sentinels and most Beast Companions as well as the entire pet system in general to rework. Amalgams are Corpus and Sentient Hybrids, and most of them are regular enemies or Proxies we already have in some form. Having them in any other form outside of a Specter is unnecessary. You really should be asking for Companions to share precepts in their respective "species" (so Adarza could use Smeeta Precepts), for better precepts in general, weapons for Beast Companions, the list goes on. I'd really just work on getting what we have up to snuff before bringing in another heap of useless Companions. You'd be better off asking for modular Sentinels, as much as it pains me to admit.
  7. Screw it, you know what, MHW mechanics would actually be pretty cool.
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