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  1. ... because the game says he was the first? Alright, tell you what, show me any kind of evidence suggesting that Nidus was a prototype, or the true "first Warframe". You're assuming that, and unlike Excalibur who has some form of confirmation, Nidus doesn't have any. Also, if Excalibur was the first successful Warframe Ballas could control, why would Nidus be exempt from that rule and therefore not be the first, or a prototype? Your hypothetical doesn't make any sense, your just guessing. Should we consider Necramechs as the first Warframes because they were their successful pr
  2. I'm not sure where people keep getting that Nidus was the first Warframe or something, but that's not true. He wasn't some kind of prototype, he's just like every other Warframe, the only difference is his aesthetic because he uses Infestation to attack, so his looks reflect that. I imagine he'll bear a resemblance to the Orokin meat towers in Cetus. The actual first Warframe was Excalibur.
  3. Adding on to this, if DE added multiple abilities that's just a lot of extra work for them. I don't really see them going for it.
  4. You can put that there, and add all of the Conclave skins to his offerings as well. Each skin is 20 Essence or something. Throw in some more of the Conclave Mods into his store as well (with some PvE tweaks of course), make them 30 each. Give him a few Orbiter decorations and the rest of the Conclave armor pieces and he'd be a full-fledged Syndicate store. I know we have a few people who want Conclave to stick around, but as you've stated, it should probably just be put down out back. DE is never going to invest any worthwhile effort into the gamemode anymore, and have only added small bu
  5. Man I hope it's not going to last until December, good lord would that suck.
  6. Have you seen what happened with Universal Medallions? People asked for them to apply to Conclave and folks from Conclave said that wouldn't be fair, so they didn't go through with it. Previously before that DE had to keep out any way to earn Conclave rewards outside of Conclave, as people kept trying to find a way to get stuff from Conclave without running it. This is an example of making the rewards from Conclave not exclusive, and the Conclave community fights DE about it, I don't see that as an issue since there's nothing there outside of cosmetics, but the point is there. For people
  7. That, and some additional reasons to Convert them would be really nice. I'm sure you could just make it so we can feed other Lich to a specific one to level it up and buff its stats or something, maybe let us buy beacons to summon it from Palladino or something.
  8. I don't see the point of it? A very abysmal portion of the playerbase knows about it, let alone even plays it. So, keep it I guess, or get rid of it, I don't care much either way. Yet if DE put up a community vote I'd say to get rid of it, as it doesn't really have a reason to exist, like Frame Fighter. Basically, if DE's not going to invest any amount of real effort into making the gamemode worth playing, and most of the community plays this game for the PvE anyways and either doesn't know the mode exists or is literally fighting DE at every turn to make it relevant, why even bother?
  9. DId you read the rest of my post? I do want it personally removed, but it's not like it's harming the game or anything and a few people enjoy it, so I'm not up in arms about it or anything. I just don't really see the point of it.
  10. DE's moving all of the Mods out of Conclave and adding them to PvE. The literal only thing that's likely going to stay there is the Cosmetics, and who cares about those? There's not much reason to keep Conclave around, but there's really not much reason to take it out either. A few people still enjoy it, and it's not like it's taking up a huge amount of DE's time or anything, so why not just ignore it? I would personally prefer it to be removed but I'm not exactly itching for that removal either, it really doesn't matter.
  11. I know, and like regular Iron Skin without its Augments it doesn't get very far as levels rise unless you find some cheap way to make it rise exponentially. It has no multiplier from Armor, it can't be buffed through Arcanes, the list goes on. It may work like Iron Skin, but it is hot garbage by comparison.
  12. The Iron Skin ability isn't honestly all that great in my experience, maybe if there was some kind of synergy between it and other abilities like "enemies hit by Necraweb restore x% Storm Shroud" to make it stand out and act as a form of pseudo-healing for the Mech as long as you stayed on top of it, I'd be a bit more interested. That would of course mean Necraweb would need a buff so that it actually scaled and dealt some damage at decent levels, same goes for Gravemines, and Guard Mode stating that it offers "increased structural integrity" when it does no such thing is just kind of ...
  13. Well that doesn't make much sense when his 2 causes enemies to take more damage and his 4 multiplies the amount of discs to hit a ton of enemies and deal some pretty decent damage. Unless I guess you think people only use his 2 for the teleport? He also has damage Augments for his 1 and 2. So, not sure how these abilities are purely utility.
  14. Really? That's your solution? Just don't play with others at all. It's not like everyone's problem is Limbo and Limbo alone. I'm sure DE could just make him not force players to adhere to the Rift mechanics, but I guess ignoring the problem entirely is a good way to fix it.
  15. Well if nothing else I imagine just taking the model, putting it sideways and slapping a plate in there to split it in half wouldn't be too hard for DE to do. I'd really prefer a series of glass cases we can put our favorite weapons in, but I'll take what I can get.
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