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  1. Don't forget that his Passive literally makes no sense with how you want to play Hydroid, and that it's completely useless.
  2. I mean, Atlas is my main Warframe of choice just because he can do just about anything well. Need to tank? Petrify a few guys and get over 50% DR. Need to heal? Kill your Rumblers early in a corner to avoid fire or Petrify and punch. Need to deal damage? Get his Passive Augment and a decent stat-stick build to punch even SP enemies to death in one or two hits. Need to CC? Keep your Rumblers active and give Petrify extra Range. Need to kill a boss? Equip a Sniper and ignore 90% of the combat since you can’t be knocked down. Now with stuff like Helminth you can even account for some of his weaknesses, like replacing an ability for Smite in order to deal with Eidolons faster. The gap between Warframes has honestly been reduced quite a bit thanks to it, and now even a single ability can make a Warframe far better. Banshee with Gloom, Xaku with Resonator, Volt with Fire Blast, etc. Yet I still find plenty of reason to use other Warframes, especially when you get ahold of all the Arcanes and can fix a Warframe issue by just proccing one thing. The only reason you think nothing else is better than Wukong, or just as interesting, is because you haven’t experimented with most of the stuff the game offers.
  3. Honestly the fact they drop from Sisters is even better. I’ve been able to get three different weapons while I was farming my Sisters for their weapons and Ephemera. Farms that allow you to do multiple things at once are always good.
  4. That wouldn’t make much sense considering the fact that Nef wasn’t even alive during the Orokin era, I’m sure if he was Parvos would have known about him beforehand. I’m pretty sure that’s just an Orokin way of saying “to hell with you”.
  5. The Corpus were very obviously around during the Orokin times, one of Simaris’ entries talks about them, with Ballas even mentioning them in Vauban’s trailer. Corpus Pirates are also mentioned in some weapon entries (the Mara and Quanta Ice Skin, I believe), Parvos formed the Corpus faction and the Orokin literally sent a kill squad after him, the examples go on and on. That’s also not true, the Corpus and Grineer were full blown factions before the fall of the Orokin, the Grineer were even militant as they were used as foot soldiers against the Sentients and later against us during the fall, since one Grineer managed to kill a Sentient. They were just taken over by the Twin Queens shortly after the fall occurred, as we’ve seen with other Simaris entries (some Orokin formed pacts with the Grineer while others were killed and blindsided). We don’t know if the Corpus were a full-blown military at that time, but they were obviously a big enough problem to send Warframes after. Making a Warframe in the likeness of the Sentients doesn’t literally mean redoing the mistake that caused an interplanetary war, I’m willing to bet it’s just an aesthetic choice, since they’d still be a mass of Infestation in a suit after all.
  6. After the Old War, since even after we rebelled they could still be seen working for the Orokin. That doesn’t mean there weren’t renegade factions on the sidelines that we killed for the Orokin, we already know there were pirates and insurrectionists during that time too, it’s just likely that the rest of the Grineer followed suit after the Orokin lost their power.
  7. I don’t think they’d really have to go that far in explaining Caliban, why wouldn’t the Orokin make a Sentient-themed Warframe? Fight fire with fire and all that, especially since Warframes were designed by different people with different artistic tastes and ideas. They’ve already done that with Vauban and Nidus, I was just surprised they hadn’t made one for the Grineer before the Sentients (I guess Mirage counts, but she’s a little too different), but I guess we’ll see as time goes on.
  8. Do ... do you even know what a ninja looks like? You can't tell me you do and then say Rhino looks anything like one when he's about two people put together in size. Frost was designed after a wraith-esque concept, so no, he was not designed after a ninja. Neither was Ember, who was based more around phoenixes and other firebirds. You would want to compare Warframes like Excal, Ash, Loki and (by proxy) Nyx, who were ACTUALLY designed with a more ninja-esque design in mind.
  9. Well an easy solution is a video pop-up with text. Making a whole quest just to explain a single gameplay mechanic isn't something I would suggest when some mechanics are ridiculously simple, while some others are entire new gamemodes with their own mechanics. Making a video with text, similar to Ability Pop-ups, I think would be the best way to go about most Tutorials. Just don't let people immediately ignore the Tutorial, and let them bring it back up at any time, and you'll have a good system.
  10. There's plenty of other examples like this are pretty much just left to the player to figure out, most of the stuff on Deimos is a good example. Necramech parts? Pillars? Races giving you K-Drive parts? The entire Deimos rep system? The list goes on and on. There's plenty of stuff you wouldn't even know exists until you stumble upon it, which I feel is an even bigger problem.
  11. I just wish I could make a list of common questions and have a bot answer them in the Clan chat. I always dread a new update because I'll end up having to explain everything on the f****** Patch Notes ANYONE CAN READ and get major attitude if I ask people to just read instead of constantly asking me. Why do people only listen if someone says it to them? You're still reading! Why can't you just read the other thing?! "So how do you get their Relics?" "What parts drop from it?" "Where's the best area to farm them?" "How do you get the new weapon?" "Is it good?" "Is the Warframe good?" Please just give us a single area where all of the Tutorials are so I can point to that and people can stop playing 20 Questions. Put it in the Codex or something. I will take all of the Tutorials, the more the better, especially if they're so braindead easy to find.
  12. It's literally a dead zone too, nothing goes in or out of it since it's been so overrun and no one's even seen the surface. Pretty sure Jordas was from there too, and even Infested Alad V. Honestly I think DE just forgot about it, or they thought too many bosses and items were on it so they made a new location.
  13. I guess I was just surprised Parvos went for the "female only" Nemesis System, I would think the Grineer Queens would've tried that first. I guess that means the Infested Nemesis are going to be Male Only?
  14. Maybe that's a bad thing and should be rectified. People see the issue with Limbo in Arbitrations but apparently he's fine against the Corpus and Infested, even though they feature the exact same limitations.
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