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  1. Thanks, I really enjoy Companions myself, I just wish they were more akin to a second player than a convenient utility dump. Hopefully DE will implement similar changes that affects Companions as a whole (so whole separate reworks for each class of pet). I forgot to mention it as well, but one of the other major problems with Grounded Pets is their attacks. I believe Kavats don't suffer nearly as much from this issue due to their versatile Mods, but Kubrows and Predasites suffer especially from slow attack speeds, long animations, delayed enemy targeting and inconsistent attack hitboxes. Wh
  2. I honestly like most of these ideas, I would just say that I would want a sort of "safety measure" for all Companions. So they'd receive an inherent high DR to AoE attacks, or just an outright complete avoidance of AoE damage. It's clearly the only real issue Companions have, and no matter how specific we allow their A.I to function they are going to constantly get obliterated by it at higher levels. Knockdowns and other CC effects would still apply of course, they just wouldn't be so easy to hit. Making it so they can only take damage from direct hits would hopefully drastically improve their
  3. Funnily enough, while I do like K-Drives I have to admit that Boon (I think that's his name?) gets rrreeeaaallllyyy annoying in the races since his voice seems really loud. While it's also cool that people think we'll get anything for the Vent Kids, truthfully speaking I imagine that she'll be related to the Sisters of Parvos somehow. They are supposed to be getting their own ship battles, so it could have something to do with obtaining her from the ship caches there or something. Though if it was from the Vent Kids that'd probably be the easiest farm I've ever had, I have every K-Drive
  4. Just run the races. Only takes maybe ten, fifteen minutes to max your Standing for the day. It's not like before where you had to grind the pipe by Fortuna for hours. Which logically speaking, if we're going to see her with the Vent Kids, her parts will most likely be from the races in some capacity. Grandmother on Deimos gives you an Infested Board for doing her races, so it's not too far fetched to say Roky and her gang would give you the parts for completing them.
  5. If they're going to do that, I'm all for it honestly. Only thing I would say is that falling off the K-Drive needs to not exist unless you fail a trick. With how K-Drives work currently you'd be hitting things constantly and falling off every few seconds. Though I have to admit that I think that'll just be a K-Drive skin, she'll have an Exalted Glaive as her Melee Weapon (we'll just ignore Nezha I guess).
  6. I'm just honestly waiting to see some Handsome Grineer.
  7. True, and honestly, it is kind of weird that Deimos doesn't have its own specific modular weapons, as all its doing is borrowing parts from Fortuna. I guess the Pets count for this, but then what about MOA's in Fortuna? Giving them their own special weapon types like Bows, Snipers, Launchers, etc. could honestly be pretty fun and another reason to farm the area again. It also helps with bloating one area too full of stuff, like I imagine Cetus would be if we gave them every Melee weapon type.
  8. Well, honestly I would just give most weapons a very small amount of Punch-Through. I'm talking like literally a tiny amount, just enough to go through an enemies dead body to hit the enemy behind them or through very thin fence-like structures. Just so some of the automatic weapons don't waste dozens of ammunition into an already dead enemy or do more damage against the scenery then the guy you're actually aiming at. It would just have to be specifically tailored to those two things alone, otherwise you'd be able to ignore stuff like Shield Lancers. As for reworking Punch-Through in gener
  9. That's most likely because a lot of these guys who fight us directly have contingency plans set in place (at least the smart ones anyway) as they know we are essentially immortal Gods upon the battlefield. The ones that didn't generally outright died, like most of the bosses in the game who got a smidge of power and thought that was enough to beat us. I guess the only guys I have to question is Lieutenant Lech Kril and Vor. We literally kill both of them in rather dramatic ways, with Vor exploding and Lech exploding but with fire. Yet they come back later, seemingly the exact same. You cou
  10. I'd say it's not really that big of a deal as long as DE doesn't literally make an entire dance. As we've seen, most Emotes have very little animation, and whenever DE does put effort into the animation it's put into the Warframe or weapon animations instead. DE also tends to avoid actual dances and moves, and I have to admit that I prefer that. I've seen way too many games that pretty much just lift a dance from a movie or skit, and while that's fine once in a while, it gets old when everyone does it because they can't come up with their own material. I'd just say more Emotes would be
  11. You could make it so any ability you use while it's active has its timers reset due to the rewind, including your Shield Satellites if they happen to get destroyed (I'm referring to all cases in general, just make it a standard refresh so we can eliminate the weird mini-game aspect of it). So something like place down Blaze Artillery, and as time is rewinding, so does the Duration on it, but you're still stuck with the three turret limit. That would mean that if the turret duration expired during Temporal, it would have some slight downtime before coming back, and the whole "rewind" portion wo
  12. Honestly I feel like people are really overcomplicating this. We already know the Tempestarii was warping around for a long time from the Void Storms after it was swallowed up. Anything that responded to that didn't answer correctly was promptly ripped to pieces, as we can see when we respond the wrong way to it the first time. Vala and her crew were most likely new Parvos recruits that met the Tempestarii and, after attacking it directly (as they know it's a Tenno RJ and have no real reason not to try and shoot it down, which just gives more evidence to this all occuring in the present due
  13. That is another use, but I agree, that's more likely to be very miniscule in the grand scheme of things. I'm fairly certain Nyx isn't at the bottom of the usage statistics because of everything previously mentioned (that spot is possibly reserved for Hydroid), but she's certainly nowhere near the middle.
  14. Why would you take issue with that? That was Zephyr's reason for being changed, people aren't expecting the Warframe to jump in usage like Wukong did or something, they're expecting the Warframe to perform well in most types of content. Well, if they're trying to be more realistic instead of trying to make Nyx another Mesa. Popularity is a pretty good indicator of what needs changing as a baseline, it's why DE nerfed Catchmoon and Bramma, they absolutely dominated the usage statistics, so they needed to reel them back to see the scales balance out more. That's the real goal at the end of th
  15. I would agree outside of two things, enemy accuracy (among other AI factors) is absolute garbage as it stands and PB really shouldn't be so spammy. To clarify, I'm more referring to our MC's accuracy. Test it out in the Simulacrum, Heavy Gunners are pretty good up until the enemy walks a few feet away or they move to the side. It seems the spread of some weapons is so bad that some enemies will shoot at range and continuously fail to deal decent damage because they're way outside of their optimal range. Some units will also just prefer to run around instead of shooting, and if they do shoot
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