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  1. Honestly yeah, one of the most irritating things about Nyx's 1 is that it has a Duration at all. I'd rather just have the enemy get a massive boost to Health, Shields and damage and let them permanently stick around like a Specter. You can keep the "shoot them for more damage" schtick, but it would be best for them to take your Mods into consideration as you've stated and continually absorb damage (just don't let the Mods allow for procs, just base damage increases). So you can have the massive damage bump when the cast starts (they should also force aggro during the cast to help ramp up the d
  2. Well it certainly sounds neat, but I can't really say DE would go for it when there's so many Leverian entries. Personally I'd rather just have the mix between Railjack and base mission Raids. Hopefully they'd severely limit us so we could see some actual challenge.
  3. Well the basics are a must for sure. Syandanas, additional Ephemera, Emblems, etc. Personally I'd want to see faction-based cosmetic armor for our Operators, making our guys look like little Manics would be pretty cool.
  4. Pretty much this, also, all the Open Worlds can run Steel Path. Steel Path affects most drops in places like Deimos. You can easily run it, get some additional boosters (they all stack) and farm with Ivara or something.
  5. Yeah, the Sacrifice shows us that's what all Warframes look like before they get squeezed into the chassis. Nidus just uses the Infestation itself to attack, so it would make sense that he would lack that chassis (hence why he has no Shield) or that the Helminth just mutated to envelop/meld the chassis (another aspect of his kit, and the Infestation is known to convert metals just as easily as flesh). It's also not totally impossible for a Warframe to develop new characteristics or to distort its intended design, as we've seen with Mirage in her Prime Trailer and Xaku becoming a literal Franke
  6. Exalted Shawzin for her 4. Pump up the jams to boost everything and hit the notes on time to release shockwaves, linear soundwaves and melt enemy faces! I'm telling you man, give her that and she immediately becomes a more interesting Warframe. That or just give us a Warframe with his own exalted Shawzin. Please DE.
  7. Which ya know, memes aside, is really cool concept-wise and makes her design very purposeful while being thematic. There's a lot of small things you can notice on Warframes like that, and I really have to appreciate the detail in some Warframe designs.
  8. I don't see why not, should be pretty simple to implement and it's yet another thing people can farm for in Syndicates, as all they've been receiving lately is Augments for the most part. Couldn't hurt to see more Syndicate weapons or cosmetics in general as well.
  9. Alright, sure I can write a simpler version, and thank you. Analysis: The Warframe's Passive, it allows you to see enemies through walls every few seconds and when hitting enemies with abilities. Enemies that are "analyzed" take additional damage from your abilities, the longer you see them, the more damage you deal. Range will now only buff your ability activation delay time, as all abilities are limited to Analysis' range. Purge: Enemies visible via Analysis are hit with a DoT Viral effect, and the effect spreads to any newly-visible foes. Use Purge while Analysis is active to trip
  10. Well, I suppose I'd expect a very streamlined, plastic-looking Warframe with little lines to resemble lines of code on the plastic bits and full metal cords showing through the joints. I'd hope they'd have a black and red-orange design to resemble Tron or the like with extra glowing bits and a full visor for the helm. The Warframe would glide around, somewhat similar to Titania but much closer to the ground, with energy data tendrils that appear on its back that appear when casting abilities. We'll call it Tensor or Null or something. Give it something unique too, like Range is not a factor, b
  11. Got to agree with Way on this one Padre, you can't dismiss someone's arguments by labelling them as subjective and acting as if his opinion isn't just as valid as your own. Whether it's subjective or not really doesn't matter, you should be addressing the points he's bringing up, which in this case happens to be Hydroid's issues. - Hydroid's Passive is terrible and serves no real purpose for Hydroid, his allies, or against the enemy. Having a 50% chance to spawn a tentacle on a Ground Slam that cannot be modded or changed in anyway is just not good. Hydroid should have a Passive that actua
  12. I can't say I agree with that all. So what would happen then if someone used the inferior version of a Warframe first? Most would ignore the Warframe unless someone told them there's this weird gimmick that makes the Primes far better, even though they're just supposed to be light stat increases. Just as an example, take Wukong before his rework. So his god-awful variant should be the base, but his Prime should be the new one? What about Ash? His older version would appear to be superior, screwing up progression. I don't like this idea one bit.
  13. At the moment, it looks like they're just another tool for us to use where appropriate, and it looks like DE is going to make them the Warframe-alternative in areas that won't allow us to access our Warframe. Which makes sense, as unless Operators somehow start murdering whole groups like Warframes we really don't have an alternative.
  14. Well, considering the progression of things, it seems to be going like this; Warframes are our general-use characters, excelling in certain categories based on their class (tank, healer, damage, CC, etc). Ironically most of them have a hard time dealing with Sentients despite supposedly being the turning point in the Old War. Necramechs are our ground-based vehicles, similar to Archwings in a way. They're an extension of our Warframe's capabilities, another tool to use where appropriate, which in this case appears to be places Warframes cannot go. Operators are our niche-use sup
  15. The issue there I think is that it actively hurt the damage of explosive weapons, as you couldn't get Headshots while the enemy was on the ground. However, you could easily just give that back to Blast and just make enemies on the ground take 25% extra damage from all Blast sources per Blast Proc. Maybe make it so enemies that get successful Blast Procs explode on death, dealing a portion of your Blast damage in a small AoE around them to help mop up stragglers. More procs increase the Range. You could also make it so each Blast Proc itself has a chance of causing a secondary, halved Rang
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