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  1. uh that's not healthy at all, at least for me I recall to the rj for these missions too but yeah, you can walk all the way back and shoot those things +1 crew shooting points of insterest
  2. Rapair sure isn't, sadly :( and luck has never been on my side so transmute is out of the question too A normal way to farm those would be nice
  3. The title pretty much sums what I would want to talk about, where are those necramech mods? I’m some sort of returning player and couldn’t play the operation held from December to January. I’m currently forming my only necramech after a long, long farm in Deimos, but I got to this crossroad where I can’t farm for those mods, I can only buy them at the moment. Then, I formed my weapon to do the Orphix missions on Railjack to see if those drops there, since are alike the event that gave them, but only to see those mods don’t drop there either. I wonder why is that way, th
  4. ^also some rivens take the parazon finisher as the action needed, not the melee weapon one
  5. Holo y gracias por hacérnoslo saber! El equipo de traducción ya está al tanto c:
  6. I want my mature ember deluxe skin that was showed recently 😏
  7. information being plasted on a website and actually being capable of playing the game at said time are two different things sadly i took this quote literal and tought the alerts would be up starting feb 16, not one day at a time its a shame some people have to do other things on weekdays :/
  8. just lost the hasmter glyph because i could not play yesterday, yes!
  9. that's why you should use just one RAD per rotation, not time efficient, but this type of RNG resistant
  10. That or something like a host rep+- to avoid bad ones
  11. Hola, El error q sufres tiene mas relacion con tu conexion a internet, intenta reiniciar el modem o cambiar DNS, o algo mas forzado es usar VPN otra cosa, hay un foro dedicado al idioma en español, alla es mas probable q encuentres ayuda en este idioma 😅
  12. players downed can also use the Omni to get back to the railjack
  13. Hola Stylish! Gracias por reportar errores de traducción! El equipo ya está al tanto así que ahora solo nos queda arreglarlos :D Salu2
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