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  1. How many times can the Valence Infusion be used per weapon? Is the new system a one time use only or can you use the system multiple times to get as close to 60% as possible?
  2. As a console I'm a bit disappointed, every Tom, $&*^, and Harry knows the first version of Rail Jack is full of bugs/glitches but at this point there is no word from DE as when we'll get some relief. PC has now had several hotfixes addressing some of the known bugs/glitches so is there a time table for us console players to receive some of those changes. Now to be clear I'm not asking for an exact date and I'm well aware of how console builds have to be certified by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo before the respective builds are to be released to the general console population. So are we talking about late Jan or early Feb DE?
  3. DE Rebecca will this new change be implemented in the upcoming console update
  4. As I'm very appreciative of DE getting us console players U26 rather quickly, however the hotfix 26.0.7 is something we need for obvious reasons so when can expect 26.0.7?
  5. I just performed a hard reset and I still get the same message telling that there is updated version of Warframe. I'm a 5 yr vet so there is something wrong here DE.
  6. It's not that they are totally impatient some Tenno just are not totally familiar with the cert process.
  7. Like I said in my previous people need to be patient lashing out at DE is not going to speed up the cert process in any way, shape, or form.
  8. DE has already addressed this very subject a few times during various devstreams. Basically it's not in any of their immediate plans and I seriously doubt it will ever happen. But they did mention cross save which at one point they'll look into.
  9. I see a few people her commenting on the lenth of cert process so I'm going to chime in with facts not raw emotion. DE sent the build out to the various platforms responsible to certify the build last Tuesday around 2 ET. I doubt Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo started working the cert process that day. Which leaves Wed - Fri and today (Monday) now to be honest I can't speak for Sony and Nintendo but the Microsoft cert team does not work on weekends. So technically they've only been at it 4 business days which for a large update is well within reason. I told my friends that it would take about 5 business days to complete the cert process so we still have sometime left. But there is also one thing I feel people are not thinking about, what happens when a build is released that has the potential to brick your console? Here I speak from personal experience. After receiving an system update about 3 years ago my console was rendered useless thus I had to send my console to be replaced. I was a bit peeved to say the least and the whole process took 8 days. So as far as I'm concerned it's much better to wait a few days as opposed to what happened to me. Patience people patience. Further once DE or any other company sends their builds to be certified it's out of their hands until it passes or fails.
  10. DE I'm very appreciative that you'll got U26 out rather quickly but in regards to the recent PC hotfix 26.0.7 I'm very curious how long that will take to get on consoles?
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