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  1. Is the current max (90) riven mod capacity ever going to be raised? And when can we expect the Codex to be updated? Example scanning wildlife but not reflected in your Codex.
  2. Yeah, maybe I'm just especially dense headed, but I couldn't tell at all from this announcement whether we were actually getting our lost research XP back. Sounds like DE needs to give more clear and concise guidance on this matter
  3. So you're telling us we have to re rank everything again?
  4. I totally disagree with this assessment the problem is directly attributed to the completion of the Cyanex research instead of subtrating 3000 XP points the game added 30,000 XP points towards our clan Mastery Ranking. Example prior to initiating the Cyanex research our clan was at 21,000 XP and upon completion we wound up at 50,000 XP, not 18,000 like we were expecting. Your proposed solution seems more like a punishment than a solution.
  5. I don't see how it can [DE]layed when the cert process is 100% Microsoft's job. DE has probably very little or no input it that. So be patient like the rest of us.
  6. With this wonderful new I have two questions, first for clarification do I need to delete and re-install Warframe once the build goes live to take advantage of the size reduction? And second what are De's plans as far a Operation Plague Star goes? My understanding is on or about 12 June 2019 it is supposed to start across all platforms. Wouldn't this conflict with Operation Hostile Mergers? Lastly thanks DE for all you'll do.
  7. Do we receive the syandana just for linking accounts?
  8. Hmm now to test arbitration to see if folks still quit or won't stay to test their mettle.
  9. DE is on fire they're not messing around pushing out these updates. I remember the days of waiting weeks now it's just days. You guys have sure come a long way. And thanks again DE for all your hard work.
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