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  1. Do we receive the syandana just for linking accounts?
  2. Hmm now to test arbitration to see if folks still quit or won't stay to test their mettle.
  3. DE is on fire they're not messing around pushing out these updates. I remember the days of waiting weeks now it's just days. You guys have sure come a long way. And thanks again DE for all your hard work.
  4. Anybody who would pay 10k plat for any riven needs their head examined. Plat is in game currency not real money. No one that I know can put plat in a will or take plat with it them to their graves.
  5. Finally a voice of reason. Don't get it twisted I'm all about a free market system but the outright abuse that I've witnessed is finally being dealt with.
  6. Microsoft has not yet updated Warframe's 2 new achievements. Xbox achievements menus still reflect 94 achievements and not 96 as 2 were added today. However in game you do see the xbox blue achievement symbol once you've successfully earned the 2 new achievements.
  7. I'm hoping to hear more concrete news/status of the console Fortuna 2 build. That would be nice.
  8. I wonder will previous winners will be excluded from winning again?
  9. Megan is gone so maybe the Twitch drop will work this time...lol
  10. I'm just kidding but Megan should be banned from making Twitch drops...lol
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