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  1. By default, when you press Jump while in void mode, you will dash forward. If you hold a directional key and press Jump, you will dash in whatever direction you were holding. So the main sequence is: Void Mode > Space > S + Space > Space > S + Space. While aiming at the head of course. This takes lots of practice to get consistent, so play around with the positioning and timing and you'll get it eventually.
  2. You're waiting for the lure to break and collecting the loot from there, correct?
  3. The primary use for amps are eidolons anyway. So here's eidolon meta amps: 177 - shield breakers 777/774 - Limb DPS (777 is also a great amp for general content)
  4. My general team is usually: Revenant(point carry) Wukong/equinox/Mesa(DPS) Wisp(support) Limbo(defense) or another DPS
  5. You can activate mutation with a button on the bottom right, from there you can see what colors you're changing on it. As far as abilities, not too sure.
  6. As a new player, you shouldn't really be worried about what you should get. Your goal right now is to get as many weapons as possible and level them up for mastery points, once you get to a higher mastery level, then you can start worrying about what weapons are good. But as for general recommendations for an alright, new player setup: hek, atomos, broken war.
  7. I haven't hunted much recently, but I've heard about this from some friends. Pretty sure it's due to the lures spawning at a much lower level than they used to, allowing eidolon attacks/grineer to take them down easier. Hopefully it gets fixed cause it seems like a massive pain.
  8. Only way to increase your shield efficiency now is by swapping to volt and shooting through shields and using virtuous strike/shadow. Volt will also help you with breaking limbs, and amesha can heal lures so you really don't need trin.
  9. Salacia, Neptune is where I go. Takes a while but it's simple and you don't have too many other options.
  10. Not really a good idea to compare frames directly, with no context. I'd take chroma for profit taker or anything that needs some light tanking, I'd take wukong for basically anything else. In actuality, I don't use either of them much at all. It all depends on context and personal preference to determine which is better.
  11. This plus the fact that it's a gunblade, so you can strip from a range rather than taking the time to get in close.
  12. Iirc it's slash based and does well with a hybrid combo build. Something like: Blood rush, weeping wounds, condition overload, organ shatter, smite (whatever you're fighting), primed reach/spring loaded blade, primed fury/quickening, and another attack speed mod/gladiator might. This build works best if you have a weapon that can apply viral externally, like kuva nukor. If you don't have a primer then you can use (unranked) vicious frost and virulent scourge over the last slot and organ shatter/smite
  13. Yea, you have to hit the damage goal to get the rewards.
  14. I see it as a way to keep players from running through all the syndicates instantly, as syndicates are supposed to build trust with you over time, at least from a story perspective. Also, keep in mind that it's a free game, there's gonna be some drawbacks.
  15. Yes, that's where you get your murmurs from.
  16. Any amp is better than the mote amp, even the 111 (first set of parts available to you from onkko) will be way better.
  17. There's plenty of primes that are worth using, most of them being melees, but plenty of guns can work so long as you're willing to actually mod them properly. Most people's loadouts (in my experience anyway) will consist of kuva/tenet primary, kuva/tenet secondary, prime melee. Here's my list of good prime melees: Nikana/Orthos/Reaper/Guandao/Gram/Kronen/Glaive/Pangolin/Nami Skyla/Tekko primes
  18. Of you're looking for helminth abilities, eclipse and roar are good for increasing damage, and before you ask, yes eclipse does work at night in the plains, you need to have your display setting set to enhanced and it'll work all throughout the plains. Dispensary is alright, but is easily replaced by energy pads, and picking up ammo that the eidolon drops. As far as your strats go, rubico prime can oneshot rivenless with the right buffs so you can use that when your mech runs out of energy and maybe try switching over to volt so you can have his shield and speed boost. So long as you keep the lures out of gantulyst lasers, they shouldn't die too easily.
  19. Pangolin prime, not much of a contest, it has better stats for the most part.
  20. Right, somewhat decent stats and a harmless negative.
  21. Generally, it's not great to use energy siphon (if it's all you have that fits then it's fine) because it's only 36 energy per minute, you can just pick up energy orbs as you see them and you'll be gaining plenty of energy. Corrosive projection, or enemy radar would be nicer alternatives. You can drop redirection and hunter adrenaline for more strength of you have the mods for it, her shatter shield should be all the damage resistance you'll need so long as you stay out of melee range.
  22. I'd you're facing Profit Taker, the credits will drop at the base of the back right leg, base being where the leg connects to the body. It's finneckey and takes some getting used to, but positioning is most likely what's causing your issue.
  23. I've been playing close to seven years now, killed stalker countless times, still don't have a hate bp. RNG is a *@##$.
  24. Meta is radiation + cold, most of the enemies have alloy armor, rad gets +75% damage to the armor, cold gets +25% damage to the armor and +25% to the shields iirc.
  25. It's a known bug, already patched on PC iirc so consoles should get it soon.
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