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  1. SquireAngel

    Titania Cast Animations

    So, with the recent buffs to Titania, I have been loving her to a higher degree. Titania has always been a frame that, while not 'Meta', is a fun turn to with her silly CC and Razorwing form. One thing that hurts her, however, is the fluidity of casting abilities and how she's locked into stiff cast animations. These cast animations make her easy to punish in higher level content, where a few stray bullets rip through the tiny amounts of shields and health she has. Many abilities that have rooting/stiff animations can be cast in the middle of a jump, and these can as well. However, some of these abilities are those such as Nova's M Prime, Equinox's Mend & Maim, and the like. The are abilities that (usually) only need to be cast once every few moments because of the range and impact they impart. Titania, on the other hand, has this for every skill she casts, and this includes scattering a small handful of enemies in a flash of butterflies. Within the same breath of Titania's updates, Nyx also received an update as well, including the ability to move while casting her 1st ability. Titania not receiving the same update, while not insulting or anything, seems slightly odd. I don't think that Titania should become like Vauban who's whole kit is treated as 1 handed abilities, but mobility while casting at least the 1 & 2, abilities she casts with moderate frequency, would be very nice.
  2. SquireAngel

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    One of the issues with Titania is still her cast animations locking her in place when cast out side of razorwing. I love the buffs to her, but PLEASE make less punishing. You can get destroyed in the time it takes to get off a single ability in higher tier content.
  3. SquireAngel

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    While I'm not trying to down play the steps forward with openworld content, the core of warframe maps has been tilesets. It was kinda somewhat believed each planet would be getting it's own tileset at some point. So, the question becomes, will new tilesets ever be seen in warframe, or are these open world environs the way of warframe's future?
  4. SquireAngel

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I'll admit, I haven't had Revenent maxed for long. However, his gameplay is... rather simple, considering what it looked like originally. His 1 and 3 right out of the gate seem lackluster, as with the phantasma, I was using the charged shot and blowing up my minions almost as soon as they were created, or my team mates were. As for his 3, this really seems tacked on, rather than being a smooth part of his kit. It's simply a movement ability with light damage and vamp on it, but not enough for the price. On range and impact, hydroid's is superior AND also speed of cast and movement. In terms of damage, its very low compared to the likes of Ash, and since this is a 3rd ability, it should have SOME oomph. My idea is kinda simple. Give mesmer skin charges similar to the Amesha 1, and swap his 2 and 3. The 3 isn't worth the price, and with a slight buff, his 2 would be worth the 3rd slot. Speed up the animation on his current 3 and it's a good second ability. Not the best, but fits the cost. As for his thralls, I feel like a small numbers increase would be nice. Either that, or nyx 1 treatment.
  5. 86 Weapons in my arsenal just went up in viablility. 500+ forma invested is starting to pay off
  6. SquireAngel

    Tennobaum gifting center

    While I don't really need it any more than anyone else, could certainly throw my hand in here. Forma Bundles All of them.
  7. SquireAngel

    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    This is a play on words, referring to the old saying 'the best defense is a good offense'. They're not actually looking for 'defensive' weapons, they're just trying to have fun with the event name.
  8. SquireAngel

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    So, just out of curiosity, anyone know if the infested frame is coming? I realize it was just revealed, but it'd be cool to roll in a new frame.
  9. The Cold Embrace The Warframe; Sworn to Soothe and Smite The Operator; Finding comfort only in the arms of it's own creation
  10. SquireAngel

    PSA: TennoGen on Consoles

    Kinda surprised DE's managed to find ANY way to make it so that PC steam generators get something from a different company on a different console. Color me impressed.
  11. SquireAngel

    Fusion Simplified: Part 1

    I suppose this is the ENDO of fusion cores? eh? ehhhhh? EH? EHHHHHHHH?!?!
  12. SquireAngel

    Codex Art Contest 3.0

    Not to get too technical, but you make a pic. Doesn't matter what all it is.
  13. SquireAngel

    Status Thread: Specters of the Rail (SotR)

    I would say that we're gunna see it tomorrow guys. DE prefers to stock a good build for the next day so they can be alert and active in the morning if/when it needs patches, rather than leaving it bad all night.
  14. I think you're putting your own perspective of what you're used to versus what WF is trying to become. It's currently in a transitional period as it tries to re-balance things in line with a greater transformation coming soon, and to be completely honest, some of the steps taken are heading in a very bright direction. Now, some of the content lately feels rushed or off, but that's because U19 is demanding so much manpower. Even if DE was full steam on every little detail, somethings need to be thrown through the public players hands to find the best feedback. What could take 50+ years of testing can be seen with about 30-45 minutes from the playerbase at large. Sometimes, things will break. Sometimes, what seems like a small glitch is actually the symptom of something That is very very very complex, like the Jordas Raid. Do you honestly think that if things were simple fixes, De wouldn't just patch it and roll out a hotfix? Now, DE has goofed up sometimes, and we shouldn't fan boy and lose our objective judgment. WF has reached it's level of success because of how active the playerbase is in feedback, but sometimes we acted spoiled. We expect DE to cave to our demands with every nerf, or for them to release something way before it can have a proper entrance cough cough Excal Umbra cough cough. At the end of the day, DE is the one coding and creating the game, bringing to life their vision that so many of use love to enjoy and play. Not every game is for everyone, and if WF is headed in a direction that you don't like, maybe it isn't for you any longer. You may have the most valid input in the world, but if DE wants to do something with their game and you don't like it, tough luck. For my own personal opinion, I think the direction WF is heading is great. Sure, it's in a rough spot now as it churns and roils like an angry sea, ready to billow forth with the rage of a storm, but many of these smaller changes upsetting people are just things that can be done quickly, so they can devote more energy to guiding the metamorphosis to it's true goal. Fact is, DE is hesitant to touch Volt atm because armor and enemies in general are getting updated in u19. They could toil over trying to fix him to a system that will be outdated in a month and delay these major updates even more, or they can leave him in the rather decent location he's in now. For Conclave lag, we have a system coming for that in u19, for Void fatigue, we have the void rework, for Archwing, DE is adding some new content, including a healer/support archwing and new mission types, Cosmetics are always gunna have some issues, as with how physics based WF is, and how violently those are thrown around, what drapes softly is gunna have an occasional issue firing through the air like a missile. New content layered on old content isn't devoid of bugs, so 'creating new stuff for Warframe and not breaking the one that you got' is still liable to break things. It's just part of coding and gaming. With DE's fairly constant stream of content, they simply aren't going to have the YEARS that pay to buy games have as part of their development process. Is every thing fine as it sits? No, but it isn't like DE is simply letting things flop on the floor and leaving it that way. It's just that their so close to a utterly massive update that we're seeing slight cracks form in quality assurance. Once DE pushes u19 out, and gets it running right, you can bet your bottom that they'll jump back to fixing things as best they can. For now, I'm content with the few minor bugs we have waiting for u19 to drop.
  15. I'm familiar with the thread. Nothing on there backs up the claims. Most of that is conjecture and speculation. Some of it seems very likely, but almost nothing, besides cosmetics and appearance, are confirmed.