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  1. So, we have an issue with our clan dojo, where when someone is invited, they do not register on the trade terminal until they are physically standing next to it. When they do stand next to it, they register and will continue to no matter where they move on the map.
  2. DE does listen to certain things, but not everything listened to is implemented. There are two very important things you have to remember when it comes to feedback. The first its that sometimes a single voice amongst a crowd isn't heard all the time. Secondly, but more importantly, DE can decide you are wrong. Even if there were something implemented that somehow got 100% of the player base to say "do this with the thing", DE has absolutely no obligation to change it. Warframe is owned by DE, not the playerbase.
  3. As far as low, I think he's done in the limelight for the time being. As a mainstay, I know they said he would be sticking around, possibly in the Gas city rework.
  4. Thermia Fractures aren't meant to return with new rewards, they're supposed to be an area event that returns, similar to the Ghouls on the plains.
  5. So you see a lot of people complaining about the lack of real challenge or endgame content in Warframe. A new boss or game mode comes out with a 'new challenge'. The community plays in the new mode, has fun, then discovers a method to cheese the everliving daylights out of it, it gets trivialized, and then complains that there's no challenging content. This is made evident with early boss design, going as far back as Sargus Ruk and Lt. Kril. The immunity gating to avoid the Insta-Gib. Since those times, we have only continued refine, reform, and restock with better, stronger gear, frames, and even operators. To counter things like 4 billion power str Chroma 1 shotting the very sun itself (1v1 me bro), DE has dug further into the anti instagib box to keep content from being literally 1 shot. Sometimes, this is done well, with Eidolons (which are admittedly kinda fun and chaotic, barring the night time only annoyance) and the Exploiter Orb being well received. Sometimes, this is done poorly, with fights such as the UwU of Saturn and the Profit Taker which are fairly complained about on the regular. Where the artificial challenge of the later come in the form of general lack of counter play and high DPS is really one of the only ways DE can reliably introduce new content that lasts longer than Argon at room temp. This is frustrating on two fronts in the fact that A) Lack of counter play in a game with 160 abilities takes away from the power fantasy, but also B) DE simply cant satisfy the growing 'veteran' mouths that are able to amass enough arms to punch a black hole in the $&*^. So, what content can DE possibly make for this 'endgame drought' it supposedly suffers from without having to forge a Galactus size nerf hammer to nuke the meta from orbit? How do you make a raid boss that doesn't reduce damage inflicted to itself when you drop 4 player controlled raidbosses against it? How do you create a fun and non-trivialized boss fight when the player base has more cheese at it's disposal than a vegetarian Deli?
  6. One of the issues with Titania is still her cast animations locking her in place when cast out side of razorwing. I love the buffs to her, but PLEASE make less punishing. You can get destroyed in the time it takes to get off a single ability in higher tier content.
  7. While I'm not trying to down play the steps forward with openworld content, the core of warframe maps has been tilesets. It was kinda somewhat believed each planet would be getting it's own tileset at some point. So, the question becomes, will new tilesets ever be seen in warframe, or are these open world environs the way of warframe's future?
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