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  1. This would actually slow down the pace of the game a LOT, not to mention mess with just about every build in existence. Accuracy is technically RNG to a degree that is inherent to shooting a gun. Crit chance and Status Chance are fine as is.
  2. You build makes it take 20 seconds to kill ONE enemy. Explain to me again how this is a viable build for anything that requires quick killing? Moving on, even IF the Cernos Prime was 'end game Viable', which isn't even something I was mentioning, as DE itself has stated the scaling process is flawed to a degree, you're missing the largest point; it's not a satisfying weapon. The closest comparison, Ivara's Bow, still has the option to have a vertical fan, allowing you to land many arrows on a singular target. The Cernos Prime is rigid and unsatisfying, as standing in front of an enemy with a
  3. The new mission needs a balancing pass. My team was killing infested at a pretty constant rate, and we could BARELY sustain 1 point, much less all 3 and our own armor integrity. Outside of that, I'm excited and pleased with this update. The quest was fun and defining, and I'm eager to get my hands on the new frame and weapons.
  4. An active force keeps itself prepared for active threats by maintaining an active presence. The reason active forces are deployed with weapons is to respond to anything that would arise suddenly. As for the tenno not being trust worth, we're free to come and go as we please, so the relays employ their own forces. We aren't part of their active security force, so why should they change their behavior because an unreliable amount of frames may or may not be there? I find it odd that this annoys you at all. You remind me of the people who have issues with police because they get caught do
  5. The best way to combat powercreep is for a new tier of enemy content to come out. While we can certainly use stronger weapons, if the weapons on our side grow without something on the enemy AI side to match that, we simply begin to cheese content. DE either needs a hard cap to possible power growth, or needs to come out with higher tier enemy content.
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