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  1. I find it interesting that people who had a frame drop got Nidus AND Khora. Did I miss someone only getting one of them? For me it still says drops enabled on twitch. So far these are my drops: Credits: x 45 Glyph: x 14 Fireworks: x 16 Meso T3: x 3 Neo K2: x 2 Lith C3: x 1 Oxium: x 1 Nitain: x 1 Wisp: x 1 Ambulas Noggle: x 1 Khora Helmet x 1 In my opinion, this event felt like it was absolutely not worth the electricity and bandwidth spent. (Except for the noggle.) PoE also had mostly trash drops but atleast you had A LOT of trash.
  2. [PC] Watching for 5hours now, got 5 drops: 4x credits 1x MESO relic. The last drop came an hour late in my inbox but hey it's there. Watching multiple streams at the same time did not affect the drops, it's always 1 per hour.
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