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  1. Two letters: N and O. Put them together and what do they form? NO!
  2. Anyone have a link to a video or can explain to me, how people do multiple sets of eidolons in a single night?
  3. You are completely wrong. Saryn is perfect the way she is currently. I'm getting real sick of seeing all of these anti-Saryn propaganda posts.
  4. That's not even close to what you do as Saryn. Clearly you need to play with her some more.
  5. A problem for you, maybe. But its not really a problem.
  6. Yeah, go ahead and try pressing 1 then nothing else. You're a fool.
  7. You have to put effort into wiping the map with Saryn. You're clearly mislead.
  8. This ENTIRE GAME is trivial! There is no challenge in Warframe and there won't be unless DE seriously nerfs EVERY frame in the game. Talk about trivializing the game, pssh. You want a difficult game go play something else. Get used to the game being easy. And Saryn, isn't a nuker. You build up her damage to kill S#&$. Saryn 1.0 was nuker, press 1 button and clear the whole map.
  9. Except there is no issue with Saryn! No problem exists. She is fine the way she is and if you don't like it, play solo or in premade groups.
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