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  1. Why is this ephemera PC only? Its not okay and gives the PC an unfair advantage over console
  2. You're wrong. I routinely vary what I play with and what I wear. No domestik drone is worth more than my syandanas, armor or skins. DE should be ashamed of how much these dumb little things cost.
  3. We're not in China buddy. Nice try.
  4. in every promotional thing they did for the Jovian Concord they stated you would have to enable 2FA. In every devstream they mentioned the JC they talked about 2FA. Its not DE's fault you're oblivious. They even said it in the blurb that comes up talking about the update when you download it.
  5. Get out of here with your nerf bat! One Warframe does not, I repeat DOES NOT, make others irrelevant. So take your unpopular opinions elsewhere. No nerfs needed here.
  6. A person who isn't a game dev trying to tell actual game devs how to program their game. This is always funny.
  7. Or you could save plat for upcoming deluxe skins, potatoes or more tennogen since you're on console. 400p on drones is a complete waste! That's at least one deluxe bundle and a syandana.
  8. Syandanas, armors and skins improve a person's experience of the game! You see your warframe all the time. You DON'T sit in your Orbiter all day long staring at some tiny little drone rove around. 100p for something that's only in my orbiter is ridiculous.
  9. Your Orbiter was clean before the drone. They're stupidly overpriced. Completely agree with OP.
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