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  1. I don't know if it's intentional, but I find it much more useful to be this way instead of bound to mod config. For example I can quickly switch my Trinity build between giving energy orbs and buffing weapons damage. If it was connected to mod configs, I would've had to have at least 2 more of them.
  2. I personally like to throw in Rift Sigil either without a chest plate at all, or if I want to make the chest plate stand out from the body (for example if it differs too much in aestetics from the frame's body). Palatine is also great for this, but only with certain cosmetics of similar style or shape (for example Vetala)
  3. Say it with me now: "Material customization" If something is missing from Warframe's cosmetic system, it's this. (Please, at least make the cosmetics right DE, it's the only thing left that is still great)
  4. That's the problem, you see. Fun in Warframe lasts for about 5-10 minutes, and then you remember why you dropped that gamemode the last time, and never came back since. It's all sleep inducing mindless crowd murdering. The most fun I had in this game for about 2 years now is coloring and recoloring my fashionframe - now that is fun. But infortunately there's this thing getting in the way of new cosmetic options, called gameplay, and I prefer to deal with it as fast as possible.
  5. Oh well, here goes my lore speculation. The part about the Devil in the eye just never left my thoughts. I suppose it was just a metaphor. Mission failed, we'll get em next time.
  6. I figured out I have the mood for a lore speculation today. So, in 'Sleeping in the cold below' song there are these lines: There's a man on high With the Devil in his eye And a golden hand, I'm told It can hurt you, it can hold you He can kick you or console you When you're sleeping in the cold below The question is: who is this man? At first I thought: 'He's Ballas obviously'. Ballas surely has a 'Devil' in his eye, as well as a patented Orokin creepy arm with golden bits. But then, why the hell would a Corpus captain know about
  7. I'd rather say Warframe's character creation requires a total overhaul. It's kinda strange how DE made it so limited and using this bizarre face mixing when there are games all around with character creation using sliders for separate features. Let alone anything beside face in Operator's body that we still can't change. I think though that if they ever planning to change something, it will come no sooner than the Duviri Paradox.
  8. DE love plugging the leaks in the sinking ship very much. When there is a problem with a class of weapons or a damage type lagging behind, what they do is add some mod which works with this specific class of weapons and bypasses the existing rules to make it stronger, or converts a weak damage type into a strong damage type. But then the problem flips on it's head and DE take more flex tape to seal leaks in the existing flex tape. This way of 'balancing' is beyond horrible. It's because of their refusal to fix the problem at its core, that the balance is in such petty state.
  9. Most of them are huge too. Would be nice to have some smaller Grineer barrels and other equipment.
  10. Oh look, another bandaid mod to make Warframe's balance even more ridiculously broken. At this point I don't even care about another one of those. Seems to me, DE have some 'shoot yourself in the foot as many times as you can' contest they need to win.
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