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  1. ant99999

    Returning raids

    Even if they won't bring LoR and JV as raids, what will be the worst is to let these missions be forgotten. Just as well as events, these raids (especially JV) had some important facts regarding lore inside them. At least they should be brought back as end game quests (of course reworked to be solo-able).
  2. Speaking of which, does anyone remember exactly what did DE said about DS in relation to Warframe? Because if you consider all we know about the universe right now nothing still prevents DS story from being a very very early prequel to Warframe, and even more, it is quite nicely fits in its universe. In other words - the only appropriate way to learn the lore. I mean it neither fun nor engaging to have the game serving its story on a plate like a children's fairy-tale.
  3. Very capitalistic indeed. They are probably developing the vaccine at the same time trying to infest as much as they can inside their reach. And then of course sell both vaccine and biological weaponry for 'reasonable' prices. The Board however seems to be afraid of such revolutionary business practices. And it is understandable as since the very creation of the Technocite trying to use it for ones interests usually ended up pretty sadly for them (which is also the main reason of Alad V becoming persona non-grata among the Corpus).
  4. Pretty much this. The Board only approves what it considers profitable. Perrin Sequence's ideology of profit through prosperity let alone Black Seed's dangerous fanatism would never be accepted. On the contrary, Nef's intense 'praising the Void' would make a believer's efforts and money contribution only bigger and bigger. And the Board loves money.
  5. Yeah, a very interested faction these fanatics are. It was they who let the Juggernauts out of Alad's laboratories, they probably created and grown Behemoth species of Juggernauts, and as far as my theory goes they played far not the smallest part in how Jordas J3 came to existence (since how heavily the golems are guarded by Juggernauts). What we saw during the Tactical Alert was mere their operatives. Imagine what their fighting force could be. They had pretty much time to grow infested weaponry, infested robotics or maybe even fully controllable infested crewmen under their command.
  6. A large number of useful information regarding lore can be found in Fragments. Let's read the one called 'Corpus Crew': "Predominantly a merchant guild, Corpus labour and security forces are composed of mostly purpose-bred humanoid crewmen, and animal-like robots; both equally indoctrinated into a ritualized and propagandist devotion to labour and work." This makes the answer a lot more certain: what we know as the Corpus is a powerful union of the most influential merchants and businessmen (known as the Board of Directors) which have under their subordination a military corporation consisting of semi-intellectual machines and genetically modified humans both heavily indoctrinated by a religion-like cult of profit (more like profit through heavy labour for lower rank Corpus) One of the most influential figures inside the cult is an infamous member of the Board - Nef Anyo who was probably accepted there after he being a sergeant invented the most radical branch of the cult (see False Profit), he also known as the Preacher. There are some deviations from the central doctrine of the cult. The more known is of course Perrin Sequence: both a corporation and a religion working with the Tenno The other one is more mysterious, named the Black Seed. They are a group of outcasts not allied with the Corpus or any other faction. They were seen and entered an open fight with the Tenno warriors allied with director Frohd Bek only once during Black Seed Scourge alert. Their actions are connected with spreading and cultivating the Infestation as a part of their beliefs in profit. So in short - there are both true believers in the Corpus cult and cunning manipulators using it for their purpose, and the cult itself can be seen in many various, sometimes quite eccentrical forms.
  7. ant99999

    My small(ish) 2019 wish

    I believe it is mentioned in the lore that ferral kavats which we use as genetical samples are immune to Infestation. But after all everything's possible. Infested kavats could be some kind of a ranged or mobility-based companion.
  8. @S.Dust I recommend Conclave Feedback not because General Discussion isn't suitable, but because it is a forums section specialized on Conclave discussions (and this not only means how to rework it, it is 'feedback'). Everything you say here was already mentioned there and my answer was a very short summary of ideas being expressed a lot of times. If you want more in-depth discussion instead of a crowd of people not even reading your post before answering, it is a lot better to make a post there.
  9. First of all, this belongs to Conclave Feedback, not General Discussion. Conclave is not popular because it's hard. That's it. No excuses. It is not good for it but it is what you'd expect. Making it easier means making it not Warframe. Streamers don't play hard games for obvious reasons. The procedure of reworking the Conclave would be hard, long and painful. DE don't want to bother.
  10. ant99999

    Limbo third ability. how to use it?

    It is needed for duration based builds if you want to keep a large area of mobs in the Rift but don't have enough Cataclysm range. The procedure is following: Cast Cataclysm Move inside it Cast Surge on enemies within Turn the Cataclysm off Enemies affected by Surge will be banished on exiting the Rift as every surged enemy banishes everyone around. Also I don't recommend using it in squad as it is hard to unbanish these enemies. Oh, and I totally forgot that there is an augment for this ability that increases damage per enemy affected by Surge.
  11. ant99999

    Let's make better enemies

    These concepts may be good on their own, but let's not forget that DE's resources are not endless. To create a new enemy there should be some need in it. For example enemies are usually added during events as event special or for new areas as an area special. The other reason for adding a certain enemy is to lower players' power in some aspect if they become too powerful. Good examples here are Nullifiers, Juggernauts, Ancients and Noxes. They were meant to make a player keep an eye on enemy pool they are facing and if some of these appears focus their firepower on it as they are resistant to warframe powers. This helped to cease mindless ability spam a little bit. Right now we have no need to make a very tough enemy, because the only thing it would achieve is unnecessary slowing down the gameplay. We already have just enough of them. But there is a certain aspect we have become to powerful in. That is parcour. We are so fast and nimble that we even don't use all the potential of it most of the time as it is excessive. And a great way to shake the things up a bit is to add enemies requiring parcour usage to be eliminated more efficiently. I will let you decide what characteristics such an enemy should have.
  12. ant99999

    Armor Idea For shields. (in the works.)

    The idea that was popular for some time even being mentioned on a Devstream and that was definitely better than what you suggest is 'shield gating' (if I remember the name correctly). Base principle there is that whenever your shields are down you get a short invincibility period to either replenish the shields or find a cover or cc the enemies. Unlike your idea which basically makes shields another health pool but blue, that one provides some survivability for glass cannons, makes shield recharging abilities not worthless while still keeping shields just a backup measure while health pool remains the only source of armor tanking.
  13. ant99999

    Too many missions don't make sense.

    We still don't know how Tenno-replicated warframes are made. This is probably a hint to the process. 'Warframe' as you know is a pretty wide term and can relate to a number of stages of making said warframe. Since, you know, the Old War. How do you even imagine yourself army consisting only of Tenno? They are bad at a lot of tasks, ask too much credits as a reward and in general pretty hard to make them do something as they rarely even follow direct orders. And the most obvious reason - there are too little of them. The heart of Tenno army is of course colonists. And btw if you didn't know all the Relay garrison are also colonists, not Tenno. Well, having a Tenno as an ally easily costs a lot much than a cryopod they will take with them in the end. After all when a faction initiates an invasion they hardly even care for cryopods, its the resources and enemy outpost with useful data in it that they fight for. Hope they make more sence for you now.
  14. Yeah, there is one and known (at least for me) for a couple of years (I like to sometimes use Orvius plus Tysis combo for nuking some bombard crowds), though it is nearly not as effective as it takes a lot more time to kill an enemy and is harder to perform. And even more, what stops you from doing the same for this gun? Using another status weapon (and I've mentioned it in original post) in tandem with Redeemer P multiplies its damage output even further. Oh, and keep in mind that my ultimate goal is to make my own little contribution to not let this become a meta. In general to not let anything become a meta.
  15. So you spent some time finding this post and answering it although it was several days dead, but it was over your patience to read it carefully. Hmm, I see. My point was not to claim this weapon to be overpowered, though it is in fact overpowered (I just remind you that the definition of overpowered is not 'capable of doing 2 hour Mot solo without frame powers'), but that it greatly indicates how flawed melee is (i.e. broken). Nothing is being ignored in terms of health types and armor values (however the common sence seems to be). This weapon works on the same principles of every other melee, but it is a shotgun (capable of 100% status) and that's what breaks it. Other melees don't have multishot and firearms with similar stats (like Tigris P) don't have stealth multiplier, which make this weapon in many ways stronger than both of them for no actual reason.