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  1. Yes, they move them regularily. Not familiar with the process though, so where to write - I don't know.
  2. As a Russian client user I upvote this. You'd still rather post this somewhere in Feedback though.
  3. Are you sure you... I don't know... read the forum post by the devs about it? Because the answers are all there. Also, I am sorry but in current melee system only two things are versatile: CO-Blood Rush polearms and the Redeemer, neither requires chanelling to use.
  4. What's the point of this thread? You don't even know the reworked stats yet.
  5. Fair enough. One of the systems I like is something like Path of Exile where mana has the leading role but more powerful skills still have cooldowns to prevent spamming (despite the game still being pretty much about spamming). What I also like is how health and mana are restored there using flasks that recharge on kill. It's a complex subject if you ask me, but cooldowns shouldn't be the primary measure of power management. Also I was thinking about the cooldowns we have in ESO. For some reason they feel off to me. Probably because they are specific to the gamemode and forced on abilities that otherwise work without them.
  6. No, it's really not. That would be the cooldown system, simply because of how cheap and overused it is. Cooldowns are everywhere: Titanfall, Overwatch, Destiny, Borderlands, Doom - you name it. They are quite a crude mechanic though. Like the game uses a manual switch to cut you off your powers. Warframe on the other hand stepped in a different direction - it took the mana system from RPGs and implemented it in a shooter - a decision clever enough to at least be respected. The implementation though is another story. I'm personally ok with it. The only two things I distaste are energy pizzas, which shouldn't be added to begin with as they are the most unimaginative way of converting your resourse pile into energy; and Energizing Dash being exclusive to Zenurik for obvious reasons. Other than that energy system is very flexible and allows for much more build diversity than any other I can think of.
  7. I sincerely apologise if it was a joke, but I didn't get it (in which case I have a really bad sence of humor). But as far as I'm concearned most shooters give you an ability to carry more than one weapon to have some options how to approach an enemy. In some cases weapon slots can be interchangeable, like in Borderlands, but in case of Warframe they are divided into primary, secondary and melee weapons. In some games the ammount of slots can reach up to 10 like in Doom or more. Warframe decided to stop at 3 to 4 slots. I hope my explanation was clear.
  8. You know what, I totally support the OP! It's just disgusting to deal with such a 100% forced boring mechanic as NW missions. I think that it's totally understandable to just quit Warframe and play another game instead. And I have just the Game for OP. Know what it is? TETRIS! It's absolutely free, has zero microtransactions and not a single forced side mechanic in it! And if for some reason OP wouldn't like this awesome game... well, that's too bad, because it is the only one I could think of that actually satisfies the OP's interpretation of having no forced mechanics. So the OP can as well stop whining on Forums and force themselves to go enjoy the parts of the game they actually like.
  9. For reference: I've played the game for more than 3k hours according to profile stats, still found only 2, so... good luck... I guess
  10. Simply put - yes, you should (and on higher levels have to) pick your loadout depending on the faction. What you are complaining about is basically one of Warframe's major features - unique faction design. Where other games of same genre often stop at giving different factions their own health types and some unique elite enemies, here all three factions have their distinct tactics for killing you efficiently. Corpus in particular are specialized in three things: 1) countering AoE or channeled abilities, 2) high burst damage, 3) stagger and other control effects. But as you may suspect, they also lack some defense measures - they have the least effective health, they don't have any damage resistance and their fire can be easily evaded. They also are the only faction having neither magnetic procs nor energy leach eximus (don't know why are you complaining about energy drain). What's said above means that the best tactics for the Corpus is: 1) keeping high distanse (which means choosing weapons accordingly) 2) having a frame not focusing on AoE or closequarters combat(Mesa, Inaros, Nekros, Titania) 3) relying on tanking rather than control (which means frames like Banshee, Volt, Zephyr or Mag are riskier than let's say Wukong or Gauss). I also think that having to pick your whole loadout according to enemy faction rather than switching a couple of weapons for a better damage type is more of an advantage than a drawback.
  11. Ah, another day in General Discussion's healthy environment... But like, seriously, you've been saving all these creds for weeks and it never struck your mind that Kuva being in the shop doesn't even nearly have a reliable chance to apear? Well, I guess, 'learning new everyday' works here better than ever. (Not to mention Potatoes are far more reasonable investment for NW creds than Kuva)
  12. I mean, how many times you really need to jump in this game, considering enemies can as well die from your furious glance. I could of course add an alternative bind for jump and crouch to remaining two buttons on thumb keyboard on the mouse, but I won't bother tbh. Better just put that cup of tea to the side and use the left hand to jump.
  13. Yeah, as well as jumping, aiming and switching guns, but such moves are considered advanced maneuvers by me, and thus require additional level of concentration, i.e. using both hands.
  14. Behold, the following keybinding configuration can cause severe mental damage and is not recommended to be shown to children or people with unstable psychic condition. But in all honesty this can be useful as hell. For example I can more or less play the whole game with only one hand.
  15. Look to the up-right corner in the appearance screen
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