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  1. For me it was seeing my first TennoLive, the one of 2017, when they revealed the Plains of Eidolon. I thought it was incredible Warframe would have an open world. Well, obviously I was awfully wrong and open worlds turned out to be the most harmful thing the game ever had, but the moment was great surely.
  2. I don't know about that graph thing. It kind of contradicts my own experience. The thing is, when the challenge is practically non-existent, there can't be any relaxation, only boredom. A Cookie clicker can't be relaxing, because it poses absolutely no challenge, even if you had some skill, there's no way you can apply it in most of the content. In fact the most brutal enemy in Warframe's content is your desire to fall asleep. So I don't quite get what kind of relaxation people defending the power creep can experience. It's more about fear of change I suppose, or, even more likely, f
  3. Today we all have gathered here to say our last farewell to the Balance. Balance surely had a hard life, it overcame near impossible challenges, but in all those dire times still it managed to survive! The Balance was a friend for many of us. And for a lot of us the mere name of this great concept, 'Balance', inspired hope for a better future. But at last, to our greatest grief, its tough life has come to an end. You can rest in peace now. Goodbye, Balance. You will be remembered!
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