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  1. Also if you don't want spending energy pizzas in hundreds, you can also choose Oberon or Trinity. While Volt keeps his lures alive by wrecking the Eidolons faster than they can do any damage to them (which of course requires constant stream of sacrificing pizzas to the Elder Gods), frames like Oberon or Trinity just give lures damage resistance, so you can take whatever time you want to kill the Eidolons. Playing Volt as the dude did in the video requires a lot of things: maxed out Focus, some Rivens, a ton of polymer bundles, and a bit of luck, as Volt can easily die the stupidest death from AoE should you at least a little bit screw up the timings somewhere. Oberon and Trinity are more forgiving and require less effort unless you're willing to kill Eidolons in dosens during one night.
  2. Depends on the weapon Basically Status: High firerate - corrosive Low firerate: but has a lot of slash - viral but doesn't - pain and suffering raw damage or trying somehow exploit which little crit it's got Crit: Primary: And has at least some status- Hunter munitions and Viral And doesn't - whatever gives more damage against the faction + Hunter munitions Secondary: Whatever gives more damage against the faction + pain and suffering no Hunter munitions Hybrid: Maniacal evil laughter whichever works best, depends on the weapon, but mostly similar to status, but squeese some mods for crit Everything else - well... RIP in pieces, you're mostly not going to get any effective damage without decent % I don't consider myself a master of builds and don't enjoy running Mot for 99999999999 hours, but those simple principles are more tha enough to easily handle anything the game throws at me. Also it's useful to test every build of yours no mater what against the highest possible level heavy Grineer in Simulacrum. Because in 99% situations what works against Grineer works against anyone else.
  3. Well, first of all, your replies are very, very hard to read. They are saturated with terminology to an extent that I have to read each sentence over and over to finally get an idea of what you were trying to say. And that is by no mean a compliment. People on Forums like simple and laconic text, not a lengthy essay on the subject with links to some (presumably) smart peoples' monographs. On topic. As far as I was able to decipher your reply, you were basically saying that such characters as the Lotus, Ordis and Nora Night serve as a kind of announcers, informing us (as a player) of how the world of the game works and about events in that world we (as a character) should have known a priori without them. As such they are inevitably going to go off the character and break the immersion. That part by itself is no joke quite interesting. Reminded me of my reaction to those moments in games when a character's dialogue goes like: "Welcome to the Intergalactic Special Forces, recruit, use your WASD to move and your mouse to look around." Speaking of which, Warframe does the most basic player introduction to itself quite impressive without involving the characters or the UI and drowing the floating text on the surroundings instead. However what you also say is this: or more importantly: So regarding the first one, why should they not be able to be self aware? Their function in the game and their character in the universe are different things. Our introduction to the game's world could as well be done by our operator's mother or someone of that sort, who obviously would have to be self aware. Why then the Lotus or Ordis can't have self relflections and tell us their stories? Those rare moments of them going out of character are easily ommited and not treated as an actual part of the game's universe. As for the second one. Well, I could've misunderstood, but as I can see, you clearly say, that the story of Ordis is disconnected from the rest of the lore or contradicts it. And I want to know why. What exactly in his story is out of lore?
  4. Ehm, ok, I guess. I know the story by the way, have no idea why you would just copy all of it here. My question was 'what exactly in this story do you find contradictory to other lore?'
  5. How, exactly? Because for me that piece of story makes perfect sence, especially in the contect of all the other lore. But in case I miss something that makes it disconnected, maybe you can point it out to me. Also that is a huge wall of text, even by my standarts. With all due respect I don't have patience and don't want to read through all of this.
  6. Ah, yeah, sure you can also explain what collective act of imagining the same character being real Ordis and Hunhow had at that moment: Ordis: No, I am not that person... I am a Cephalon.Suda-Hunhow: Ordan Karris, the beast of the bones. Following that logic of yours every single event in the game previous to the Second Dream is just imagination of our operator, also Ballas and Isah during Umbra's memory sequences are imaginary, and in fact Ballas had no relation to creating the Umbra and was just chilling under the tree, when we suddenly came and killed that poor innocent man. The Man in the Wall is imaginary as well and doesn't exist, and the helmet of the lotus was secretly 3d printed by Ordis to make us think it was real. You know, conspiracies everywhere! Look, what you are talking about - events that seem real, but in fact being a hallucination - has a place in the story as well (it's the main sequence of The War Within). The difference is when it is really so, the game itself unambiguously hints the player about it. If we try pretending every instance of a character being asleep or unconcious is just him hallucinating, half of all the lore would just vanish out of existence and the story would become an absolute incoherent mess.
  7. Live reaction of Konzu reading this thread
  8. That's the attitude I see a lot, but although you may question my mental health, I really like Liches. In fact I like them more than, say Sorties or Tridolons or ESO, or practically half of the content in the game. They are for once focusing on the things in game I like. Searching for a specific enemy to kill instead of slaughtering everything alive, switching mission types, performing some fun finishing animations, etc. FFS that's the first time I actually considered looking what the enemy's weaknesses and resistances were. I think in the end the point is not to force yourself doing liches (or anything else for that matter) over and over, you can get burned out quickly. Well, as for frame pick, I usually do first 4 levels with Mesa, and then mostly switch to Valkyr with a Zaw heavy blade. You can as well do it with Nidus or Inaros.
  9. Well I've always interpreted it as "You ought to do a hell of a work to even think of having good intentions" Which if you think of who the Tenno are and what they've done in the past is quite fitting if you ask me.
  10. Wait, something just struck my head. Has anyone tried equipping Umbra and doing the mission with Operator till the friendly Lich spawns? I wonder if the poor screaming guy can become a Thrall. That would be a real twist in the story (and common sence).
  11. So the Lich was creating an army of kavats... ... or maybe not the Lich...
  12. Ah, so it's one of the new ones, wasn't really up to date with what was accepted recently. Well, you see what I mean just by looking on it, this syandana was specifically designed to look Sentient, it has all the shapes common for the faction. Volt's skin on the other hand does not have that, and that's not an offence towards it's creator, it just can't be made look like this. I've seen people comparing the skin to Limbo's deluxe and Revenant, but that's the point, those two were designed to look like this, and a Tennogen skin is restricted only to a custom helmet and retexturing of the body. Apparently that wasn't enough.
  13. Firstly, what exactly syandana do you mean, I'e just looked through accepted works on Steam Workshop and found none looking Sentient enough. Secondly, DE seem to be very careful about lore-heavy factions in any way possible, including the visual style. They don't want some independent artist's work to interfere with their own vision. Especially considering that a Tennogen skin cannot have alteted body model, and Volt's body doesn't look much Sentient. Thirdly, as far as I can see that submission was uploaded on Steam before the update on factions style guides came out, so the skin wasn't created according to official Sentient style guide. And like, even following all the guidelines for the style doesn't guarantee the work being accepted. After all Tennogen entries are individually selected by DE for their game, it's after them which one will be accepted.
  14. Hey, that's me! I mean, it's not my fault that damn Tenora has such a beautiful reload animation... And not reloading for more than 5 seconds obviously makes a person's life empty and incomplete, lacking any beat of enjoyment and happiness... right?.. Ugh, anyways, the mod set would be great, we just need to figure out how it would interact with battery based weapons and 'reload while holstered' mods.
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