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  1. Like every third random squad contains a player who does nothing for the missons. Sometimes they afk, sometimes they don't afk and just hang around mining fishing etc..And still they get the reward. The last mission I had failed because of limbo afk in rift. He couldn't die and the resque target sticked to him... This is really a problem has to be solved. For example, you could make missions do not start until all of the teammates enter the ares just like it is performed in some boss kill missions. Not giving a reward is not really an option cause there are sometimes players who rush
  2. I got 1680 exp for completing the 5th mission (at the mission reward screen). I participated in all of the mid-missions and the remaining daily exp cap is far from 0. I was playing in public mode. Also profile shows one exp cap and the fish shop is showing another one. Those problems started appearing after one of the recent hotfixes.
  3. "Спасибо за ответ, мы обязательно его рассмотрим. Ваше мнение очень важно для нас"
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