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  1. I fully agree with all points in this post and really hope DE listens to it. Also channeling now is basically unusable with this recent update, so rip my lifestrike builds.
  2. Based on my own playtime, and based on what pretty much everyone else who has replied said, his thrall limit needs to be increased because a hard cap of four with no health or damage buffs is entirely worthless as an ability, to the point where it might as well not even be an ability as aside from some synergy with his other abilities it's pretty worthless, which you don't even have enough time to use your abilities on them as they die nearly instantly if you have teammates. I like his other three abilities, but the thralls in their current state aren't even worth using at all which is disappo
  3. Same. Maybe we weren't actually supposed to be able to sit in the chair and get the lump yet, and DE fixed it in the new hotfix. Possible the room was just supposed to be a teaser and not actually let us do anything yet.
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