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  1. If anything when that new update about explosive weapons/self damage comes it might get a small nerf as the radius will be reduced. But otherwise, like everyone else said it's a good weapon very fun, but as far as capability is mid tier atm mostly because of that self damage, even the lenz has a short delay you can ninja/dodge your way out of. But as a Bow player because it has 40 levels it is still great for low level to mid level crowds control. As for any other Bow, i still love my Paris P as my "end game" bow with dread (proc slash) as my second, and lenz/mutalist/cernos p third.
  2. Sadly no. It is a little bit easier for console players as I quick 30 sec video of every transaction I do during trade. There was a case where I had evidence of a user trying to scam me. He did a glitch that showed the item picture but the item name would change. I recorded it, opened a support ticket, got my stuff back and I assume he must have been banned. It is not a bad idea, but depending what type of pc you are playing, I know even my windows 10 work pc has a capture ability if you press. Win + Alt + R
  3. Of the main 3, I would Say Excal. Ov everyone else, Ash & Nova.
  4. Like all other games I am against Nerfs. Not because of how bad nerfs hurt games but because more developers should focus on balance toward positive buffs. When there is a nerf it means something is working too well, and in a game like warframe where the "meta" seems to be the only thing people do, others just pick their favorite and turn that into the meta. Developers should focus on buffing to balance instead of nerfing something (except if exploited). I thought when Rivens arrived it would fix this issue and keep everything balanced, but it was mostly only a band-aid.
  5. time to load up smash and get me some stickers.
  6. I usually run Saturn if I am running instinct farm, and earth for titanium fast, but even so it is a heavy grind. I just trying to finish all the nodes in Veil mostly why I play it, but I already have all the rare mods, and been taking apart my mk 1 and 2 items for direct as well as those dup avionics. But When trying to do proxima it is very hard to get a good group going, and last time I played I was disgusted with the player who's rail jack I was in. It was one of those toxic veterans who thinks they know everything and are trying to take what little fun there is in the game out. Don't get me wrong I am a veteran too but I don't go around dissing on people, (we had 2 people who had never done it before) and he had us party up. I stayed because I needed the resources and was already deep in to back out, considering that would also hurt the other players success. So it just comes down to being able to do it by yourself. Even with my mk 1 weapons I am able to do the veil missions, but it does require a lot more engaging gameplay, with little room for errors. You know, I have thought about the mk 2 weapons with how desperate I was, but the titanium drain is 3000, which is half of 6000. There is no increase with missions and the end result it just does not equal up, rather save and build something I wont be changing often. A crew system is a little much right now, I would be happy with just the ability to remote control or ask a order while in a ship or asteroid to get support from my ship, ie hack, misssle, ability, etc. Hell, I would be happy if they fixed the ui for the battle avionics when accessing an ability on your ship. It should just be like using your warframe abilities not all this extra button pressing to go back to fireing after using your ability. Again it is a working progress, but until DE recognizes that it needs to fix the issues and not just bandage it up. It's fine if we ALL have to suffer together, but it's a little late for that. It is almost as bad as those loot crates on battle front 2. Because everyone who did the exploits and bought the rush drones are way ahead of the game. I keep doing veil because it is the best chance and only atm for getting a rush drone as a reward.
  7. So I built some a while ago during original railjacks and stuff. But I don't use them. If anything I have about 2000 shield drones I throw down and maybe a ship gunner. I should start using them. I saw someone a long time ago use a Nova specter for slow. If I wanted to use my slow nova Build, what would be the best way to do this. Which Specter should I make hundreds of and equipt in my gear If I just want her to spam her 4th, (prob equip her with a bramma/lenz ,.catchmoon or sonicor and long blade.) But I only want her 4th really. I completely forgot how to setup a specter.
  8. So I have avoided Rail Jacks for a bit, I know most people are going to say that is the problem right there. But I was doing Rail Jack when it came out, had everything built almost second day, (Clan of 1) and all my upgrades are researched. But because of how broken Rail Jack was I decided to stop playing it until they fixred the massive amount of bugs that left it unplayable for me. If it wasn't crashing, it was never letting me finish it, sometime I was so into them that after 1-2hrs trying to finish the mission it was just pointless to see me lose all my resources and etc. So I waited, I saw people doing the instricts exploit, and I don't play my games like that. There is a full thread discussion on that topic and if you are interested you can read it. But on top of all the bugs, the exploit, they had the Rush Repair Drones. Now this clearly was a p2w concept and I am glad they removed it, but at the same time, I kind of regret not buying at least 2, even when I had my coupons. The reason I feel this, Is after running every mission node from Earth to Saturn, and doing multiple Veil missions (Proxima) I still do not have close to enough resources to craft my first mk 3 weapons. Now I haven't even built mk 2 because the amount to Build MK 1-2-3 are all relatively close that it's better to just wait and build the mk 3. My problem is also that even with the helpfulness of Voide Hole, Mk1 weapons do almost nothing to the enemies in Veil. Thank God for my archwing setup and the slingshot, but The amount of effort put in to successfully do these compared to those who already have their ships up to date is a bit of a big Gap. So Big that at the current Rate, I really don't see how catching up is going to work if DE doesn't step in and try to balance this out. Even now I don't see how like for example Titanium, Asterite, or Telemores need to be that much when running missions usually gains about 1k. This is also if you stay a little longer in the mission to collect. It is already a chore considering there is no vacuum in space to help with the pickup unless you are running Limbo, Itzal, or greedy mag. Usually the Grind Ratio is not THIS bad, though it has been in the past (looking at first time they had to fix how much resources where required like 2 years ago for that update you know the one.) But I was starting too think, If my ship was going to compete with the big leagues that maybe I should invest even though I never like the idea of the Rush droids, just to build the front and side cannons. I have been running Veil missions but it just is not enough even with Nekros and a booster. I Know DE has stated the rush droids will be coming in veil rewards, have yet to get one with that .25% drop and I feel like the community had to pay for the removal of the caches because of the exploit. But regardless there really is no Full solution until they re balance some of these crafts because Even spending 50pla on something you might not use later or salvage is a bit ridiculous but understandable. So much that it almost felt necessary. I avoided doing the Kuva Lich, and now it is better than it has ever been. The grind for the payout is pretty equal now. But I do feel bad for newer players who have to deal with the Gap, at least I am not that far behind but still feels pretty hurtful to the rail jack content. I want to like it, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Hopefully some of these issues are addressed eventually, and maybe some common ground is reached. I know with Warframe it is either wait till it gets better, or you should have done it before it got worse. Hopefully this is the ladder.
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