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  1. I have seen this with every faction, including void mission. As my landing craft flies in towards the target vessel, most of the asset is simply missing, usually just a few attachment making it plain that a vessel should be there. I will grab screenshots if necessary.
  2. Broken War now seems to have a pinkish-red colour for it's energy. Didn't it used to be the standard blue, by default? Did I miss an intentional change? If so, please let me know, otherwise this is a visual bug.
  3. The Furis model is missing the magazine portion of the model. This is evident in the Arsenal, on the Orbiter and in missions.
  4. As the title: I just played exterminate in the void, looking for Argon, and I came across the challenge room. I'm terrible at parkour, half the time, and sure enough I messed up but wasn't too bothered. time ran out, and I was teleported to just past the sliding screen door, now locked. I had to abort as there was no way to exit.
  5. I was playing Tessera, initially with one other random player, but they left Wave 10 I believe. I successfully completed Wave 15, and then through to Wave 20 but three Ratels that were spawned would not take damage. Even after I had eliminated all other enemies nothing I could do would kill them, and I was forced to abort. I have uploaded my log to a support ticket and attached this URL to it.
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