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  1. Hello sorry i speak bad english, i'm french I play Warframe since the release of the game I'm rank 26, but now with this new invention of the new update 24_3_0 - Nightwave. DE you do anything, I'm fed up with wraframe, you're forced the player to to play a lot of mission that does not concern us,,, not interested , , not interested , , not interested , the challenges is too long , the challenges are too long the challenges are not too much fun ... the game is made to have fun ..... now with 24.3.0 warframe it's the chore , you're forced the player to to play the chore 😞 I will not stop playing warframe it's not normal I am not a baby, I am 54 years old and I play with my children of 17 and 18 years old + my friends French and Quebec I do not say thank you , bye
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