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  1. Yes, because enemies do often stop to shoot at you, which makes the very first examples true. Also, having no impact damage prioritises, in this case, Slash and Puncture procs, killing faster and lowering harm.
  2. @Thundersire, 1st, don't use Megathread tag. Make sure you don't have filters in your mod station that hides Maxed Mods.
  3. Thinking like that "Sword Mastery" in regular mmo's isn't a passive, because you could very much be using a Mace.
  4. Make sure you verify after exiting the mission, preferably if you finish the mission under the amount of time that the booster is supposed to be of as it takes effect imediately on pick up. In cases of when you're in a squad, usually only the host is able to see the text of the booster, even though everyone who picks it up gets it.
  5. I may be not speaking what matters, but may be of relevance. Since a certain update, the syndicate procs no longer alert enemies, so they might be able to do stealth damage.
  6. Mind sharing which hotfix that was implemented? I'm yet to notice such thing. I've done plenty of Kela in squads and I keep having to earn 100 50 back again.
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