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  1. We have removed the back-to-back Kuva Lich weapon mechanic that was added in 26.0.7, where your Kuva Lich would have a guaranteed different Kuva weapon than its immediate predecessor. With the change of the Kuva Larvling now displaying its birthed Kuva Lich weapon, there was no need to maintain the back-to-back restriction as you can now just choose to ignore or take the back-to-back weapon if you wish you use it for Valence Fusion. it was fine where it was i did a few liches before this and lich changes are great and all but trying to get a weapon i need after 50+ tries i guess we are back to RNGing me out of the game again
  2. hey guys i really love those sounds you were showing off amazing detail i love it
  3. great kuva lich and larva changes Kuva Miter WHEN!
  4. new Wisp movement animations with melee nikanas need fixing as well please it looks awful right now the sheath is not staying at her hip when shes in melee stance :( edit: oops guess i missed a hot fix looks good now ,
  5. im gonna say my bit as well nikana zaw is an absolute mess no proper energy colors, blade clipping on blade sheath, missing swing sounds , should have been delt with around melee phase 2 and now i discover its been like this since plains was added wow just wow
  6. accessing the “Board Railjack” option in the Menu from your Orbiter (option to “Return to Orbiter” is also available while on the Railjack!). mmmmky mmky *looks at image below* Oh My God! someone help that poor cat is stuck in a jar of peanut butter :O
  7. ya i know it goes way higher at times but mostly 50-80% of the time you gonna get 1 or 3 status damage types at all times, know whats confusing is how that mod is worded i had to spend time finding out that they have to damage you to get the buff :P
  8. i dont understand why people think Condition Overload is no good it adds up to at least 240% damage when you get damaged buy damage types how is that not good?
  9. those zaws need major fixing energy colors , swing sounds, duplicated sugatra's , skins not working right . zaws have been around a while now wth, my nikana zaws is such a mess i cant even do anything with it right now
  10. -‘Hold Melee’ will now perform heavy attack like it did before Phase 2. very nice i, thought it should go back EDIT: it still needs work it quick attacks before the heavy and doing it mid combo does not heavy attack so not the same as before.... -True Steel increased from 60% to 120% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attack) at Max Rank. -Sacrificial Steel increased from 88% to 220% Crit Chance (x2 for Heavy Attack) at Max Rank. O.o
  11. catchmoon riven stats are not showing up well im guessing its 1 disposition now instead of 3 but it still shows up as 3 even tho its mathing it out to 1, i saw that bs about why your destroying the catchmoon people use it because its a good fun weapon , thanks for making it clear that We Should Never Like Anything That People Use Most :/
  12. grendel missions are total trash please fix this like really wth
  13. really should remove capacity points from weapon exilus slots or find a way to give a few more points now its a major mess now most builds would require forma in all slots :/ and you wont add Ammo Stock as an exilus mod , there's not a lot of good mods there -recoil is good on a few weapons other then that its ammo max i guess? off to check out melee.
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