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  1. ok ya for a build like this you would need that 3rd umbra forma, also no regrets wisp is awesome, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2104981230 graphics are fine anisotropic filtering being limited to 8X is not fine at all and pretty much everyone is blind to the difference from 8X to 16X , 90% of people dont even seem to know that games from devs like Koei Tecmo every single game of theirs you have to set anisotropic filtering in control panel, but every one will just complain about how it looks instead of "investigating" and tweaking the settings , i am stunned that no one here ever seems to notice this problem
  2. im starting to not like nightwave quite a bit its far too much just for an umbra forma at least put two in each nightwave, a lot of stuff this round is just meh other then the shoulders and umbra forma that i will be unable to utilise until i get three of the damn things like crist it took almost 2 years to get my umbra wisp (3 umbra forma),, also revert this joke of a anisotropic filtering change i read somewhere that the reason it cant go anymore then 8X is because you found a "better?" method of anisotropic filtering well i here to tell you it looks like crap give us an option to use the 16X without this crappy new method because it still looks blurry at a short distance its especially noticeable with Grate Flooring at an angle..
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