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  1. STILL NO FIX FOR ARCH GUNS WHEN PICKING STUFF UP it wigs out bad disables melee disables some items and cant activate arch gun again . DE are you gonna recognize and fix this or what :( Edit : again this time i self damaged myself with lurksur and was stuck with only my secondary
  2. ya really disappointed with how some drops are , drop rate is what 0.06% if this was a weapon or frame part id be absolutely livid crist look at all those toroids XD thats about 118 runs from 4x boosters yikes
  3. FOCUS ON ATMOSPHERE ARCHGUN BUG FIXING , profit taker is such a bug filled mess words can not describe it ..
  4. ok the battle was actually very cool our group had a blast but my worry is it was a long game and i only got a torid from her :( how many times i have to grind it to get at least the rare frame part :(
  5. well that's dumb how are we supposed to know what the hell it was in the door and what happens when we finish because one hash was done found the door having just one key word for the door then two hours later all gone nothing and no explanation no way to open door just all gone ..
  6. Fix the data hash scanning quest it just disappeared we can't open the door at all now , what a wast of time that was
  7. what happened is my key was bound with something else i still have to find a place to put that extra key :/ my G700 mouse is at full use and running out of places for a spot on my keyboard XD , also combos are there just hold back or forward while attacking no biggie ..
  8. i love how quick melee is normal melee now love it but there's no Hold block and there's combos related to that that cant be done and is channeling gone? someone said its in secondary fire but it cant really work well there not sure what he meant .
  9. kitguns cannot be picked back up after being stolen by those grineer dudes, this is 100% obvious in kuva fortress survival and everyone has the same issue, needs fix bad :( battacor gets stuck in auto fire (the user cannot see this just the observer), we like the catchmoon but it hits everything but the enemy and seeker mod with punchthrough does not work at all i had to put it away :( fish spawn under ground a lot at the water edges , you can tell this is true but throwing your spear in the water at the edge and hear the fish scurry away further in land :/ thx for fixing extractors in fortuna ;) that was getting bizarre.
  10. The Ocucor is a bit too weak (even atomos blows it out of the water) atomos base elemental 29 vs Ocucor 20 is the major draw back the puncture is a very sad 12.2 with a maxed build same prime mods forma+riven+all max mod rank , my atomos 1012 elemental my Ocucor a very sad 572.9 elemental. fyi my Ocucor riven is slightly stronger then atomos riven by like 12 multishot . battacor is glitching when viewing another player useing it , it gets stuck fireing even tho they are not fire the weapon player cant see this.
  11. i would like to report that i got ash but i was Not supposed to i did not partake in it so i should not have gotten him :/
  12. Limbo needs a "Proper" rework, every time this troll frame pops up in my game i have to leave its not the players fault *points fingers*
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