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  1. the scarf end on the right side from the rear needs to drape like the other side many syandanas don't look right and clipping looks weird. Edit: and maybe a bit heavier too so they don't flop around as much, the wisp alt helmet seemed the right kind of heavy ..
  2. well my gram prime energy colors are all messed up AGAIN (#1red and #2blue) why to you keep messing up my colors all the time :( , something does not look right with other things and reading postes above seems legit .
  3. for the time it takes kuva disruption it is below half vs kuva survival i like the new kuva disruption but it needs to be far Far more rewarding...
  4. is it too much to ask to fill my ship up with floof balls like a Ball Pit :P and yes i know the answer :(
  5. other peoples kills don't count which i find odd because that makes doing it solo far better, it should be a co-op thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just because i don't like the weapon does not mean im bad at using it or not know how to use it :/
  6. 1 Nakak Pearl per kill only counts if you kill them i got 33 kills and only got 20 , way to not listen or ease our grind DE this not only makes no difference but sitting in a tree is still more fun and viable then dealing with these awful soketron weapons and awful nakak prices ,, this could have been fun :(
  7. COLOR CODE THE BLOODY RELIC REWARDS SCREEN SO WE KNOW WHATS COMMON(bronze) / UNCOMMON(silver) / RARE(gold) release stuff when its finished jeez these Ropalolyst fixxes are pretty much usless to a lot of us that finished it at release and it was a god awful mess :( i should not have to force myself to wait after content releases because things are so bug ridden but this is a norm atm RELEASE STUFF WHEN ITS FINISHED, WE CAN WAIT
  8. we cant tell whats uncommon or rare from relic rewards menu , i don't understand it looked and functioned just fine before you changed it ...
  9. Stop Changeing The ui all the time
  10. STILL NO FIX FOR ARCH GUNS WHEN PICKING STUFF UP it wigs out bad disables melee disables some items and cant activate arch gun again . DE are you gonna recognize and fix this or what :( Edit : again this time i self damaged myself with lurksur and was stuck with only my secondary
  11. ya really disappointed with how some drops are , drop rate is what 0.06% if this was a weapon or frame part id be absolutely livid crist look at all those toroids XD thats about 118 runs from 4x boosters yikes
  12. FOCUS ON ATMOSPHERE ARCHGUN BUG FIXING , profit taker is such a bug filled mess words can not describe it ..
  13. ok the battle was actually very cool our group had a blast but my worry is it was a long game and i only got a torid from her :( how many times i have to grind it to get at least the rare frame part :(
  14. well that's dumb how are we supposed to know what the hell it was in the door and what happens when we finish because one hash was done found the door having just one key word for the door then two hours later all gone nothing and no explanation no way to open door just all gone ..
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