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  1. if they were separated to utility on sentinels, no weapons on them or anything and more focused on the murder for the pets, no vacuum, radar, etc then sure, i'd love that also with taking sentinels outta combat, make them immortal make regen auto revive the player or the pet instead
  2. the new missions don't feel like RAILJACK missions too much normal gameplay, not enough railjack gameplay railjack should be railjack right now the railjack feels more like just a way to get to objectives than the focus itself that being said skirmish was too MUCH railjack if you could smoosh together new and old for a happy middle ground we'd be in business
  3. Lich crewmates are basically pointless they wander around the interior waiting for a boarding party... that never comes with a good pilot Lich crewmates should be customizable, colors and syandana (no attachments) they should be allowed any Lich weapon the player owns maybe they could be gunners or pilots we should be able to rank them up to level 5 if they weren't captured at level 5 and, especially with how they are now, they should be able to be on call right now they're like glorified decorations I'd also like to see a full crew of Tenno allowed a single AI crewmate AI
  4. Can lich crewmates get some love? can't change weapons can only defend can't be on call no customization Bopp Bipp deserves better
  5. I was really hoping even a full crew of Tenno would get ONE AI crewmate so I could always have Bopp Bipp on my ship
  6. posted this a while back these would be bonuses you get for having 2 intrinsics maxed out
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