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  1. really cool looking, but probably a better enemy than a frame looks like an absolute badass, too
  2. sharkwing feels like moving through pudding skywing can get shot down as you jump in spacewing radar is #*!%ed skywing + spacewing movement is garbage worst part is the lack of fun content
  3. man, i've wanted that for a long time we could get some ghost skins for our sentinels, they could get sentinel skins for their ghosts we could get some ships as landing craft skins, they could get our landing crafts we could get some of their helmets as alt helms for some frames, they could get some of our frame's alt helms as ornaments we could get some of their weapons, they could get some of ours we get a series of missions on the leviathan and they get a series of strikes on an orokin tower or maybe somewhere else, like lua / the moon we'd fight their enemies, they'd fight ours obviously with some HEAVY rebalancing i think it could be pretty awesome
  4. can we get disruption's rotation style in more missions? so nice to get better rewards from better performance
  5. this the fight is fun as hell and i wanna slap him around some more
  6. so roughly 50% more endo gain, awesome not a big fan of the increased vitus costs on those damn rivens, but increased gain so... ehhh? lets hope the drop chance off the drone isnt awful kuva in the vitus shop is a GREAT way to get me going into arbies more rewards that are always useful pls
  7. Vauban, pure CC is outclassed by murder every time Ember and Atlas aren't in a great place either
  8. And "Almost universal syndicate medalion" just doesn't have the same ring to it
  9. i was messing with some ideas on this a while back came up with: shield having a hidden value similar to armor that was based on shield capacity, high shield max = higher value so higher max shield means stronger shield OR as shield is depleted it gains damage reduction, up to 75% reduction is equal to percent of shield missing
  10. i would love if this became a real thing and not just a bug
  11. this was originally the plan i believe, you can find old Warframe media depicting a male and female Excalibur i think it was axed because it doubles the modeling requirements for all frames a lot of people have posted in favor of doing it, but unfortunately i think DE has pretty much solidified that its not gunna happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh_1FveRn_8 heres a video with male and female Excal
  12. you've made a lotta posts about your clan emblem being rejected but you never posted the emblem or shared their reason for not approving it, which you should have received in an email if the wiki is to be believed
  13. i would add myself to the dev team i'd love to work for DE lol
  14. 14 little bugs in the code, 14 little bugs. Take one down, patch it around, 124 little bugs in the code...
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