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  1. - Beat up Exploiter Orb, resource problem solved. Personally I've never had trouble finding the common ores or drops from mining, and toriods are tedious but easy enough to get.
  2. Just read this https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bvfs68/explanation_about_the_bugfix_to_ivaras_cloak/ EDIT: It seems the links in the other replies actually explain it more concisely, my bad
  3. You mean all the reworks they are systematically doing as they release new frames? Granted the last few haven't been great (Nyx and Titania especially) but they aren't completely ignoring them. Warframe is a game that thrives on new content, they need to release new content while patching the old stuff to remain relevant.
  4. Did you search for actual issues about sensitivity rounding or converting sensitivity? By default the search function will search for any word you put in it, so it'll bring up a lot of results even if it has nothing to do with your problem. I literally can't find another thread about converting sensitivity.
  5. Honestly, I don't think anyone who plays Warframe regularly really cares
  6. It could be something else on your PC, or just Warframe uses too much resources on your computer or something. I can play music with Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, etc. without any trouble.
  7. It could possibly be from the account transfers, I'm not sure how much information those carry over. EDIT: Tennoed
  8. I disagree with that, I'd say the majority would be neutral, then followed by the people that like it (me for one) then, the people that dislike it.
  9. Hmm, I guess not being able to attack while aim gliding with melee can be a problem, I never really did that with anything other then slide attacks before, and the feeling of them hasn't really changed for me,.
  10. You control it while your gun is out? you can still hit instantly with your gun out. At least that's what I do, the removal of block glide didn't effect me at all, and I would use it a lot.
  11. It sounds like you only used quick melee when mixing them up, I used everything, the gap closer combos, quick melee, every type of combo that would be useful. This system has made that so much easier. I've never had the reloading problem, ever, I still do the exact same thing I used to do, and everything works exactly when I want it to. Using alt fire can be a problem I guess, since using solely quick melee allowed that. I can't speak on the syndicate procs, since I never use any of the syndicate weapons, but that does sound like something that'll be fixed, and also a personal problem of using syndicate weapons that doesn't apply to any other set of weapons. Autoblocking is an issue for a lot of people, but I've never really found it gets in my way, I do want it to be changed though. When I'm in the air I normally have my gun out, autoblock doesn't interfere with me there, and when I'm on the ground it doesn't really activate often for me because of how I play, I'm never really just running straight at the enemy. As others have mentioned though, there is still a block button in the game, you just need to assign a key to it. The problem with that though is that it doesn't disable autoblocking.
  12. On the flipside, while this new system really hurts melee-only players, for me, as a player who would switch between weapons similar to what we have now, it augments my playstyle perfectly, and makes for some of the most fluid combat I have experienced.
  13. The red wave that the rapalolyst sends out when you break it's shields disables movement abilities, which includes operator dashing, and I guess returning and exiting your warframe has been bundled into it. I've always been able to use every one of my abilities as long as I am not hit by that wave. I ran it for probably twp-three hours and never had a gltiched fight out of it.
  14. This year new yeah. It was probably added in February. you can search Pablo's twitter for posts if you want an exact date. EDIT: Sorry, reordering frame configurations came last November.
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