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  1. Those NPCs with jetpacks aren't the common fodder enemies, they're the rare enemies. Every single enemy doesn't have a jetpack, and what civilization would want to use a jetpack to simply travel straight up? I'll let others tear you apart on that, there's been so many answers to threads about how Leyou doesn't control DE.
  2. Warframe has some great graphics, they've just taken a lot of effort to optimize it while looking good, which is why your GPU utilization is low. They are updating all the rendering tech in the game though.
  3. No, they won't be, there's a lot less time for Arcane Grace to actually trigger, and on top of that Arcane grace is percentage based, it works well on Inaros because of his stupidly high health pool.
  4. Inaros with Adaptation + 2x Arcane Grace/ Arcane Grace + Guardian is pretty unkillable to me. I know adaptation can only cover so many elements, but he still gains health while being shot at by lvl 155s. Anyway, I agree with all of these really, but Trinity is a better tank then Gara, with two instances of 75% damage reduction, which gives here 93% damage reduction I believe, plus innate ability to heal herself, and the ability to stack arcanes and mods on top of that for more tankiness. @_Urakaze_ Nezha can get 98 or 99% damage reduction I believe with Health Conversion, and just armor in general in combination with Warding Halo. He can self heal by generating health orbs which benefit Health Conversion, making it basically a flat armor buff for him that he can constantly have up. Gara can't use that though, since she can't generate health orbs/
  5. Handcrafted enviorments can get stale even faster then the procedural generated ones, just for the fact that instead of it being the same tiles in a different layout, it'd be the same look, and the same layout in every single mission of that variety. That'd get old pretty quick.
  6. There's an autoban that would for editing the game files. It bans for Cheatengine being open on your PC while warframe is
  7. I would mount by tombfinger in my Moa in a heartbeat
  8. It's RNG, with it's drop chance is 0.67%, so at 150 runs it's a decent chance you'd get one, but it's still not guaranteed. You could probably easily get 200 before it drops. Good thing it's not necessary at all, especially with Melee 3.0 coming up
  9. It's actually meant to be "planes" from what I got. He was talking about always being unable to spell Duviri. The others corrected him that "Planes" was actually correct.
  10. How do you not user her 4? It makes it so enemies spread spores on death without you killing them. It's a great way to get them over almost the entire map immediately, or keep your spores up when it drops to just those 1-2 infected.
  11. Oh really? Well, it most defenitly is a game changer, and to be more specific, it's hold crouch, and tap sprint
  12. Honestly, I've never had a problem rolling when I need to, either while using my key for it, or just using the default activators for it (crouch+sprint) it may be my keybindings though that make it no issue. I think it'd be good to have a "toggle sprint by default" option, but I personally wouldn't use it since I like having control of my characters movement speed.
  13. "People worked hard for it" in the case of the Hema, is way different then in the case of anything else. Putting 6 forma on a weapon isn't hard, it's tedious, same with frames.
  14. Honestly, I say this every time. but is this really a serious problem? I almost never run across leechers, and if I do come across the the rare instance of having one, it doesn't really impede the mission at all, since you can solo everything in the game quite easily.
  15. I'd say just a draw speed mod on your Lanka, and no Heavy Caliber since it can be hard to hit moving parts of the eidolons with it on.
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