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  1. PoisonHD

    Sigma & Octantis build, kinda weak?

    You would think that, but every test I've done has it preforming better with CO on it then with a pure crit build.
  2. PoisonHD

    Sigma & Octantis build, kinda weak?

    Image is broken, but mine kills quicker then my Silva & Aegis Prime with this build
  3. PoisonHD

    Base capture in the Vallis - Fun but pointless?

    They probably will be involved in the spider fights, personally I take the bases when I just stay out for an hour or so.
  4. PoisonHD

    Nezha Chakram usable when no other melee equipped?

    We have glaives, which are sci-fi versions of Chakrams.
  5. PoisonHD

    Kit/Zaw Archguns Are Coming.

    Those are the tools the people of Fortuna use, the hammer, welder, and jackhammer
  6. PoisonHD

    Rivens need to be revisited!

    Honestly, it must be sad to be a pessimist and assume the worst out of anything.
  7. PoisonHD

    Rivens need to be revisited!

    Eidolons aren't balanced around rivens, the step to having a game mode balanced around rivens would be the same step as a new player has when they realized leveling up mods exist. You'd hit a wall, that you can't really progress by without rivens, just like new players get when they hit saturn or jupiter.
  8. PoisonHD

    Rivens need to be revisited!

    They aren't, because they aren't that easy to get. Unless you're seriously grinding rivens, or actively trading for the purpose of collecting them, you're not going to have a godly riven. I personally try sometimes and don't have any. They also haven't done it, because as you said we don't have any tough content for weapons without rivens, so you can only one shot so hard.
  9. PoisonHD

    Rivens need to be revisited!

    I'm not talking about current, I'm talking about anything they can add. If they add a gamemode, that is actually tough without rivens, but have allowed people to lock stats to roll OP rivens, that game mode is going to be complained about by veterans with super overpowered rivens because it is easy for them. Game balance shouldn't be based around rivens, ever, which is basically what will happen if you lock stats.
  10. PoisonHD

    Rivens need to be revisited!

    It's a balance issue, if everyone has OP rivens, and they are not balancing around rivens, then those people will constantly be complaining when there is no tough content for them.
  11. PoisonHD

    Remove Titania's wings when not in Razorwing

    I think it ruins her to not have them, but as long as we have the option to keep them, why not? I personally think we should have more parts of frames in the auxiliary slot.
  12. PoisonHD

    Blazing Chakram has too much going on for it

    EDIT: Ignore me! Didn't see conclave! Not used to seeing posts that aren't based on PvE
  13. PoisonHD

    Is there a Meta Zaw to build?

    Plague Zaw's are the best in slot for a lot of melee weapons at the moment. Plague kripath polearm is my way to go, I forget the attachments though
  14. PoisonHD

    War vs. Gram Prime

    Gram Prime, look at the stats, even with it's low swing speed it's better. Not to even mention rivens.
  15. PoisonHD

    Switch/Platinum question.

    Its normal that it didn't transfer over, PS4 and Xbox didn't have them transfer over. It's partly because the way discounts work on consoles, they're for items, not for the purchase itself. You'll have to buy platinum through the Nintendo store I would guess