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  1. What I was thinking is, only damage buffs that apply to frames could be swapped, not abilities that give enemies a "debuff" that lets them take additional damage, or dual purpose abilities for CC/Damage (Shooting Gallery).
  2. I'm taking it as specifically any ability whose sole purpose is to be a damage buff, like mulitple of Octavia's abilities, or Vex Armor, or Harrow's Ultimate. I'm not putting something like, Electric Shield from volt in there because it's not a damage buff that applies directly on the frame with a timer. So to me, they're meaning any damage buff ability, that is explicitly made with the sole purpose of buffing damage, can be swapped with Eclipse or Roar.
  3. Can't roar (or any other buffing ability) only be put on frames with another buffing ability already though? It also won't let you have two at once. Like on Wisp it was given a 10, but that'd get rid of her pylons, one of the best buffing abilities in the game... So like half of what roar got a ten on there, probably can't have the ability anyway.
  4. I mean, putting Frost's ice wave with the augment on a frame that already uses high range as a regular stat could be quite fun. Firewalker increases movement speed, so replacing volt's 1 with that will be very fun. Firewalker can also stack quite a bit of damage with it's augment. Shock comes with Shock Trooper as well, off the top of my head you could easily use it on Rhino, replacing his 1, and getting a frame with 2 buffing abilities. To be fair, I don't use Ironclad Charge + Iron Shrapnel, so Rhino's 1 is useless to me, but still.
  5. I'm just not looking forward to having to farm two of every new frame that comes out. Lots of simaris grinding for quest frames... On topic though, any ability that you think of when you think of the frame would be considered signature. Nezha for instance, I see the big freaking ring on his back and immediately thing Blazing Chakram and Warding Halo
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