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  1. TL;DR - Two teams of 4 start in Archwing, fight loads of enemies and do objectives in different "rooms", and fight at the end in a sort of King Of the Hill. DE said that they want us to play Conclave, but we all know how bad it can be. So I thought of a way to fix it, through a Railjack mission. The mission will be set in an Infested/Corpus tileset, with a similar aesthetic to the Infested Ship on Eris. It can be set on Eris, but from the Gameplay in TennoCon, Eris isn't a part of the the missions, so it can be set in the Heliosphere. It doesn't start in Conclave straight away however, it will only begin if two ships in the Heliosphere go to a specific part of the map, which contains rare materials (I'll get to this later). Once they have reached the entrance of this area, Cephalon Cy will say, "Tenno ship detected, decide if you still want the materials quickly, or we may have to resort to fighting your fellow Tenno." or something like that. If both ships go into the entrance, it starts a mini-cutscene which shows both crews going into Archwing, and flying into the area. It begins with the two teams being in two seperate areas, far away and unreachable from each other, but still being able to see the other team. It then begins the first phase. These phases are randomly chosen from a few presets, and are mini objectives which allow you to bypass the first area, and go to the second. There are three areas, all having their own phases. An example could be kill X Infested, or destroy air mines which are blocking you. You can't progress to the next area without doing these objectives so you must do them as quickly as you can. Once 1 team has finished the third area, a seperate area, which is accessible for both teams when they have finished all areas, opens up after the last one. Here, rare materials can be found, and a Dusklight Crystal is in the middle of this place. This serves as the "Hill", and is where the PVP side starts. Once a team has got to the Crystal, they can sabotage the other team's route, so it is harder for them to pass. All mods and Gear are removed for this section to make things fair, and they use the PVP mods instead, but only for the last part. Archwing mode will still have mods equipped. The Dusklight Crystal must be captured, and then held for about 2 and a half minutes. If both teams get to it at the same time, or in about 5 seconds of each other, they must both fight it out. They can respawn, and when the other team captures it, it will still keep the timer for the team that captured it first. If the Crystal is being captured, the timer won't stop, until it is fully captured, similarly to a Interception node. Once it is fully captured, it becomes into a Deathmatch, with 1 life for both teams. The other team can win, but only if they stick together, and outsmart the other team. Once 1 team have been defeated, the winning team can take the resources, and fly away. I hope this is a good suggestion, please give any ideas or criticism if you have any.
  2. It's no suprise that people want to defend Volt's position. Also: Octavia was meant to be a bard frame, Hyldrin is the shield frame, Gara is more of a balance between offense and defence, and Frost is more defensive. Volt isn't getting replaced. Gauss is good for open world, Volt can be good for normal missions and open world.
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