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  1. EndermanBeast

    Sooo eeeh.. Pokémon?

    The reason why we're "capturing" them is to save them from the Corpus and stopping their extinction basically. Capturing them for our "games" would be the opposite of what Biz wants.
  2. EndermanBeast

    TotalN3wb: Gone, but not forgotten

    Sorry, but I never knew about TotalN3WB. This still saddens me nonetheless. Thanks for saying though, I probably wouldn't have known.
  3. EndermanBeast

    A new random frame tab

    Sadly it doesn't, so you're going to have to press the button every single time.
  4. EndermanBeast

    Game breaking bug, please help ASAP

    Report it here https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us (DE's support.) or here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/194-matchmaking/ (Matchmaking for Console Bugs) or here https://forums.warframe.com/forum/164-xbox-one-ps4-bugs/ (All Console Bugs)
  5. EndermanBeast

    Mag Umbra

    This has not be confirmed but it's almost definitely likely that they're making more. They will probably make Mag, Volt and the rest of the "original" frames that came with the launch of Warframe, so Ash, Ember, Excalibur (already done), Loki, Mag, Rhino, Trinity and Volt. I think they'll do Volt and Mag first since they are the existing starter frames, and then Loki and the rest.
  6. EndermanBeast

    Should Console Players Watch TennoCon Streams?

    Like what Bostero19- said, it's fine, if you play the quest before.
  7. EndermanBeast

    A new random frame tab

    Not much people know about it, the only reason why I do is because of DK.
  8. EndermanBeast

    A new random frame tab

    Go into Loadout Options, in the bottom left, when you're in the arsenal, then press Randomise.
  9. EndermanBeast

    A new random frame tab

    We can do that already.
  10. EndermanBeast

    Your Dream Warframe!

    eXcaLiBuR pRiMe. but seriously tho, Volt Umbra.
  11. EndermanBeast

    Monthly Prime Giveaway - June 2018

    No offence, but this seems like a shameless plug, to get more subscribers. Oh and
  12. EndermanBeast

    What Is Khora Supposed To Be...?

    Yall just don't know that you just nekroed.
  13. EndermanBeast


    Have you checked the Codex Fragments yet? You'll see what they are.
  14. EndermanBeast

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Don't know if he usually says this, but when I cured Excalibur Umbra of the Helminth Cyst, Helminth talked, and said that it was weak and time heals the mind.
  15. EndermanBeast


    It won't work. You must actually send a message to him.