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  1. direcyphre

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    Better late than never!
  2. direcyphre

    Do y'all get mad when a Mesa steals all the kills?

    I am the Mesa. I am only mad that nobody ever gets as many kills as me, because I don't even use Peacemaker. Literally just shooting things with my gun (and using abilities for their defensive capabilities) and somehow getting more kills.
  3. direcyphre

    Parkour System needs more use?

    There actually have been additions made that had more inventive uses for the parkour system. The problem? People couldn't figure it out easily enough, so those same tiles also added a 'simple' method for traversal, which is where markers will always point towards. In order to make maps more viable for players of all skill ranges, they haven't added any real parkour requirements beyond tutorials and mastery tests.
  4. direcyphre

    How to play ash p and mesa

    Mesa is all about that duration and a little bit of power strength. Shattershield augment is an amazing edition to always keep enemies at bay (stuns enemies that shoot you). Duration also effects continuous usage abilities, like Peacemaker, making it more efficient. If you end up with negative power range, it only effects how small your circle gets using Peacemaker, so its not a huge deal. How to use Mesa? Gear up your best secondary weapon for the bonuses and go to town! Keep Shooting Gallery and Shattershield up all the time, and whip out Peacemaker if faced with a horde.
  5. direcyphre

    Mesa Vs Loki

    Loki can wait, Mesa is always the answer!
  6. direcyphre

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0

    Wait, so they altered the 'kill X Dargyns with a bow' riven challenge, but only for new Rivens? The challenge itself sounds really dumb until you try it, because you have to get all of the kills basically without ever getting shot (as opposed to a status effect, which would show up near your shields/health). Dargyns on the ground also didn't count against the total either.
  7. direcyphre

    Anniversary Rewards

    Literally a new item every year, AND those other anniversary items yield slots.
  8. direcyphre

    Wording of Exterminate without being detected Riven

    Problem is, your sample size of 1 isn't really indicative that what caused the riven to not unlock is some unknown, additional condition. You can be detected in a variety of ways, and there are no other witnesses to this event you claim. Chances are, you were just detected on the first run.
  9. direcyphre

    My issue with Mastery Rank

    Mastery is about the mastery of all things in warframe, not using the same frames and weapons all the time. Once you have raised a weapon or frame to level 30, you have received all possible mastery affinity from that item. 100 mastery for every weapon level, 200 mastery for every warframe/companion level, resulting in 3000 mastery from weapons and 6000 mastery from warframes. The purpose is to get people to move on. You may have settled on a particular weapon and frame, but at MR7, you haven't come close to trying the vast majority of what is available to even know if what you have is ideal for you. Unfortunately leveling the same weapons and frames isn't mastery, it's just increasing your relative skill using what you have already mastered. You're never going to get more mastery affinity for using the same equipment, no matter how many forma you use. Singleplayer and multiplayer have no real bearing on this game whatsoever. Whether you play solo or with others is entirely up to you. The only thing that changes is an increased enemy spawn with more people in a mission. You are not inherently better off one way or the other, provided you have no issues playing all the mission types by yourself. However, if you're getting one shot by grunts in level 35 missions, you should spend some time improving your mods, as level 35 is really only the starting point for higher level areas like Pluto.
  10. direcyphre

    Improve the fun rather then remove it

    Ah, this reminds me of the good old days. Back when Quick Thinking was changed and everyone lost their minds and could no longer play because they weren't invulnerable.
  11. direcyphre

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6

    "Still no fix for [thing that was intentional but player dislikes]" Got old a long time ago.
  12. direcyphre

    Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    That's a lotta weapon buffs! Although I'm guessing Mara Detron is now more of a sidegrade if its slightly more effective and slightly longer ranges instead of base damage.
  13. direcyphre


    Synthewave mandachord when.
  14. direcyphre

    Devstream #90 Overview

    I feel a bit of Eldar from the new frame.