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  1. direcyphre

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.6

    I'm not so sure someone properly calculated that two mallets with 50% range is considered at all positive. Range being one large diameter, turned into two diameters that are half the diameter effectively reduces overall range of anything you could possibly accomplish. It would need to be something like 25% less range, or add some benefit to having them split (like different following AI, adding benefits for teammates, etc). Also, completely missed the opportunity to call it 'stereo'
  2. direcyphre

    Unclickable Session Unavailable while loading

    Ran into this as well. Doesn't appear to be a phantom cursor either, it just flat out won't let you do anything pointer related. Perhaps related to the new control scheme changes (even though I have no controller connected).
  3. Probably made it accessible to other frames or something. Adding/replacing items would fix whatever the originals may have had issues with.
  4. direcyphre

    Make komi a playable game (SPOILERS)

    Replace Conclave with Go tables. Then we'll have some real PvP
  5. direcyphre

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    Third time in a row tonight: at some point the host disconnects or leaves and I'm stuck on a screen for host migration that never ends. All of which during Sanctuary Onslaught, because you know, still trying to farm those Khora parts. What do I get? Absolutely nothing, as I had to alt-F4 every time. Would really prefer to not continue wasting literally hours of time with nothing to show for it, especially in Sanctuary Onslaught which has yielded me too few Khora parts.
  6. direcyphre

    [PC] Update 23: General Bug Report Megathread

    Sure would be nice if I could download the update faster than 10KB/s. 2 hours later, I've tried restarting the launcher and the rate is still awful. I could literally download an entire 50GB game in a few minutes elsewhere.
  7. direcyphre

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    Someday... someday I hope to have a decent download rate from the servers. Nothing wrong with my particular internet, but apparently friends elsewhere in the world have no bandwidth issues whatsoever to wherever the server is.
  8. direcyphre

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    Better late than never!
  9. direcyphre

    Do y'all get mad when a Mesa steals all the kills?

    I am the Mesa. I am only mad that nobody ever gets as many kills as me, because I don't even use Peacemaker. Literally just shooting things with my gun (and using abilities for their defensive capabilities) and somehow getting more kills.
  10. direcyphre

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0

    Wait, so they altered the 'kill X Dargyns with a bow' riven challenge, but only for new Rivens? The challenge itself sounds really dumb until you try it, because you have to get all of the kills basically without ever getting shot (as opposed to a status effect, which would show up near your shields/health). Dargyns on the ground also didn't count against the total either.
  11. direcyphre

    Wording of Exterminate without being detected Riven

    Problem is, your sample size of 1 isn't really indicative that what caused the riven to not unlock is some unknown, additional condition. You can be detected in a variety of ways, and there are no other witnesses to this event you claim. Chances are, you were just detected on the first run.
  12. direcyphre

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6

    "Still no fix for [thing that was intentional but player dislikes]" Got old a long time ago.
  13. direcyphre

    Update 21: Chains of Harrow

    That's a lotta weapon buffs! Although I'm guessing Mara Detron is now more of a sidegrade if its slightly more effective and slightly longer ranges instead of base damage.
  14. direcyphre


    Synthewave mandachord when.
  15. direcyphre

    Devstream #90 Overview

    I feel a bit of Eldar from the new frame.