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    Way I see it, if they could make a new weapon skin, they may as well make it a new weapon entirely. I'd much rather have more weapons than less with skin options. There is no 'quality' differentiation between weapons because they all operate under the same premise using the same animation depending on the class of weapon (heavy, dual, single, etc). Currently there is also no means to customize weapons like warframes (the small color pallette icon, where you change such things as helmet, skin, and color).
  2. By subscribing to this forum section: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/forum/35-alert-notifications/
  3. Boss stun. As the whole 'jump slash with heavy weapons' against bosses has been nerfed if you weren't aware, people must rely on abilities to temporarily stun ot thwart bosses, like radial blind or bullet attractor. All the same, slash dash can hit a line of enemies, not every single enemy in a room (as they do try and flank, or come from various directions).
  4. I believe the term you're looking for then is 'aiming' as what you are moving is the reticle or crosshair. Moving the camera implies independant movement, as some games apply alternate mechanics, like switching from first to third person perspectives or switching shoulders in this game.
  5. Simply put, the steep prices are intended to be nothing more than shortcuts, not the primary route for purchasing weapons and warframes.
  6. Doesn't really have the functionality to change icons on other aspects. However, it can happen in other computer issues. Namely with corrupted cache. Meaning it's either temporary (no idea if you restarted or refreshed your desktop), or you may very well have some sort of virus or malware.
  7. That is currently how they work, yes. Otherwise they would never hit anything becuse of how slow it appears. Has been brought up in feedback before because their tendril extends to you no matter the position.
  8. Everyone finds enjoyment in different ways for different reason. For instance, I rarely stick to an MMO longer than a month because end-game is never fun to me. Being that this game is still in beta, there is still plenty to be added. I enjoy toying with the new weapons, and generally just helping out newbies here and there. Currently I am stagnating though because I really don't want to do more alloy and rubedo farming that I need to finish more frames. So I'm just ranking up other weapons and having fun with friends who haven't gotten far in the game. Haven't even bothered to clear Pluto or
  9. The main Ash blueprint (which you also need to buy if you haven't already) calls for the original, so there is no alternative.
  10. Never seen it happen myself. By 'moving the camera' you mean switching shoulders? If it's only happening after some other function is used, you may want to move this in the bug forum.
  11. Not sure how it would be that much more powerful than a single. It would still have a super low clip capacity, same total ammo pool, and probably same base damage. I just think it would look cool, and any clip size increase is better than having 2 rounds before reloading. The only thing that might look funky is having one strapped to each side of your hips, because they are defintely not tiny!
  12. The only thing I don't like about the skill is how useless it is at earlier ranks. You basically need all three nodes for it to actually be a super jump.
  13. The Dual heat swords definitely have a nice charge attack. I believe both have the same jump slash that light targets on fire nearby. Heat Sword is defintely regular melee slash oriented, and the faster base fire rate means it becomes ridiculous fast at later ranks, where fire rate nodes/mods increase your fire rate that much more per. it's ridiculously fast, which makes it an infestation blender. That's not to say you couldn't use it everywhere, but light attacks aren't nearly as effective against armored targets. Sort of a bad comparison, since the Vandal is another version of the Braton we
  14. Beta is still beta! Being the gameplay feedback forum, you are generally urged to actually provide specific feeback, not 'This game will fail like brink' which was a terrible game that did not deliver on it's premise. In fact, if Brink did a beta test it would probably end up like Huxley and never even become published.
  15. Glad to see some more west coast representin'!
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