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  1. Fraxien

    March 11 - 13 Connectivity Issues: Cause & Analysis.

    I believe DE has posted a thing somewhere in the forums, they've apparently been getting ddos'd lately, and that is what's causing the crashes.
  2. Fraxien

    Hotfix 18.5.5 +

    yaaa ty edit: oh wow, first lol
  3. Fraxien

    Coming Soon: Devstream #68

    -Syndicate melees? -Next tileset? Hint? -Next Warframe sneakpeak? -Next deluxe skin sneakpeak? -Banshee deluxe? -Edit: Will we ever get a rainforest/forest tileset, or perhaps a volcanic wasteland (Sort of like Mustafar in Star Wars III) -Scythe rework, pretty please? Thanks In case you don't know what I'm talking about as of the "lava" tileset, here is a pic I found on the internet.
  4. Fraxien

    Coming Soon: Devstream #66!

    1. Anything on Saryn Prime? 2. Trinity deluxe skin? 3. How often do you plan on reopening the prime vault? 4. Excalibur Umbra? 5. Any hints on what you may be doing next? (Quests, weapons, frames, etc.) 6. Rapier? (PS I hope it gets its own stance and stuff and its own slide attack animation. Normal sword animation would be basically hitting them with a stick.) Edit: 7. How about any metallic parts getting their own tint color place while customizing? (Hope I'm making sense lol) 8. Spy and rescue missions for the Void? 9. Syndicate melees? 10. Typhus? 11. News on the upcoming star chart? 12. where is primed rush ;^) 13. Finally, how was your holiday/vacation? I hope you people were able to relax and have fun or something! :D Sorry for the amount of questions! <3
  5. Twitch: Fraxien In Game: _Kazun_ (PC)
  6. i started giggling uncontrollably when I saw Donkey. thank you.
  7. Fraxien

    Update 17.12.0

    omfg I started hyperventilating when I saw this. thank you DE omg
  8. Fraxien

    Update 17.11.0 +

  9. Fraxien

    Why Volt Sprint Speed Is So Low?

    >volt prime has 600 energy with a normal flow >you're saying "you don't always have enough energy for the ability" >laugh
  10. Fraxien

    Update 17.3.0