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  1. Tazmanyak

    New Tactical Alert: Pack Mentality

    thanks for this new mini event/alert :) there should have been some special DNA imprints as special rewards dont you think?
  2. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Builder

    I want to say thank you, about a few hundred times, for the new layout! Awesome job, pretty, more functionnal and readable! THANK YOU, Stoi84 ;)
  3. Well ... if PWE buys you, you will no longer have control. Ask Cryptic ... Good luck. Sure it's not a good day at all for warframe players base.
  4. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Builder

    Thanks for the fixes on login and www issues ;)
  5. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Builder

    I think there is an issue with builder ... Seems it moved from http://warframe-builder.com to http://www.warframe-builder.com This www changes everything. All builds links dont work (as they miss the www) Plus, it seems i can no longer login (i press "Login" button, nothing happens) About the report "issues" I use to report builds when i consider they are total crap, poorly designed, that adds absolutely nothing. And could even mislead users browsing, looking for ideas. Example: http://goo.gl/YmQrWa A penta with ammo drum and ammo mutation? seriously? oÔ Edit: forgot to report an issue, related to ads and resolution: when you use lower screen resolutions, the bottom ads bar "eats" the bottom of the mods. Reported by a clan mate, with a 22" screen, 1680x1050 resolution (but this seems weird ... the guy certainly has 4 lines of bars-crap in its browser) Not that important, but he keeps using adblock on your site because of that issue.
  6. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Ability Changes

    A bit disgusted with Blessing incoming change ... After Ember tanking, you totally break a frame that had only one use: make people live. I would agree with a minimum damage reduction of 50%, increased by power strength, capped by the amount healed. But common, please, you're doing wrong here ... On the other side, i will certainly enjoy all the other adjustments :)
  7. Dsl, je me permet de préciser ... Non, ce n'est pas du spam, j'ai juste posté mes questions dans les 2 fils des alliances existant. Mon objectif est juste d'eviter la dispersion dans plusieurs alliances qui risquent de n'arriver a rien chacune dans leur coin, d'une communauté francophone de base moins importante que les communautés anglophones. Cordialement, Taz :)
  8. Bonjour, Etes vous ouverts au débat, ou pas? L'alliance de L'Ordre Du Lotus existe depuis la release des DS. Elle compte 30 clans. L'ambiance est bonne, la structure se met en place petit a petit. Pour l'instant, il n'y a pas de regles abusives et pas de pression. Il est cependant evident que pour gèrer une communauté de plusieurs centaines de joueurs, il faudra a un moment penser a "règlementer" un peu :) Pourquoi créer une nouvelle alliance, dans une communauté francophone deja peu nombreuse, plutot que nous rejoindre? Surtout sachant que ce que vous comptiez eviter n'est pas possible du tout pour toute alliance. Rappel: c'est une ouverture au débat et a la discussion :)
  9. Tazmanyak

    Dark Sectors Today & Moving Forward

    One more time, really happy to read that you still listen to community feedback on some serious issues, and go back to the work table to improve the badlands :) I hope you had done the same for damage 2.0, and the recent melee 2.0. Thanks Reb and DE Staff ;)
  10. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Builder

    Thanks for the answers. no vote then ;)
  11. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Builder

    Hello ;) Was guessing ... the popularity seems to depend only on number of times a build is viewed right? Wouldn't you thing a popularity system weighted with users votes could add some benefit to it? There are lots of very high popularity builds i consider unbalanced, even sometimes poorly done. And some others, lost in depths of the search page, that are the oposite: balanced. I think adding ratings (just an upvote/downvote basic system) could be interesting, and increase "usability". Thoughts?
  12. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Builder

    Ok thank you, will create an account then :) Ok thk you. Then something has been fixed by the ast batch of updates i did to my computer :)
  13. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Builder

    Was thinking about that ... I use to explore other ppls builds, and in my opinion half of them are full crap; like 7 formas stuff with 30 points available, saved builds without any mods, unrealisticly bad builds (full crit build on a 5% crit wpn?) Coud be usefull to have an easy way to report you such builds. Dont think so? I posted a few days ago about a bad and strange lag when roaming on builder. Seems issue is solved ... maybe with flash update.
  14. Tazmanyak

    Warframe Builder

    hello, thanks for this awesome builder you offer us all ;) i use it for a long time now, from time to time and really enjoy the various improvements that have been done. i also want to report a really annoying performance issue ... when i navigate some time, checking builds, creating my own, my computer just begins to ... lag? ~30% cpu usage, non responsive page and firefox. what infos could be needed to help you and me debug this? i currently use: firefox 28.0 flash 11,9,900,117 intel i5 3570k 8GB ddr3 1600 what else?
  15. Thx Steve for the info. Glad to see you have lot of new toys in your bag I dont intend to troll or somewhat be "non-civil" but i really want to tell you this: "A new frame"? Why the hell are you still adding new frames?? Your last two realeased frames are, imho pure not balanced [... insert some bad word here ...]. Poorly developed (dont blame the council, you are responsible of it), with powers inconsistency - not speaking about the lack of abilities synergies. Nekros is a desacrate bot, Valkyr is said to be too fragile with very bad powers balance. You still cant balance Nova, when nerfing trinity, saryn, ember, ... So, why a new frame, cant you just finally make all frames feel unique, powerfull, balanced before adding new ones???