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  1. Any chance of a crit buff for the Ogris? 5% > 20% would be great, especially now the AoE dmg is 33% lower...
  2. Physique is still a terrible mod. +90hp instead of +18hp...yeah that's not much use still.
  3. Take your time 🙂 rather have a polished Fortuna release that you ladies and gents are happy with, than something rushed out.
  4. But it's the smoke on ME that's annoying...could we please tone it down some? or just have it around his feet / ground only? with 50% more transparency...thanks. Also please revert the energy cost on his ult and enable it to hit enemies above him.
  5. Revert uncalled for nerf to Rev's 4 please. If you didn't want it to be a "set and forget" move, then don't design it as one. Also please tone down the "smoke" effect on his 2. It's a bit too much.
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