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  1. here to report several bugs, I run total 3 runs on Ropalolyst so far: 1. sometimes I'm unable can't grab Ropalolyst (I tried on several times on one instance/run and only able to ride the last one even tho I repeatedly press X) - Note: I use Nova Prime during this run 2. Ropalolyst health kept replenishing on last phase so I have to abort the mission (twice currently), tried to fire the laser but it avoid it and the bug still presist - Note: I use Mesa Prime on 2st run and Titania on 3nd run 3. endless falling/loading sequence when I jumped on the left side of the platform during last phase of Ropalolyst, I also typed unstuck and still persist, even when I died and other player revived me, forcing me to abort the mission (happened during my 3nd run using Titania) I also tried to provide screenshot but since I forgot that I turned off the steam overlay so I can't provide the picture
  2. so yeah I'm kinda inside exploiter battle when "Hotfix inbound" notice showed up (in the middle of phase 2, going outside), so kinda stuck in Deck 12 after; we (me and random party) decide to left (ah and at the beginning my random teammates also got separated, so all left were only 3 of us) after update...... Immediately bugged on party screen when entering Fortuna, the loading screen switching towards liset flying on the space facing to left side and flying on the blue sky facing right several followed by black screen several times. inn the end I'm placed into Fortuna alone, in front of the lift; I figure everyone still updating so I decide to abandon mission, and I'm placed in the exact same spot on Fortuna (also I noticed later that the Fortuna or Orbiter selection weren't there). I decide to force close it (alt+F4) I hope this doesn't presist
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