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  1. You could compare it to the stock market. We forum users are those in the know, we are insiders. We know exactly what will happen to riven prices when the changes go live. Non-forum users (which is the vast majority of DE's playerbase), are unaware of the coming changes. DE doesn't want insider trading. And historically riven changes are announced immediately preceding a patch, not 3 hours before, so there is no time for unscrupulous marketeers to take advantage of the uninformed.
  2. I don't understand your point. Was your point that the Pyrana Prime does more damage per shot than the Twin Vipers Wraith? If so, yes. Of course it does, it is an auto shotgun with a low magazine size versus a bullet hose. The actual DPS of both builds is 185k burst/85k sustained for the Twin Vipers and 135k burst/72k for the Pyrana. Your rivened Twin Vipers beats Pyrana Prime, congratulations.
  3. That's an extremely disingenuous argument and you know it. Family refers to the base weapon or frame that all variants stem from. As other commentators have said, it devalues variants of weapons as not true upgrades once rivens are involved. Why spend the effort formaing and potatoing a new primed weapon, that you own a riven for, if the base weapon surpasses it.
  4. DE has been doing hotfixes between Murex waves. The current wave ends in 1h 23m from the time of this post. It lines up with the ~3pm timeline DE usually likes to put out most hotfixes on non-big update days. So... Soon™.
  5. This is a built in limitation of not allowing rivens to adjust more than .2 per change. The gram prime will drop down to .5-6, of that I am positive, but that is going to take place over the course of an entire year.
  6. It is the strongest Scythe in the game. Heavy attack slash builds for it (and Hate) have popped up everywhere if you go looking. The "I don't see people use it, so it must be unpopular" doesn't mean anything because the number of people you will encounter month to month, let alone those you bother to inspect their loadouts, is only a fraction of the total playerbase. I could go weeks without seeing someone with Fragor Prime, but I know for a fact it's a damn monster of a weapon and I am surprised it didn't get a downward disposition change. Only zaw dagger strike. Best dagger in the game. Probably a popularity nudge rather than a power level nudge (daggers ain't all that good since Covert Lethality changed).
  7. Update 26 rolled out and buffed the ever living S#&$ out of Skana Prime to make it the best single sword in the game. That said, update 26 did not change weapon dispositions. This is the disposition change that would have happened then if DE had adjusted melee back in October.
  8. Both are probably popularity changes. Balla because it is the only zaw dagger. Naturally going to be popular. Mire because it was a common stat stick weapon for Khora/Gara, same reason why Jaw Sword saw a slight nerf.
  9. No, this is a terrible idea. Instead of the complaining of the minority of people who use rivens for a particular weapon, you would anger every person who uses the weapon if it were to receive a nerf. With the riven system DE can delink buffs and nerfs from weapons, allowing players to literally opt out of balance changes if they so desire. 90% of all these changes do not impact me in any way, negatively or positively, because I do not use rivens for the majority of my weapons. Weapon balance passes should only be used for extreme outliers (EX: Catchmoon nerf), and the disposition system can handle the rest. With your given example of the AKsomati surpassing its prime variant, if DE wanted to nerf the stats of the prime variant then you would have the same result of it being a substandard upgrade, but instead all the users of the AKsomati, who don't even have rivens, would be feeling the nerf, rather than just riven users.
  10. Replying just to bump the thread. This was my favorite ivara build to use, but the nerfs are extremely noticeable at higher levels of content. Since it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes I really do hope it wasn't an intentional change. It is an exalted weapon that requires precise aiming to use. It shouldn't be any less effective than something like Spores or Discharge which have absolutely no aiming requirements.
  11. Only if said mods behaved like normal elemental mods. Currently a weapon needs to be extremely weighted towards a particular IPS (75%min) before even a 120% mod beats out a normal elemental one. If the mods added +60% IPS to the base damage of a weapon, then they'd be somewhat good. Would certainly open up the number of weapons that can go straight physical builds which there are almost none.
  12. They made it continuously deal damage over the entire duration, rather than the initial hit. More stacks increases this pulsing damage. It's almost exactly like Gas now, except it stuns the enemy afflicted. Which also makes it better because doesn't have -25/50% multipliers to flesh and cloned flesh. Either way, you are right it is not worth building. In fact I'd wager all the damaging status effects (except Slash) are still terrible post patch. The damage of Gas, Electric, Heat, and Toxin need to be increased by 3-400% before I even consider building for their status effects rather than straight Viral or hitting damage weaknesses. Also, not in response to you, but general critique. If DE wants to keep the knockdown on Impact, that's fine, but at least a a bonus damage multiplier to the enemy once a full knockdown takes place since it is now impossible to hit headshots. Arguably all the "CC" status effects should get similar bonuses because nothing survives long enough for their discount CC (compared to straight death) to be worthwhile. Why the hell would I want to stack Puncture or Blast up to 10 stacks? For a non-noticeable reduction in enemy damage? That isn't going to make a status rifle viable. The CC effects should have damage components attached to them, at a lesser degree than the straight offensive statuses, just so that you have a reason to build them on status weapons. Also the Blast change murdered Amalgam Furax Body Count. It still says it knockdowns, but it doesn't. It just applies a blast proc to everything nearby which is pointless.
  13. You've got yourself a 75p - 200p mods now. Go sell them. That's your compensation, a nice chunk of plat.
  14. TYPE: In Game Bug DESCRIPTION: Amalgam Body Count for the Furax weapon line no longer knocks down. This is likely due to it using a radial blast proc as the trigger, but now a blast proc causes the accuracy reduction. VISUAL: https://gfycat.com/dearestincompatibleeastrussiancoursinghounds - Me vs some butchers. REPRODUCTION: This is easy. Equip a Furax and Amalgam Furax Body Count and then melee a group of enemies. Kills will not knockdown in the area. EXPECTED RESULT: I expect everyone to be on their ass when I murder their buddy. OBSERVED RESULT: Enemies just looked at me cross eyed and missed their attacks sometimes. REPRODUCTION RATE: This happens every single time, with 100% reproduction rate.
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