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  1. This is just a "typo", probably the text never got changed when the new energy/emissive channels were added to the game. In her abilities "tips", it states "Select bright energy colors to default Equinox to her day form...(etc)" however, her form is actually affected by the emissive color. I spent the last few weeks casually changing her energy color before every mission and wondering why even a white energy color would default her to night form. I've figured it out, clearly, but it would be great if the text reflected how that works.
  2. Umbra doesn't show the element for his energy color on exalted blade after this update. It still works on regular Excalibur tho.
  3. My archwing launcher completely disappeared from my gear wheel and my inventory as a whole. No idea what happened, I'd been using it just fine but I went to do an orb fight and it was super not there.
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