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  1. This is a real issue as i have had this happen to me twice. Cmon DE....we hate being buried alive :,(
  2. Not so, Nidus i do not own or have any parts too yet the room is accessible to me. It may be quest locked idk
  3. Go to the back of your ship and to the left. There is a room with a chair. Press X on the chair and viola.
  4. I %!00% agree with this thread. The best way i can sum up Octavia without triggering people and sounding rude is just.... cringy. That and that fact that seizure warning should come in her description, her abilities are about as obnoxious as that jerk, talking and laughing like a hyena in the seat behind you in the theater. I have nothing against the devs being edgy and trying new things, but if Octavia is to stay without some small (or large who knows) uprising, then for gods sake please tweak her a bit. Right now her dancing like a complete dork has made WF as night and day as Empire Strikes
  5. Still waiting for the hotfix where they remove one of the buggiest nonsensical frames in the history of WF so everyone will stop spamming chat with songs and the whole of WF folklore isn't crapped on with "dubstep" suddenly rearing it's ugly head in the universe... Yea.... I'll take some pepper with my salt :)
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