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  1. Guys, contact support about that. They'll get it back to your inventory, just ask them.
  2. I must admit that's a strange bug. Never seen it myself though
  3. Mabitude


    I had one fly into the roof of a giant mushroom and unable to move after. Tranq´ing it was impossible due to it being stuck inside the mushroom and we got no punch through on our tranquilizers sooo... I don't remember which area it was. The area was very open with 2 fairly high mushrooms, one small was close to one of them.
  4. Good thing it was one of the first ones I took. Still sad though, I like the hidden loot under it.
  5. Very likely to do. DE said on TennoCON we'll get something to "cool off" with in the next weekend, and the next weekend is this weekend. The background showed sea and beach so yeah I think its 90% chance it's this weekend.
  6. I'm feeling a bit clueless right now, but I think it'll be something odd.
  7. Agree on this! I use mostly 3 or 4 palettes only. Rarely the others unless I'm looking for a specific shade.
  8. Oh and I'd like you to add name on the top (on the palette in the two-column view) of the palette so we know which one is which. Either have it as a "hover over to see" or keep the text visible at all times. That way it'll be easier to distinguish some very look-a-like palettes. And there is one more thing I've wanted for such long now, but a color font customization should be a thing. I know some UI themes allow different colors on some text in the new UIs, but there are more areas I'd want it on. I am not colorblind but have very poor sight. For me, orange text is more visible to my eyes(if on a slightly darker background) than white. White or black tends to go into each other so you get all kinds of weird words when trying to read it. There are many others who share the same issue as me, and for them it varies on which color they see best on.
  9. not new I think. Mesa can use her regulators. Excal can use his blade. Unless that was patched, not sure
  10. Just gonna hook in here. Got the same issues.
  11. Do you have any sources for this? I'd like to know the source first before I start to believe some strangers here.
  12. Hello. After seeing the glorious reveal trailers shown on TennoLive, I thought DE really should make a movie when they have so many talented people! Think about it. It will be a cool movie to watch! DE could earn some money from it, and also attract more people to the game, resulting in more popularity and incomes! What do YOU think about this? I want everyone to hang on this!
  13. Ha! I loled hard at this. Didn't know that clone was so stupid
  14. On Ropalolyst fight, I am unable to chat while the Ropalolyst grabs me. It also picks me up immediately after being downed, or I'm bleeding out in his hand, making it hard for players to revive. There should be a minimum of seconds before the Ropalolyst can grab you again, otherwise, you'll end up being grabbed as soon as it releases you, having no way to get away. Also, attempting to ride the Ropalolyst for too long may sometimes not only knock you off but also knock you off the map, resulting in becoming stuck behind walls. Being downed on the ziplines makes an endless falling that just continues even if "sent back up". Lastly, the Ropalolyst (Natah?) can nullify the operator's ability to void dash, and also counts the "Transference" as an ability itself so that you can't even transfer back from Operator to Warframe or vice verse. Wisps ability Sol Gate deal only minor damage to Eximus enemies. Bosses are immune to Sol Gate. Now, some feedback. This isn't exactly the place for that but I'll add it anyway. Please allow us to skip certain cutscenes in the Ropalolyst fight too. I would also like to see UI improvements in the Disruption mode as it is very confusing right now. Show dropped keys more clearly, put enemy waypoint on Demolysts directly on spawn instead of having it appear when they are close to you. Show the health bars of Demolyst and the conduit more clearly as you can easily confuse the Demolyst health bar for being the conduits. Show the key we are holding as a buff icon so that I and my mates know who's got what(useful for mobile defense, excavation and orokin derelict vault runs too)
  15. Mine too. It was pretty fine on 1MB/s previously.
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