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  1. Well, glad to hear there's a challenging boss now at least. Not that I would complain about the others, but we know them too damn well that it feels too easy. That Wolf seems to have some surprise attacks in his pocket 🙂
  2. Well yeah, the worst thing is probably if you're really new and have played the game barely a week, enough to understand how the old alerts work like. Then they slap on this and discarding the old alert system entirely. Some can have harder times to adapt to it. DEs intentions have been to make it easier for newer players, however, I feel the instant removal of the old alerts without any warnings beforehand was forgotten and thus just confuses everyone more.
  3. Well, you'll see red marks or waypoints on your screen, the same mark that the normal Capture target has. I was doing an Invasion Capture and became confused at first since there was suddenly 4 red marks 🙂 They randomly pop up in the middle of your mission, there are no signs to notice before that. Nora will start talking too, but I think only when you have managed to capture one of them. Things happened so fast that I didn't realize if Nora was talking before or after. Will be doing more of this stuff later 🙂
  4. I'll be getting to that once I have some reliable data to go from 🙂
  5. Hello everyone. I'd like to help out everyone out there who feel too confused with the new event so I'm writing a relatively short guide. On a shared note, the previous alerts that would usually show up in the Alert Tab from time to time, are gone. They will not come back. This is the new Alert System now that is currently introduced as an event. We still have Invasions, Elite Alerts, Sorties, Syndicate Daily, Sanctuary Onslaught, Simaris Daily Scans, Weekly Treasure Mission and Clem Mission. Invasions will pop up as a notification as usual when there are new ones. So, the system is simple. You'll see a standing bar, a reward tier bar and various "Challenges" that expire daily or weekly, And at the right bottom you'll see a button called "Cred Offerings". The Cred Offerings are things that were usually offered randomly by the old Alerts. You can now buy them with Wolf Cred, found as a reward in several of the Reward Tiers. How do you start one of these Challenges? Oh no, you don't start them. That is the most confused question I've heard. The list serves as a Checklist for what you need to do in order to get standing, standing that will help you reach the reward tiers. There are NO standing locks on this system, the max standing you see is only an indication of how much you need to reach the next reward tier. So if you did a Challenge that grants you 5000 standing but you have 9000/10000, 4000 of that standing will not be lost, it will go over to the next tier and you'll end up with something like 4000/10000 standing to the next Reward Tier. When you have done one of the Challenges, they don't disappear or get replaced. They're still there, but with a different icon indicating that you have completed this one. It will only be replaced once it reset. Also, you can now also find fugitives randomly appearing in your mission. You capture them as you do on a normal Capture, and there is 3 of them. Do not miss them, they'll grant you 50 standing each. Fugitives also spawn during Bounty/Incursion Stages. NEW INFO: The standing rewarded from fugitives are given to the whole squad. Spawn rate might be 20% per Bounty Stage/Incursion(needs more confirmation) Secondly, there is now also a new temporary Assassin, the Wolf. You can be stalked by him. He seems to drop weapon parts, one per kill. I have yet to meet him but some have and they say he's really hard. He's immune against status, so keep that in mind Anything more you wonder? Let me know and I'll fill it out in this thread! Regards, Mabi
  6. Are you gonna crash the servers again? xD
  7. I'm logged in to the main website, thankfully. I bet if I logged out now I wouldn't come in again xD
  8. Let it be. I don't know if its already too late but let it continue until DE has fixed this. If it still doesn't do anything after that then it's probably lost
  9. Of course you still can. Just find it in your inventory and "sell" it.
  10. Well why not? No one said you can't have Christmas on summer :)
  11. Me too. I'm a snow globe fan! Well I guess glyphs works too but... would've been awesome to have them in my ship lol
  12. Wow, umm.... that is one big af post you made there. I couldn't bother reading through your entire overview but I'm sure you got some good stuff to say, lol
  13. There will be more as far as I know. I have yet to see the Gift-O-Meter which I hope they do this Christmas too.
  14. Well, as you probably know, the current problem with Tribute is how spammy it is. There are 4 different buffs. You try to get them 4 times each to get the most of it. You may already see a giant problem in this. You are required to cast Tribute up to 16 times in a relatively short period. The base energy cost for one Tribute cast is 50 energy. That means you need to use 800 energy to gain full potiential of your Tribute buffs. With 30% efficiency, it becomes 560 energy, and with 75% efficiency it becomes 200 energy. That is a ridiculous lot of energy. If we take the tweaks into action, the needed energy would only be 200, 140 and 50 in respective above efficiency. Which is a lot better so thats a good sign. I however think with this in mind, maybe it can help Titania to survive better
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